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let’s talk about how amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender is for a second
  • Fantasy world not based on typical medieval Europe
  • Was a children’s show that openly discussed war, death and genocide
  • Had several handicapped characters, one of whom was the show’s most powerful person
  • Every single character was a person of color, drawn to represent Asian and Inuit peoples
  • Had a character story arc centered around both emotional and physical parental abuse, whose arc was about learning that they didn’t need the parent who abused them
  • Three dimensional writing that rivals even most adult dramas
  • Characters dealt with sexism in society
  • Showed citizens on both sides of the war, including showing how the people in the enemy nation were merely influenced by propaganda and an oppressive regime
  • Had romances that developed overtime and actually talked about the issues of forming a relationship instead of just “and now they’re in love.”
  • Characters died. On a children’s show. Characters who you fucking knew! Who had story arcs and were their friends and were kids like them!
  • When those characters died, they left an impact. It wasn’t ignored after a few episodes, the feelings they had for these characters stayed through the entire show
  • Had environmental messages that weren’t cheesy, and they made you take the destruction of the environment seriously
  • SUPERB world building, fleshing out many cultures and histories that always felt real
  • Had a magic system that never felt like magic. It always felt natural and like a solid part of this world with rules that couldn’t be broken
  • The cute animal sidekicks weren’t just there to sell toys. They were characters who had so much emotion to them and were vital parts of the show’s dynamic. Also, the animals never talked yet somehow still portrayed an insane emotional level that some Disney films only dream of
  • Spawned a sequel series that dealt not only with sexism, but with sexuality, religion, and the benefits and dangers from the rapid progression of technology

The point is, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the greatest shows of all time and the proof is right there

so uh

I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself.”

This is what LM said about Lance and his potential love interest. He needs someone who knows themselves bc it’s clear to us Lance still doesn’t know his own self as evidenced here

now. here’s something interesting. Who, out of all the other paladins, had an arc/moment of them knowing themselves and who they were?

yup. you guessed it. this guy below. 

I’m just saying. If the shoe fits…

“Hey what’s that character associated with fire again?”

“They were also born to an extremely abusive father whom they most likely have suffered trauma because of?”

“Their mother also left them because of their father’s actions or were cut off from them?”

“Oh, but their overall arc was centered around them proving them self to be more than their father and eventually warming up to/joining the protagonists side after being established as a foil against the protagonist to eventually defeat their dad?”

