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The Early Morning - Tensei Iida

this wasn’t requested but I have feelings for tensei and he hasn’t even been properly introduced in the anime and episode 12 fucked mE UP OH MY GOD (also pls excuse me if he’s ooc bc I’m more familiar with the anime than the manga so rip)

I was also listening to the hamilton soundtrack when best of wives and best of women came on so here I am dying

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warning(s): female reader, kinda spoiler-y for the Sports Festival Arc

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It was your husband’s movement that woke you up. You should have been used to this by now, after all, it wasn’t the first time that he would be called in for work this early. It had probably begun since the beginning of your marriage two, almost three years ago.

The two of you had actually met as first years attending the U.A., and soon enough became fast friends. You two worked flawlessly as a team, with your wind-based complimenting the engine mechanisms that Tensei had on his arms. 

The two of you hadn’t started dating until the end of your second year when he nervously asked you to be his girlfriend, messing up some of his words unlike his normally cool and (mostly) collected self. 

During your marriage, you became a very light sleeper so most things would get you up, like right now. 

“Duty’s calling again?” You asked with mirth at the sight of Tensei tiptoeing around the room in full costume (except for his helmet). 

Your husband jumped, before rubbing his head with a sheepish grin on his face. 

“Sorry honey.”

“What’s the work for today?” You asked curiously, sitting up, with your husband coming towards you to help you (even if you could do it yourself).

“Just a small investigation, nothing too bad,” Tensei replied, attempting to be nonchalant, which you saw through completely.


“It is…honest!” 

Playfully rolling your eyes, you took a quick look outside, the sun hadn’t even risen yet, which made you raise an eyebrow in mild interest. 

“It better be something important if they’re calling you this early. It’s still dark outside,” You murmured.

“I know. But I’ll be fast, or my name isn’t Turbo Hero Ingenium!”

You pretended to pout, “Are you sure you can’t come back to bed? It gets cold without my cuddle partner. Plus Tenya has the sports festival going on today. We told him we’d watch. ”

“I know, I’ll be back before you know I’m gone,” He promises with a small smile before giving you a gentle kiss on the lips and then on the forehead.

“Well, I’m going back to sleep, or at least try to,” You answer, looking down at your abdomen before lying down again, “Expect these blankets to be hogged oh husband of mine.”

“I’ll hold you to it,” He answers, a grin on his face, then he looks down at your stomach, placing his gloved palm on top of it, although you weren’t quite there to your due date, your stomach was quite large, “and I hope you behave to let your mother rest.”

Once again, you playfully roll your eyes,“The kid’s a little rebel, Ten, now they’re definitely gonna keep me awake instead of listening to you.”

He laughs, before putting on his helmet. But you could see a small bit of hesitation in his eyes, whatever he was going to do must have been serious. 

“Tensei,” You said barely loud enough for him to hear just before he left your shared bedroom, “Please, be careful.”

He only nods.

Closing the door behind him, Tensei exhaled, a small amount of doubt had begun to linger in his mind. 

I’m sorry [Y/N], I don’t know if I can promise you that.

Although put off that she couldn’t watch the U.A’s annual sports festival with her husband, [Y/N] still watched the event support your (little) brother-in-law.

Sure they were showing the 2nd and 3rd years as well, but [Y/N] could definitely say she preferred the 1st years, they all had shown a vast quantity of potential.

The festival was finally at the Battle Tournament portion, and Tenya made it all the way to the semi-finals before being beaten by a boy with dual-colored hair. 

While it was on commercial break, she stood up, and went towards the kitchen to find something to snack on, it seemed that the baby was making her particularly hungry today. 

As she raided the fridge, [Y/N] couldn’t help but wince as the kicks coming from the little one inside of her became more frequent. It didn’t help that an odd feeling was lingering in the back of the hero’s mind. 

Then the phone rang.

“[Y/N]?” It was a friend she had within the local police force, “Something happened, but I need you to stay calm for what I’m about to tell you.”

