arbre en fleur


64 days in heaven and hell (26)
Stimulated by the sight of the ‘rebirth of nature’, Van Gogh made 14 paintings of blossoming trees and orchards in the span of a few weeks. He used a variety of styles and techniques - and trees.

Vincent Van Gogh:
- Vergers avec pêchers en fleurs (Orchard with Peach Trees in Blossom), April 1888. Oil on canvas, 65 x 81 cm. Private collection
- Pruniers en fleurs (Orchard in Blossom, Plum Trees), April 1888.Oil on canvas, 54 x 65,2 cm. National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh
- Verger avec des arbres en fleurs d'abricot  (Flowering Orchard with Apricot Trees), April 1888. Oil on canvas, 55 x 65,5 cm. Private collection
- Le verger en fleurs (The Flowering Orchard), April 1888. Oil on canvas, 72,4 x 53,3 cm. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York