  • what he says: I'm fine.
  • What he means: haruhi fujioka went and entire anime without ever succumbing the classic female-character-in-anime-traps. her personal arc never centers around the men in her life, but rather on her personal growth. her main flaw isn't that she works too hard, or overshadows the boys, or is bitchy. her main flaw is a disconnection from humanity and her desire to take the world's burdens on her shoulders. her mother's death at a young age left her with the belief that she had to be responsible and strong before all else, leaving her to distance herself from the people she cared about and making her miss out on the fun things about her life (a classic inversion or the western 'you're the man of the house now' trope). in meeting the host club haruhi is placed into a strange and often wonder-land esque world (highlighted more in later episodes) where she learns to connect with others and to let herself enjoy life, while staying responsible. haruhi's studies never suffer and she is never made to feel like she can do anything less then what she set out to do, but she learns to have fun with life to, that she can just be a kid a still work towards all her goals, and in the end chasing after tamaki and telling him she wanted to stay in the host club and that all of them loved doing it, brings her arc full circle, and allows her to choose the friends she's made and show she's learned to care about them, without compelling her to make a choice between them and her career. in many ways the core message of haruhi's story is that it is entirely possible to have everything you want without giving anything or anyone in your life up, and haruhi didn't have to make a choice between her family of choice and the goals she felt she had to fulfill to make her mother proud of her.
Some fun questions for the Supergirl Comic-Con panel (mainly for the producers / writers)
  1. Why did you replace James, a kind and respectful black man, with Mon-El, a white slave-owner, as a love interest, especially after spending the entire first season building up the relationship between Kara and James?
  2. The relationship between Kara and Mon-El has shown obvious signs of abuse with Mon-El exhibiting extreme jealousy, yelling at and humiliating Kara at the DEO, undermining her constantly and attempting to guilt-trip her when she broke up with him. Why do you continue to promote this relationship as healthy and romantic?
  3. Supergirl is supposedly a feminist show centered around female empowerment, so why was Kara’s entire arc in Season 2 centered entirely around her male love interest instead, with her career, her development as a superhero and her previously highly important relationships (with Alex, James, J’onn) sidelined completely?
  4. Why did you promote episode 2x13 as Sanvers-centric when in reality the relationship between Alex and Maggie barely got 5 or 6 minutes of screentime? Why was Maggie’s traumatic coming out experience never addressed properly, let alone respected by the other characters?
  5. What was the point of turning Maggie into a cheater? Why did she receive more backlash for it in-universe than Mon-El had for being a slave-owner and lying about his past to Kara and admitting to never actually intending to come clean about his past?
  6. Season 2 has prided itself on its great work for LGBT representation, but why was Sanvers only given the bare minimum of screentime and never allowed the same amount of both casual and overt intimacy on screen as the straight couples (even the rather irrelevant Winn/Lyra pair)? 
  7. Why do you keep portraying Kara’s work as a superhero as brawn over brains, when she was shown a great number of times in Season 1 to be highly empathetic, trying to talk down her adversaries before engaging in combat?
  8. The bond between Kara and Alex has been established to be the strongest relationship on the show in Season 1, so why did you keep undermining it in Season 2, having their romantic interests replace them in each other’s lives? In what world would Alex be content to sit in yoga class while there was a bounty on her sister’s head, or let Kara’s ex-boyfriend accompany her comatose sister to an another dimension instead of her?
  9. Why are J’onn’s extensive abilities never used in investigations or in combat, having him dumbed down and sidelined instead?
  10. Lena Luthor has been very clearly shown to be a survivor of emotional abuse, going so far as to have her acknowledge it and confront Lillian about it in the Season 2 finale. She has also been shown to consistently strive to do good and distance herself from her family, and yet the producers have kept teasing that she might turn evil. Don’t you think it’s a disservice to abuse survivors to suggest that no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to overcome their past trauma? 
  11. Season 1 has shown CatCo to be massively influential in shaping the public’s opinion, and yet we have seen little to nothing of it in Season 2 and it’s supposed focus on pro and anti alien sentiments. Will CatCo and Kara’s dayjob regain its significance for the plot in Season 3?
  12. When will we start seeing more of James Olsen again? Why did he have less than a minute of screentime in the finale, never even getting to talk to his old friend Clark? Will we ever see Clark and James discussing James’s decision to take up the Guardian’s mantle?

I still hate how almost every single clone-centered arc in the clone wars centers around torturing fives like what the fuck did he do to you dave filoni 

me on the outside: lexa’s death was over a year ago. i’m over it :)

me on the inside, every single day of my life since march 3, 2016: lexa’s entire arc was centered around love and fearing love. she deserved to find happiness. the writers had a responsibility to her, as a lesbian character, and us, her lesbian and bi fans. how could they fuck up this badly. by killing her, they sent the message to viewers that love, specifically love between girls, is weakness. i’m traumatized. i need therapy and the cw will pay for it

Why I will be mad if Lance is Gay

Before you get mad, hear me out. 

It has been heavily hinted at that Lance will have an lgbt arc at some point in the voltron series. (see the original blue paladin is gay and the art released by Montgomery)

A lot of the fandom have rejoiced that this means there is a very real chance of Lance getting an arc centered around bisexuality. Now maybe I’m just a kid who has been let down too many times as her sexuality is erased in the media, but I don’t have to much faith.

Lance canonly flirts with all kinds of girls, so if he were to get an lgbt arc then he’d be bi or pan, right? wrong.

What I’m talking about is No Bisexuals (as described by tv tropes). 

A function of this is when a character who has been seemingly heterosexual until this point falls for a member of their own gender, they jump the fence and become only interested in their own gender from that moment on; the possibility that they might be bisexual is never even brought up.

So yes. If Lance is gay, I will be mad. The lgbt rep would be great, I can admit to that. But in regards to a sexuality arc, Lance has all the makings of a bisexual. If I have to sit through Lance saying something about how he was “gay all along and the girls were beards” or how “it’s not men, it’s just… him”(yes ianto jones i’m looking at you), I will be furious.

@ Dreamworks break the mold and stop erasing bisexuality!

