arc angeling


Cop Junko & Angel + Devil for @avatarofalice & @artificialangel 

{Hey there @avatarofalice weren’t you the person asking if you could send thoughts about the au ? Unless you do not want to anymore please feel free to send whatever you want dear. It can take me some time to answer when it comes to drawing asks but if it’s about talking suggestions or ideas i answer faster.
This is valid for everyone, I’m fueling this a.u. thanks to some of the asks/prompts you all send me. Since classes takes a lot of my time I can be slow posting “asks-comics”. Prompts like this outfit one are a way for me to keep updating when I have less time to draw a full ask.

I’m thanking you all sweethearts for the attention you give to this a.u. and what I draw, it gives me a lot of strength ahah ! A post about this a.u.’s context will come tomorrow. It will probably help with what questions to ask ?}

If these Buffyverse characters had a child together...

💭Athos is daydreaming about the statue…will his wings ever be this big?💭

He is one of the three “new” characters from Arc City. As you can see, Athos is an angel. But he doesn’t like all that “holy stuff” (he loves wearing his red leather jacket, so no one can see his wings and asks questions).

A big thanks to @mayor-nelita for encouraging me to change Arc City! 💕