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Sports Festival Arc » Todoroki Shouto
dedicated to the loveliest Annie! @shotous

so, i’m not one of those people who really cares about their ship becoming canon. however i do think that mic and aizawa are really cute in canon, just because they’re portrayed as being so close.

i mean:

  • mic and aizawa were in the same high school class at UA.
  • not only that, mic gave aizawa his hero name. a hero name which aizawa has kept for 15 years.
  • for that matter, mic and aizawa are now 30 years old, which means that they’ve known each other for as long as they haven’t known each other (longer as the series goes on).
  • according to the illegals spin off, mic and aizawa still kept in contact after graduating high school and before becoming teachers.
  • also according to illegals, if anyone wants to know what’s up with mic, they ask aizawa.
  • additionally, in the main manga, mic is the only person aizawa speaks casually with, other than the kids. he uses a formal speech style with all the other teachers and fellow pro-heroes.
  • (actually, he might use casual speech with joke too, but i can’t find the raws for those chapters, so i’m not sure.)
  • however, in the smash spin off, mic is the only person shown to be on a first name basis with aizawa. although mic commonly refers to aizawa as “eraser” in the manga, his phone contacts list aizawa as “shōta-kun.”
  • (tho it’s kind of cute that mic usually refers to aizawa with the hero name that he gave aizawa in high school.)
  • also just. the sports festival arc. there’s really not much of a reason why mic would need aizawa to commentate with him, especially since aizawa’s not big on publicity, so apparently mic just wanted him around. 
  • mic even stole aizawa away from his assigned seat in the teachers’ section of the stadium (at least as shown in the anime).
  • then there’s the drama CD.
  • in the drama CD, mic and aizawa go out for drinks together. which doesn’t seem to be something out of the ordinary for them.
  • but then, mic reveals that he’s invited all might along too. aizawa… is not pleased. in fact, he tries to leave, but mic gets him to stay and help celebrate all might’s birthday.
  • yep, aizawa wants to have a night out with just mic. talking about teaching or whatever.
  • and lastly, in the main manga, mic and aizawa’s desks are shown to be next to each other in the staff room. just how much time do these two spend together?

in summary, mic and aizawa are very cute and close in canon. thank you for your time.