Kara’s worried she’s losing Alex to Maggie and she’s trying to cling to her sister a little too tightly. And that’s the only reason. Not the Mon-El thing. There is no Mon-El thing. Please don’t let this turn into a Mon-El thing…

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jaune stans always confuse me cuz like ‘oh poor jaune! hes always treated as someone whos not good enough!’??? uhh, in case y'all forgot… he really isn’t good enough. he cheated his way into beacon. beacon, a school for advanced combat learning. beacon, a school full of people who have been training and fighting for years to become hunters. he literally just kinda inserted himself in there and expected to be as good as everyone. hes… kind of a big fucking idiot.

‘hes so relatable cuz he fails a lot and hes surrounded by friends who succeed’ right, i mean of course he fails a lot, he cheated into a school that was way over his league…. like…. oh… im not good at this… how could i possibly have known

‘he deserves the most character development’ uhhh… how about: ruby rose, the main main protagonist….??

'he’s so interesting!’ ????????? a character who’s weak and has to grow stronger, man, i aint never seen anything like it… i mean if rwby is the first anime you’ve seen, i completely understand. its okay.

'he has the most character development out of anyone else’ ok… but.. like… have u noticed how they focus on him more than any other character

'hes relatable’ u know who else is relatable? nora. she likes pancakes and talks a lot and will break people’s legs if they hurt her friends. do we know anything at all about her before v4? we do not.

'he deserves the spotlight’ ???????????????????????? he what??? what?? wha? why?? i cant- i cant think of a reason why he would Deserve The Spotlight, its not like he didnt get a four episode arc all to himself during v1 and the prom arc to center around him- how about fuckin uhhhhh pyrrha?? in the spotlight? she dead and we dont know shit about her- she barely even interacts with other characters aside from jaune what do you Mean jaune deserves the spotlight

Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  • I’ve heard a a lot of people say that GoG 1 is better then GoG 2, and I haven’t watched GoG 1 in a bit, but I have to say GoG 2 is just as good. I did not leave the theater disappointed. 
  • I was originally going to go with a friend who had seen with it before, but wanted to see it again because he was ‘high as fuck’. Friend had to bail so I saw it alone, but I have to say, it must’ve been something to watch while high. 
  • First off, it’s fucking hilarious
    • Rocket and Yondu trying to get Groot to bring them the fin, and him dragging in objects that are obviously not fins, culminating with a severed finger. We do not find out where he gets it. 
    • Groot spends the entire opening dancing around the battle while the team fights a giant space monster.
    • Twice Rocket tries to say something as an aside with a wink (like insulting the high priestess) but winks with the wrong eye, so the person is offended. 
    • Rocket standing in the middle of a Texan stand-off: “Surely there’s a peaceful resolution? Or a violent one where I’m standing over there.”
    • Taserface
    • The High Priestess is walking down a long carpet to meet Yondu. The carpet gets stuck. A couple of beats is spent unsticking it wherein the swelling music stops short and everyone looks uncomfortable. 
  • Gamora in my opinion is a stronger character in this movie. There’s some flirting between here and there with Peter but her arc is mostly centered on her relationship with Nebula.
    • Movie passes the bechdel test at least in first act with conversation between Gamora and Nebula about fruit. Definitely passes in final act where they talk about their relationship.
    • Nebula straight up tries to shoot Gamora with a ship. Gamora straight up shoots Nebula with a minigun. It is brutal and gross. You can see what it must’ve been like when they were children, fighting to survive. It’s not like in GoG where the fight scene is a clean in emotional combat, this is brutal and I L O V E D I T
    • Super pleased with how they developed, addresses how Thanos abused them and how that shaped each of them. Gamora says she’s sorry for not helping Nebula but also admits that she was just trying to survive. 
    • It seems like their shaping Gamora to be ready to trust Peter. They have an argument in the second act but it’s not the pivotal moment for either of their character arcs. Peter doesn’t have to ‘win’ Gamora back, and the third act focuses on Nebula and Gamora. 
  • Drax and Mantis are super cute
    • I thought they were hinting romance in the early part of the movie but no???
    • First off I love Drax’s laugh
    • Second off Mantis is super socially awkward, Drax is slightly less socially awkward. He straight-up calls her ugly and even retches around her but also admits she’s pretty on the ‘inside’. And seems very friendly!
    • I died when they were in the garden. Drax says that this reminds him of when he took his daughter to see some lakes, implying that he sees Mantis as a daughter figure. Then Mantis touches Drax’s shoulder and uses her empathy to feel what he’s feeling. She starts crying. 
    • Dude
  • Speaking of crying. Male emotions treated as legitimate. 
    • So Peter says to Gamora early in the movie that he always wanted to have a Dad, he used to pretend David Hasselhoff was his Dad to compensate. 
      • The entire arc with Peter searching for a father figure is not a punchline. It is serious and heart warming when he gets to play catch with Ego, if a little silly. 
      • Peter has to define to himself the difference between a father, and someone who acts as one. Peter didn’t want a biological father, he was looking for someone to be his parent. Immediately Yondu is brought-up as that figure but he dismisses it, saying that Yondu kept him for selfish reasons.
      • Ego tries to be that ‘father figure’ by acting like it but is actually selfish, whereas Yondu is genuine in his feelings for Peter. 
    • Rocket is called out for acting like an asshole because he’s afraid of being loved and is also shown crying. 
    • Yondu says word for word: “I don’t control my arrow using my head boy, I control it using my heart.” 
      • From the early part of the movie is shown to have a bleeding heart. He wants to be apart of the ravagers as a family, he’s heartbroken over loosing half his crew, and he acts as the Father figure that Peter was looking for.
      • Yondu’s ‘flaw’ is literally being too soft.
      • “I am Groot” “Yeah, he did call you twig.” Kill me.
  • I always said that GoG 1 was trying to be an emotional movie with several tender hearted scenes except all of it’s characters are assholes that ruin them. GoG 2 is an emotional movie that forced it’s assholes to be tender hearted. 
    • It is a little spread out, focusing on individual characters well but the pacing was good, balancing slower scenes with faster scenes. It knew when to tell the joke and when to let the emotions run. I don’t think the narrative was as strong as the first one but the plot isn’t nearly as complicated. I also think Ego could’ve been a little less transparent, it was pretty obvious he was going to end up evil since he was the only possible character that could end up as the villain. Loved Gamora and Nebula, Yondu and Rocket, and Drax and Mantis. 
    • The movie looked great, with a strong soundtrack as usual. 
    • 10/10 would watch again.

