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Race to the Edge 30 Day Challenge Day 26: New Redemption Arc

so we all saw someone save Hiccup from falling off a cliff (again), and if we look closely we can clearly see that it’s Ryker who saves him. i am actually super excited to see how this redemption arc is going to play out! it will be really interesting to watch Ryker turn on his own brother and possibly join the Dragon Riders. if Ryker ends up killing Viggo, that will be so damn satisfying. but that might be a couple seasons away, so we’ll see!

when will the loz team make a better decision than making a zelda arc about a race of proud Brown women who thrive in the harshness of the desert while everyone else succumbs to it an to them. who also recognize the evils of men. is there anything truer

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First off - I love this blog! I also have a question: I am a fanfiction writer and I'm currently struggling between the advice I've seen to cut all unnecessary scenes, and feeling like things are moving to fast. I feel like I'm jumping from one important plot-advancing scene to the next, and it's making relationships (romantic and platonic) and plot arcs happen too quickly. I don't want to just add in filler scenes, or only have 'big' scenes. Do you have any advice on finding a balance? Thanks!

I’m very glad you like my blog!  Thanks for your question :)

Filler is a complicated topic, because the term means different things to different people.  Some people think of “filler” as fluff scenes, just for entertainment and no plot advancement.  Some people hear “filler” and they conjure up images of overly-descriptive opening paragraphs, philosophical character dialogue… in essence, free license to leave work unedited for the sake of pacing.  Neither of these definitions are what I consider good writing.

However, I do use filler in my stories – just not this kind of filler.  If there isn’t any falling-action in our stories, we end up with what you’re facing right now: racing plot arcs and jumpy character development.  So what makes something qualify as “good filler”?

  • It’s entertaining and engaging.  No matter what part of the story you’re writing, it should be entertaining for the reader.  Writing is art, but novels are products – and your goal isn’t to get your readers’ money.  You’re trying to get their time, in a world where time is a valuable and limited currency.  You only get so many pages, so don’t allow any of them to be boring.
  • It reveals information about characters or setting.  You only get so many pages, so don’t waste time that could be spent in development.  Even if it’s in small ways – revealing a character’s relationship with their mother, an insight into your world’s culture, a difference between two characters’ worldviews, etc. – your readers will feel secured by this new information.  They won’t have to look over what they’ve read and wonder if they missed something crucial.  Whatever scene you’re writing, teach your readers something with it.
  • It advances the plot.  Filler is a great way to subtly move subplots forward or set things in motion that you can call back later.  I’ve found that filler scenes are best for stashing your Chekhov’s Guns, or pulling out your Red Herrings.  Even smaller developments, like emotional bonding between characters or an addition of a lighthearted subplot, can provide relief from the main plot without seeming like a throwaway piece.

So when planning “relief” scenes amidst plot-heavy chapters, make sure that they have at least two of these three qualities – otherwise they’ll probably come out in revisions, and you’ll have a pacing problem all over again.

If you have any further questions, hit me up and I’ll answer presently.  Thanks for your question, nonny, and good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!


It is an illegal, uncompromising, highly dangerous documentary, shot in one take, without any special effects as the director starts his car early in the morning and races through Paris with complete disregard for traffic lights, one-way streets, cars, buses and pedestrians - to meet with his wife 8 minutes later in one intensely romantic ending.

C'était un rendez-vous (1976) dir. by Claude Lelouch


Stargate SG-1 meme: four quotes (4/4)

“The SGC may be the single most important human endeavor for the future of mankind.”  Jack O’Neill (quoting Daniel Jackson), Forever In a Day

Sirius and his younger brother were placed with the Millers when Sirius was seven, a week before Regulus’s fifth birthday. Both boys, all their worldly goods stuffed into one small suitcase, were silently thankful, fully aware that not all siblings in foster care are as lucky.

It’s during the third week living with their new family that Remus meets them. Regulus nearly runs out of their bedroom at seeing someone outside the window of their eighth-story apartment, seemingly conjured there from thin air. Remus has to fight not to laugh at their matching expressions of shock, quickly explaining through the glass that their apartments share a wall and the platform for the fire escape.

It’s rusted and filthy and probably should have been replaced decades before, and within a few months it becomes a secret hideaway for the three boys, perfectly hidden in plain sight. A place that the grown-ups won’t venture to, a place that’s safe.

Months pass, and even as Sirius and Regulus try to remember how lucky they are, neither boy can drop the sense of being an outcast in their own home. The Millers are strict and demanding; expecting the boys to be rarely seen and never heard, an ornament to be flaunted when they have guests or are seen in public. It’s not until their foster mother blandly mentions “returning one of them” following an outburst from Sirius that the fear comes, however. They cross their hearts and hope to die, swearing that they will protect each other and do what is asked, that it’s worth it if they get to stay together.

As the years wear on Sirius gets worn down, his grades and perfect smile slipping as he spends more and more time putting himself between his brother and his parents. He’s begun to count down the years until he’s old enough to leave, terrified of abandoning Reggie but hiding it as well as he can.

It’s late at night when his emotions become too heavy, shoulders sagging as he carefully sneaks out it the boys’ window to knock on Remus’s, his lip caught between his teeth at the other’s disheveled appearance. Remus slides his window open without a question, giving Sirius a nod to come in. It becomes habit after that, and the two spend night after night sitting atop Remus’s bed, sharing stories until sleep finds them. Sirius carefully waking before dawn to make sure he is back in bed before his parents have a chance to find out his secret.

