lot download - rustic wedding barn

by popular demand, here is the wedding venue i made for ebony and cohen. it’s a converted barn turned into a bar, all set up for your sims’ wedding. there’s a dancefloor, dj setup, wedding arch, kitchen, bathrooms and of course, the romantic outdoor bar. the lot is classified as a bar and should work as one - but be aware that your sims may (rudely) leave the wedding to watch the tv in the kitchen. also, the arbor interferes with the functionality of the dancefloor, so make sure you remove it if you want your sims to dance.

lot size: 20x20
price: $62,316
lot type: bar

cc list:
wallswindowsdoorbarstring of lightsoutdoor lamphorseshoes etcberries signswingbrown cartsaddle, trougharbor and lightstree stump

indoors - general
walls and floorshanging lightsstring of lights - brownstring of lights - blackbeamsrugs / plants here, here, here, and heredeer headpianoarrow shelf medicine bottlessuitcasescandle bucketbirdcagelarge chalkboardwheel lamphand signladdercrate shelfclear bottlesstepladdertableschairs / bride & groom chairs

platesmenus, napkins / wine here, here and herecakeslarge candlessmall candlessalt & shakersmistercanisterspearsmilk jugsbouquet / plants here, here, here and here

bathrooms and kitchen (not shown)
countersfridgesinkstoolstilesbathroom sinks / mirror

how to download:

  1. search for my origin id mrssippysims on the gallery (make sure you have the ‘custom content’ box ticked under advanced options) OR
  2. download at dropbox and extract the files to your tray folder (my documents > electronic arts > the sims 4 > tray)

enjoy and please tag me in any pictures if you use this lot in your game!

2016. Sketchbook & Digital. Happy Lunar New Year! Although not a monkey, I wanted to do something a little different for the Year of the Monkey, mixing commission and concept for this piece. Like monkeys, sloths are arboreal and a little less mischievous. Anyways, I hope the Lunar New Year finds you all well :)



HI !!!! my name is alli simone, nd i’m a trans working poet nd visual artist ! im currently touring around the country after quitting my professional job, to heal and try and follow my heart <3 <3 <3 and am opening up COMMISSIONS !!!! for acrostic poems ! and digital drawings !!! photoshopped images !!!!!! for $5+ (depending on what u want) i can write you an acrostic poem of your NAME, ur HONEY’S NAME or ANY WORD that you want !!!!!!!! ALSO i can draw any OC’s, animals or PORTRAITS that you would love, or photoshop a silly picture for you OR any combination of the above !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PERFECT FOR VALENTINES DAY, OR ARBOR DAY) (i accept paypal nd google wallet !!!)

i can be contacted @ , or u can message me here ! 

it would b rly awesome if y’all could share this post ! thank you so so so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

The Binturong, Arctictis binturong

The Binturong of South and Southeast Asia is primarily arboreal but is a bit clumsy, good at climbing but not leaping, and awkward on the ground.  Its nickname is bearcat, but it’s not a bear or a cat;  it’s a primitive mammal also called a civet or genet.  The tail is prehensile. 

Classified by the IUCN as vulnerable to extinction, the Binturong faces the typical perils brought on by human activity — deforestation and habitat loss, and hunting for food, fur, and the pet trade.  They’re not particularly small animals;  in captivity they can weight up to 70 pounds.  Their anti-predatory defenses allow them to fend for themselves quite well in the wild, but like all wildlife, the Binturong are basically defenseless when encountering humans.

India included the Binturong in CITES Appendix III, and it is listed as critically endangered on the China Red List.  In Malaysia, where the indigenous people keep Binturongs as pets, the animal is protected.

the signs as dragons

[[based on this post]]

Aries: Giant, old as the universe dragons exploring space, needing nothing but starlight to survive

Taurus: Gargantuan dragons who have slept for so long their backs have grown trees and become home to deer and foxes

Gemini: Lightweight, aerodynamic dragons flying up to the edges of the atmosphere for te luls.

Cancer: Arboreal dragons with glowing hearts lighting travellers’ paths through dark woods

Leo: Lithe golden dragons with glittering eyes and quick fingers sitting on the shoulders of jewellers and testing the quality of metals and gems

Virgo: Mini, incect eating dragons being adopted and trained by humans to fight off infestations.

Libra: Pale, sinuous dragons with eidetic memories and wings that rustle like paper guarding libraries of forgotten books

Scorpio: Bioluminescent aquatic dragons roaming in the abyss and scaring the heck out of sailors

Sagittarius: Tiny dragons with colourful scales living in trees and feeding on fruits and flowers’ nectar

Capricorn: Small grey dragons living in cities, feeding of rats and pigeons.

Aquarius: Long thin, reflective dragons living in streams.

Pisces: Fluffy dream dragons capable of feeling when children are having nightmares and materializing into their room to cuddle with them

   This is the Acer Glade (An Acer is also known as a maple tree) found in the colourful bucolic paradise that is Westonbrit Arobretum, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire, England. A ‘tree-hugger’ would be well occupied here, as there are over 18,000 trees; including 82 Champion Treesthat will come to life and defend England should the need arise. (They’re really just great giant trees. As FAR AS YOU KNOW.) *image from wikimedia*  


Ann Arbor is always on those lists of “Best Places to Live,” but when I went a few years ago I wasn’t that impressed. But now I have a reason to go back because I just found out the college town has a Dinnerware Museum. Started a few years ago by ceramics historian Margaret Carney, its 1000-piece collection covers just about every aspect of table culture from cake stands and pearlware bowls and baby cups to a variety of dinnerware sets like a 54-piece set from 1968 as well as an Art Deco coffee set. There’s also a plastic Chow Chow train, Glidden Pottery poodle dishes, “I like Ike” paper cups, and Roy Lichtenstein dishes. So basically every possible thing you would use while eating at the dinner table from kitschy to elegant. And the museum also has special exhibits that focus on things like cake, three course meals and “the art of high chair dining.” So if you’re actually one of those rare people who still sets the table, then this is the place for you.
Snyder 'poisoned kids in Flint,' reads banner flying over Ann Arbor
A plane with a banner is flying over the Crisler Center on Saturday ahead of the Michigan-Michigan State game, but it's not about basketball.

UltraViolet, a national women’s advocacy organization, commissioned a plane to fly with a banner bearing the message “Snyder poisoned kids in Flint @UltraViolet.”

The plane is flying over Ann Arbor from noon to 3 p.m. Feb. 6. The men’s basketball game tip-off is 2 p.m.

The organization wants to draw attention to the lead crisis in Flint and urges Gov. Rick Snyder to resign.


Since I’ve always lived in colder climates, I’ve made a concerted effort for the past ten years or so to visit a conservatory right around Tu B'Shevat to really get in the spirit of the holiday.

The husband and I went yesterday to a conservatory and arboretum about 40 minutes away and it was lovely - they even had fruit trees! Tonite we’ll have a mini-Seder (between online reference questions). Chag Sameach!