I was thinking that the least satisfying end and the easiest way out would involve mob losing his powers. It wouldn’t be a twist because it’s something that he would probably have accepted at several points in the series - early on he even told reigen he didn’t want them anymore, and he’s been frustrated and even traumatized when they get out of hand.

compare that relationship to, say, ed in fma. when edward gives up his alchemy, its a shock, and it’s at the end of a very long journey that he began by truly believing in the power of alchemy and slowly becoming disenchanted with it over time, finding that human relationships are ultimately more worthwhile/valuable

but mob’s understood how dangerous his power is for years - its a core part of his character and shapes his actions and personality on a fundamental level - so it really wouldn’t be growth or development to choose to get rid of them. The real issue is how he can deal with whatever ???% is and ultimately how he can process and manage his emotions in a healthy way, even with his powers, which I find much more interesting

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Complete Triggers Guide

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Shoujo Kakumei Utena) is a 1997 anime directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara.  Utena Tenjou is an eighth-grade girl who wishes to become a prince, and because of it gets caught up in a strange dueling game played by her fellow middle- and high-schoolers. As Utena fights to protect – and befriend – Anthy Himemiya, her shy classmate but also the mysterious Rose Bride at the center of the duels, the stakes become higher and the game more dangerous. 

Utena is an amazing and very worthwhile anime, but it is also an extremely intense and disturbing one. I love the show, but it is irresponsible to recommend it to people without a warning about the subject matter. I believe Utena has the potential to be be very cathartic and comforting for people, especially wlw, who’ve experienced trauma, but also very dangerous with regard to triggers. I’ve put together this guide so that people curious about the show can be forewarned and watch it in safety, or choose not to if they deem it too disturbing.

Many thanks to the volunteer editors/proofreaders who helped me complete this!

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And to the people who’ve submitted corrections:

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I might rewrite this to be more concise later but Aradia Megido’s entire character arc was centered around a girl who had been controlled her entire life both by societal standards, other people, and supernatural forces/fate itself, and then was manipulated by said forces into being a harbringer of the end of her world along with her friends, MASSIVELY HARMING HER PERSONALLY AND HER RELATIONSHIPS WITH HER FRIENDS IN THE PROCESS.

