arby n chief

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I have this hunch that Gold is like Master Chief and Silver is like Arbiter from Machinma series, Arby n' the chief.

this is that one red vs blue series that i keep mistaking for the other one everytime isn’t it

What I've Learned

The Powerpuff Girls showed me that heroes come in all shapes and sizes


Dexter taught me to never hide my intelligence


Courage the Cowardly Dog taught me to be brave in the face of danger


The Eds taught me how to be happy and never worry


Samurai Jack taught me to help those who cannot help themselves


Goku’s lesson was that determination and hard work leads to success


Link taught me to never give in to evil


The Xiaolin warriors taught me patience


Naruto taught me not to be judged for what you are, but WHO you are


Luffy showed that friendship is the greatest treasure of all


Ichigo’s lesson was that you should value your friends and trust them


The Elric Brothers showed me the importance of family and how to accept Death


Light and Ryuk showed me how power corrupts the innocent


Scott Pilgrim taught me to accept the past


Master Chief showed me the importance of teamwork


The Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch showed me that everyone fits in somewhere


Arby N’ the Chief showed me that even the smallest person can make a difference


Captain Price and the 141 showed me how to keep moving forward, even as others fall back


Rick Grimes taught me to never lose your morals


Altair showed me that nothing is what it seems


Ezio taught me that death of others around you is unavoidable, and how you deal with it is what counts.


Connor showed me that even when the war is over, the conflict rages on


Edward taught me to live life to the fullest


The Mane 6 taught me the power of friendship


Daft Punk showed me how to give life back to music


The Saints taught me that everyone can be part of something


Gordon Freeman showed how to inspire others against evil


Chell and GLaDOS showed me that your worst enemy could be your best friend


The Mercs of Team Fortress 2 showed me that there is always a way out


The survivors of Left 4 Dead showed me how to always work as one


The Homestuck Kids showed me the power of uniqueness and how to be yourself


RWBY’s lesson was that victory can come in smaller and more innocent souls


The Marvel and DC Comics universes showed me that there is no such thing as ‘Normal’


Doctor Who’s lesson was that everyone has a role to play in the universe


The Winchesters taught me that growing up is hard


Sherlock and Watson showed me how there is more than one way to approach a problem


Harry Potter’s lesson was that your friends can be the only family you need


The various fandoms I am part of showed me that even though we are divided by distance, we are always going to be friends



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