From their tone, [Y/N] could tell that something bad happened. And the odd feeling she had grew into dread, “What happened?”

“It’s your husband. A villain got him.”

The phone fell from [Y/N]’s hand.

I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to draw Uraraka in the cheerleader outfit~

Thank you sports festival arc, for everything…

Season 2 Trailer Thirst

So the S2 trailer dropped a little bit ago, and while everyone’s freaking out about Shinsou, I’m just over here like…



I would die a happy woman if they put this in the show. I would literally fall out of my chair and expire. Please…

Can we just appreciate the mountain of sexiness that is Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu? It’s so nice, you say it twice.

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I know right!?!?!?! I’m shitting myself in anticipation.

And listen, I hate Endeavor as a person as much as the next muthafucka…

But I cannot lie…

That body is IMMACULATE and I can’t wait to see it on screen.


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Yes. Hello,

I would just like to point out that Kirishima took 2nd place in the practical entrance exam just below Bakugou.

And while people like to compare him to TetsuTetsu because they have similar Quirks, Kirishima had over 25 more rescue points then TetsuTetsu despite losing to him in villain point takedowns. Kirishima used his quirk pretty evenly between taking down villains and helping out others. He knows his weak points and shows them in the sports festival arc and he’s still super humble and wants to become better. His quirk might not be flashy and he might be struggling to stand out against TetsuTetsu in the sports festival but this right here will always stick out and remind me why I like Kirishima more then TetsuTetsu.

So Kirishima is on par with Ochako and Deku when it comes to saves, just below Kendou. And Izuku and Ochako scored so well because of what happened with the 0-Point robot. 

Despite that, he scores 2nd in the practical entrance exams and he still wants to get stronger and become the most manly hero of them all. 

I imagine Kirishima was pretty kick ass during the entrance exams. He’s too good for this world.


After the recent episode of their match, many (mostly anime-only watchers) of you commented

“If Deku hadn’t urged Todoroki to use his fire side, he would’ve won.”

which is… only partially true. But that’s not really the point of my post. The point is seeing Deku as a wonderful main character, unlike many other Mangas.

An endurance match would be a disadvantage for Todoroki, true; but for as long as they are fighting, Deku doesn’t really have a solid chance of winning either, since he hasn’t gotten full control of his powers. So the winner isn’t really fixated.

It is only the early stage of the series, and if you read the manga, you’ll see that even in the later stages of the plot, Deku is still trying to gain control of his powers. <SPOILERS> Bakugou challenged Deku in the later chapters, and still, even with Bakugou at full force (Bakugou and Todoroki have the EXACT same stats except cooperation according to the official character book, available in Wiki) and Deku’s powers at a much more developed state compared to the Sports Festival Arc, Deku LOST.

So, in Deku’s really beat-up state, Todoroki’s ice would’ve – might’ve – still ended him, but it might be a draw in the end if Todoroki hasn’t used his ice and if Deku managed to keep up.

But the most important point I’m making here is that Deku isn’t like your typical Main Character. Typical mainstream manga / anime MCs who always ‘never give up’, ‘has all the world’s courage’, ‘always find a way no matter how hard the road is’, 'has a nasty past but is still shining so brightly always smiling’, and, most importantly, ALWAYS, NEVER FAILS, TO WIN A FIGHT NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT.

Sure, Deku definitely has some positive Main Character traits in him, but he is different; he has something other Typical MCs don’t, something more. More realistic, he loses a battle. Horikoshi made him not because he’s always made to win and just to move up the path to greatness, but he made him to get something across. Something most stories lack.

It’s the path to victory, the path to being a hero. A hero doesn’t mean you’re always the good guy, or that you’ll always win the fight.

A hero is someone who never fails to seek the needs of someone and save them from it, however difficult and however hard the hero has to sacrifice.

That, is the true value of a hero, one that Horikoshi managed to put in Midoriya Izuku.

It’s not about winning. It’s not about your main character winning. It’s about how your main character affects the people around him / her.