But even through this she STILL ends up finding personal agency, being completely solely Herself in control of her own destiny, as well as learning to be kind and turning to a life centered around simply Helping People because she Wants To even when paradox space forgets them.

the fact that she is flanderized so much by the fandom into ‘that creepy girl who wants her friends to die’ or as Sollux’s arm candy (a boy she NEVER WAS IN A CONFIRMED RELATIONSHIP WITH IN THE FIRST PLACE) ESPECIALLY when she’s such a hopeful character is frankly, awful, especially as a character who has been shown to now only want to do good and keep her independence through being alive just Please Let Her Be Herself.

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I saw the ask someone gave you when they stated that they don't think sheith parallels zaggar since Zarkon is Shiro's nemesis and not Keith's and while I loved your explanation, an idea come up to my mind - what if the main conflict actually turned out to be Shiro having to choose between Keith and the universe in the ultimate plot twist? Honestly, I'd sell my soul to see this (and Shiro choosing Keith/both ofc); not very likely to happen but I just loove the idea

ohhhh that would break my heart anon but I think it would be a good plot twist. We’ve already been given a taste of this to some degree–whenever Keith is injured, Shiro lashes out. Yes, he’s patient and put together, but hurt someone he cares about and his composure shatters. Hurt Keith, and he won’t think twice about tearing you apart. He’s even willing to risk their one and only viable alliance in this war–ready to fight an entire base by himself just for Keith.

And I mean, the thought of Keith dying is just unbearable to Shiro. Any time anyone even entertains the possibility, he shuts it down immediately. No way in hell is he going to stand by and just let Keith go, not while he can still stand and fight it. Even if that fight is impossibly one sided and futile, he’ll go down fighting first before he lets anyone take Keith. As soon as he hears Keith’s life will be on the line, that’s when he tries to talk Keith out of it. But he understands that he needs to do this, he realizes how important to him this is. The instant it’s clear Keith can’t make it on his own though, Shiro immediately goes rushing in to rescue him 

And I mean, just look at his face when Shiro finally reaches him. This is someone who fears losing Keith just as much as Keith dreads losing him. He charged in there with every belief that his best friend might well be dying on the floor, and it utterly breaks him. He’s lifting Keith in his arms the first chance he gets, latching onto him like he can keep the life from slipping through his fingertips. He holds Keith close because he just can’t let him go–cradles him in his arms like he can always protect him 

And we see this side of Shiro come out time and again when Keith’s life is at risk–this heartbroken vulnerability juxtaposed by a fierce rage as he lashes out to defend his partner. 

Shiro obviously cares for Keith–even loves him, though we can debate the specifics as to what degree. But he also understands that everyone must make sacrifices in war. He say this when he leaves behind his original crew in the very first episode. He also understands that he can’t just order Keith around and, much like the black lion, Shiro has to respect his autonomy. He has every right to risk his life for this cause if he so chooses. And even though it kills Shiro, he lets Keith take on what Kolivan calls a suicide mission. This clearly upsets him, and he need to close his eyes and pause for a moment to regain his composure before he agrees. But he still trusts Keith enough to let him take the risk, and when it comes to their trust, that says a lot. 

And if they reached a point where Keith wanted to make a final heroic sacrifice for the sake of the mission, maybe Shiro just won’t be able to stop him 

But that being said, there’s another interesting parallel between Keith shutting down the base and his trial in BOM: both times, Shiro’s shown watching on and muttering to himself, “Come on, Keith.” That shows that he believes Keith can make it, which is why I think he let Keith go on that solo mission in the first place. He had enough faith that Keith would pull through–and this is supported by the fact that he plainly tells Pidge there is no plan B, everything hinged on Shiro’s trust in Keith. So if things really did take a turn for the worst like in BOM, I think he’d do what he did before and run in to save Keith. It could be that the series may end somewhat similarly–as this would offer them both a choice as well instead of just putting all the burden (and agency) on Keith. 

Anyway, I do still think, one way or another, Keith will come back to that decision of whether or not sacrifice Shiro for the greater good. It’s just so heavily foreshadowed I can’t see why they wouldn’t follow though. And you know, another reason why I think Voltron will end with Keith having to choose between Shiro and his duty is because that’s how the original Voltron ended as well. Of course, with the other Shirogane, though–Takashi was long dead by that point. Anyway, the thought of turning the tables and having Shiro make a decisions to save Keith instead is interesting, considering how things panned out in golion.

