arc reactor replica

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steve giving tony his dog tags

tony feels like he needs to do something to reciprocate but he’s never been good at gift giving and he alternates between thinking he should ask steve to marry him (too extreme for now) and making steve a little arc reactor replica on a chain (way too cheesy) and in the end he finally settles for telling steve to meet him in tony’s bedroom and steve gets there first but tony’s not there, so he sits on the bed and waits and then tony shows and says, ‘so?’ and steve is just like, ‘huh?’

and then tony explains that he recoded the security protocols so that steve has across-the-board access to all of tony’s private areas (and bless him, tony manages to not make a joke about that). bedroom, labs, his private bathroom with a tub the size of a pool, everything. jarvis will let steve anywhere and everywhere. not that he wouldn’t before but now it’s… official.

steve is just staring at tony, wide-eyed, as he trails off and starts to worry that maybe this isn’t enough for steve, wonderful, adoring steve who tony could never really deserve in a hundred years but he’s damn well going to take advantage of steve’s lapse of judgement, and finally tony goes, ‘is this… is this okay?’

and steve lets out a laugh that cracks a little and he gets up and pulls tony into one of his nearly bone-crushing hugs that always makes tony feel warm and safe and oddly at home, and then whispers, ‘it’s more than enough’ before pressing a kiss and smiling into the side of tony’s neck