And then it changes. Remus is in a car crash that breaks his body, leaving him in a coma for three weeks even as the man to blame gets to walk away without a scratch. Rehabilitation is measured in months, therapists focusing on small goals and cliche sayings that leave Remus on edge. So much of what he used to consider easy now greets him with arcs of pain that race through his bones and up his spine, becoming the companion he never wanted.

Some nights they sit side by side on the metal grating, staring up at a night sky that should have stars and letting the silence stretch on and on. Other nights Remus works his way through a pack of Lucky Strikes as he listens to Sirius talk about his next project with the mechanic that hired him on. He’s only 16, but the guy thinks he has potential, and Remus holds back a grin.

Then there are the nights filled with stolen kisses and whispered words. Promises that they are going to leave this place together and take Reggie with them, find a way to start over and be safe. Where Sirius can be a mechanic and Remus can maybe find peace with a body that is both familiar and strange.


You’re a Time Lord. – Well, look on the bright side, I’m not a Dalek

Who can tell the difference any more?

Final word: ‘Ah, I remember you: you’re the guy who lost the Tour by eight seconds,’ a cycling fan once asked Fignon. The Frenchman, responded with the acerbic line: 'No monsieur, I’m the guy who won it twice’

From a look back at one of cycling’s greats, Laurent Fignon.


One Piece 30 Days Challenge

Day Four ✖️ Favourite Arc and Why

Impel Down

I think the main reason I liked this arc so much is the parallel with Dante’s Inferno - a book that I’ve always loved. Another one is that it shows, although in a sad way, just how much Luffy and Ace care for each other. Then again, there are so many things I like about this arc: the race against time, Bon Chan’s return, the fight between Luffy and Magellan… I know it’s not everyone’s first choice, but I really, really loved it.

Echo - Precious

It’s the duty of a clone to fight and die in battle, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it - especially when Echo, your boyfriend, takes a blaster shot for you and gets hurt. You’re not gonna stand for that.

Wordcount: 1200

Warnings: Injuries (life-threatening), battles, self-esteem issues, dissociation 

Note: Haha whoops this got angsty…. like a lot wow this is ridiculous. Also the scenes are a bit disjointed/time-skippy because I wanted to focus on the important bits.

How did I ever get so lucky? You can’t help wondering as you stare through half-lidded eyes at the sleeping face of the man you love. He looks…peaceful, almost childlike when he sleeps, the faintest edge of light outlining the profile of his nose and cheekbones and jaw. His chest rises and falls evenly with each breath.

This planet you’ve been stationed on is cold, freezing cold. The heat-threads in the walls of the tent aren’t enough to banish the chill - and so you snuggle closer to his side, and let the sound of his steady heartbeat lull you. The battle comes tomorrow. For now, he’s safe and you’re warm and it’s all alright.

It’s in moments like these, strangely - moments where you feel the safest - that you most want to protect him. Over the course of this war you’ve seen so many men with his face die in front of you. It can’t happen to him. It won’t. You won’t let it. Blinking sleepily, you reach up one hand to caress his face. Nothing will hurt you while I’m here, my love, you promise silently. My love, my dear one, my Echo.

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Words you can make out of the signs' names
  • Aries: arise, raise, arse, ears, air, sir, is
  • Taurus: arts, rats, ruts, star, tsar, sat, tar
  • Gemini: mine, mini, gem, gin
  • Cancer: crane, acne, acre, cane, care, earn, near, race, arc, can, ear, are, era, ran
  • Leo: ole
  • Virgo: vigor, giro, rig, go, or
  • Libra: rail, bail, lair, liar, ail, air, alb, bar, bra, lab, rib
  • Scorpio: coops, corps, crisp, crops, sopor, scoop, cops, coos, oops, pics, poor, pros, rips, poo, sip, sir, is, so, or
  • Sagittarius: guitarists, satirist, artists, stairs, status, strait, sugars, tiaras, traits, trusts, gaits, grass, grits, gusts, rusts, stags, starts, stats, stirs, struts, suits, tarts, air, rats, tits, rigs, saga, sags, tags, tar, tugs, ass
  • Capricorn: carrion, rancor, acorn, apron, conic, panic, piano, prior, carp, coin, corn, crap, crop, icon, iron, orca, pain, pair, porn, rain, roar, arc, can, cap, car, con, cop, ion, nap, nip, oar, pan, par, pic, pin, pro, ran, rap, an, in, no, on, or
  • Aquarius: aqua, auras, quasi, air, sir, is
  • Pisces: spices, epics, pics, pies, piss, ice, sip, is

So apparently there are those among you (pointed glare at dressthesavage) who think I’ve not tortured Maedhros enough? Well, let me rectify that, garnished with some shrivelled up sliver of my soul that died a bit while I was writing this. Just a nasty little torture scene, and its aftermath as poor Caranthir of all people tries to pick up the pieces. Also some implied Russingon, as if that somehow makes it better. 
TWs: torture, non-con, bloodplay, mutilation, self-harm. Probably a whole load of other horrible things as well but those are the main ones. This is probably one of the worst scenes thematically that I’ve ever written, so if you’re not feeling it from this little intro, then for your own peace of mind, don’t read it



“Oh, Maitimo,” the Maia cooed. The false innocence in his voice was stinging, and miserably Maedhros stilled upon his lap.

It was a game that the Maia so liked to play.

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