Ryou ends up getting taken captive by Lotor, and the prince uses his hostage as leverage and gives Keith an ultimatum–let Lotor destroy Voltron, or watch Ryou die. Keith can’t bear to abandon Ryou of course (though he insists that Keith let him go). And when he sees that Keith is willing to risk the whole universe just for his sake, he manages to break free and takes matters into his own hands. He takes control of Lotor’s ship and crashes it–yes, he still dies, but it’s on his own terms and he takes Lotor down with him.

So you know, it could be that all this buildup to Keith making a decision will still culminate in that crossroad. But ultimately, Shiro will be the one who takes control of his fate and ends up making the choice for him. Though of course, if that’s what ends up happening, I would sure as hell hope it would be Shiro figuring out that “third alternative” rather than just sacrificing himself. Because honestly, so much of his character development with Keith is about learning that he does matter, that he deserves to live–that he’s more than just the monster the galra tried to make him. And Keith is the one who really pushes Shiro to fight back and live on, is the one that looks into Shiro’s eyes and tells him, “You’ll make it.

So if the final choice falls to Shiro, I hope he realizes just how much he means–that he deserves a happy ending too. A lot of his character arc has centered around unlearning this self-hatred his captors carved into him, and I’d love to see him consider doing the traditional self-sacrifice move but then realize just how inherently wrong that is. How much his team needs him–how much Keith needs him–and even if they didn’t, his worth isn’t inherently tied to what other people think. He can win and still live. He can defeat his abusers without losing himself in the process. He can make it

Besides, he’s seen just how much other people care for him, how much Keith loves him. And he’s seen the way Keith chased after him in the BOM, has seen Keith come running to his rescue time and time again. He’s intimately familiar with the way Keith breaks down at the thought of losing him again. 

And that would kill him just as surely as the galra. 

Reason #”I’ve lost count” why Kagura is best girl

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Acchan!!! What do you think about Amon and Touka's talk!?????!!!?

Hey Anon! Ah, well, so many things happened in just one talk somehow but since it’s linked to the rest of the chapter, it’s hard to speak about just that. xD 

I mean, when I initially read the chapter, I hadn’t slept in 24+ hours so in my head that was ‘lmao Amon/Touka + Akira/Kaneki wut” (+ Ayato/Hinami of course) but then I took a short nap before rereading it again and… Amon’s and Touka’s respective feelings are mainly what you conclude on when it comes to this talk (I insist that it doesn’t have to be seen as romantic even if it might be). 

Anyway, I’ll try to avoid rambling but, aside from what I already reblogged on the subject, clearly their talk indicates that we’re hopefully going to have a mini-arc centering around people talking:

  • Amon/Kaneki, which apparently was offscreened (?)
  • Amon/Touka which just happened -> Mado’s death is “solved” from Amon’s point of view
  • Akira/Kaneki which got delayed because Akira has a few understandable issues with her current situation but I think they should talk again later (again they have a deep emotional link + I don’t think Kaneki actually told her that he killed Arima but just that they fought, what’s the point of lying to her about this, especially when she’s not a ghoul?). 
  • Akira/Amon (and maybe Akira/Seidou, if Seidou is anywhere to be found?) -> as Touka urged Amon to do 
  • Akira/Hinami, as Hirako explained.
  • Akira/Touka, because Touka wants to + that’s important for Akira’s character development
  • maybe more Hinami/Ayato talking since Ayato is the one Hinami seeks comfort from for this situation?
  • Kaneki/Hinami and/or Hinami/Touka talking? Hinami doesn’t want to bother Kaneki about Akira because she’s important to him, but she has the right to tell someone besides Ayato about not feeling okay about this situation.
  • Kaneki/Touka at last, but probably once the matter with Akira will be solved (?)

So I’m personally very excited about that “mini-arc” and I hope they all get to talk :D Besides that though…

I’m 2000% proud of Touka at this part, because remember when she actually killed Kureo? Honestly, I knew she’d have to talk about it with Akira one day, but I wasn’t expecting her to want such a talk.

She grew up so much, I’m so proud of her! And also….

Amon had the coolest moment of the whole chapter and I’m proud of him too <3 I’m really glad that the two of them actually met up before this moment and that they manage to have such a good and positive relationship. 

I think that’s about it Anon, but I love the entire chapter actually, so I’m really happy right now! ^_^

I hope it answers your question, have a nice weekend! :D