Photos from yesterday’s run through the campus of U of M in Ann Arbor. My green and white heart is still struggling with all the maize and blue.

Life updates:
1. I went to a run group yesterday. I liked the people and I’m in way better shape than I give myself credit for - the hill workout didn’t even leave me sore today.
2. I’m on week three of the new job. I get every other Friday off and it’s THE BEST.
3. I signed on with a run coach and I’m super excited. Operation Get Fast.
4. Heart eyes for days for Kev. He’s a dream.

That’s all - kthanksbye.

winterhazel  asked:

Seanan. Seanan I never knew alligator lizards looked like dollar store dinosaur toys. It's an especially uncanny resemblance in the case of the green arboreal alligator lizard, Abronia granimea, but they all have the cheap rubbery texture oh my god this adds an extra layer of frosting on top of the leg lizard story cake