Our second to last Spotlight goes to the leafy and lovely Kara Argue (kaargue), an illustrator and comic artist from Michigan! Kara says, “Lessa, the character I chose to illustrate for this zine, is my favorite rude heroine. Gentle stories have my heart, and so do tough little plants!”

  • Favorite childhood book: “Rowan of Rin, a thousand times over.”
  • Favorite work song: "’Fall Underneath’ by Snakadaktal!”
  • Fictional character you feel on a spiritual level: “Pearl from Steven Universe; we’re both a bit easily wound up and totally have a crush on Garnet! ;-)”
  • What are you working on right now: “I’m currently writing and drawing a webcomic called Arboreta! It’s a story about two kids and the roles they’re trying to devote themselves to. One of them has a sibling that’s 10 stories tall! The other one doesn’t. Check it out sometime!”

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