Writer’s Notes: The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury! I like this one – there’s something about Eiffel getting stuck arbitrating an incredibly petty and childish argument while no one pays attention to something profoundly weird and unspeakably dangerous that seems to sum up Wolf 359 quite nicely. At least for me.

This is the last of what I think of as our genre-pushing episodes. If Cataracts and Hurricanoes was an action thriller, Cigarette Candy a paranoia horror piece, and Super Energy Saver Mode was a haunted house story, The Sound and the Fury is about as pure of a sitcom episode as Wolf 359 is ever going to get. It’s another episode concept from the original ten in the series proposal, and I was excited to do something sillier and lighter after the last three episodes. The central conceit itself – Hera and Minkowski acting childish and immaturely while a bewildered Eiffel has to be the voice of reason – is very much a standard “Freaky Friday” role reversal sitcom trope, and I remember trying to model the feel of the dialogue and the jokes on a few of my favorite sitcoms – particularly Stephen Moffat’s Coupling.

Which, for anyone who’s keeping track, was a dumb way of doing things. “Dialogue and jokes.” I was copying the surface appearance of a masterfully written sitcom, but I wasn’t paying attention to Coupling’s clockwork plot structure, which is the real key to its humor. This isn’t just imitation – which I am always willing to condone – but imitation that misses the point. Tsk, tsk, Gabriel, rookie mistake…

Hey wait a minute, I thought I said that I liked this episode? Hmm…

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Well, I both like it and I see its shortcomings. It was a blast to write, particularly because it was the first time that we really got to see Minkowski and Hera talking to each other for a prolonged period of time. I like a lot of the jokes, I like the turns, I even like both of Eiffel’s big speeches. It just kind of feels like what it is: a collection of good moments that don’t necessarily build up to more than the sum of their parts. Not a bad thing by any measure, but looking back I’d love to be able to go back and take another crack at putting a bit more bones under that meat, to completely over-belabor a metaphor.

What brings it all together, at least for me, is the Hilbert/Blessed Eternal subplot. If I remember correctly, the Space Mutant Plant Monster possessing Hilbert was Zach’s idea, and it felt like exactly the right ludicrous counterpoint to everything that was happening with Minkowski and Hera. I’d actually intended for the Plant Monster to never be mentioned ever again after the events of Discomforts, Pains, and Irregularities, but the idea of Hilbert getting turned into a puppet for a sentient, malevolent botanical monster was too good to not use. Plus, it meant that I was able to use that Little Shop of Horrors reference I wasn’t quite able to squeeze into the third episode. All hail the Blessed Eternal…

Assorted Notes:

  • I know that some people have real problems with this episode because they perceive the central conceit to be that Minkowski and Hera fighting is meant to be funny because it’s the two female characters having a spat. My sincere apologies if this is what you got out of this episode – rest assured that the joke was intended to be funny because they are the sanest, most competent members of the crew, nothing more or nothing less. 
  • “Shut up, Plant-Hilbert,” is one of my favorite lines in the series. I so wish that I’d realized that it very much wanted to be a last line in an episode and cut everything after the comms getting switched off. Oh well. 
  • Ahh, Hera’s biology rant. A lot of people’s favorite Hera moment, and I do quite like it. Much like Eiffel’s back-and-forth from the previous episode, it does a good job of sneaking in some important character perspectives through the amusing hijinks. 
  • Our second Shakespeare title? Not quite. Eiffel was probably thinking less Macbeth and more about this event
  • Out of all the crazy things that I’ve made Zach Valenti read, Plant-Hilbert’s long, droning speech extolling the wonders of the Blessed Eternal might just be the weirdest. If you haven’t already, you can hear the full version at our website’s Extras page
Show Review: People’s Non-Binding Arbitration: Carne Asada Super vs. Grilled Chicken Regular (1/18/16) | Sponsored

When I said I wanted beef, I didn’t mean literally. Such as the scene last Monday at Uqaqua’s People’s Non-Binding Arbritration (presented by Endgames Improv, and Stage Werx, shows practically every day of the week), featuring a debate (and improv show) pitting a Grilled Chicken from La Cumbre and a Super Carne Asada from El Metate.


A photo posted by Courting Comedy (@courtingcomedy) on Jan 19, 2016 at 6:33am PST

For the uncultured swine out there, The People’s Non-Binding Arbitration is a judiciary-themed improv show pitting disparate opinions and squashing disputes. There’s a theme song, and a light show, and a Bailiff, and sometimes a stenographer. At the top of the proceedings two members of the audience—Jon and Brandon this night—plead their case. The Arbitrator and the rest of Uqaqua interject with questions, fleshing out the arguments and planting seeds for their scenes. The team proceeds to make funny for about an hour. Winners are crowned arbitrarily. And then you go home.

Opening (Blue)

A video posted by Courting Comedy (@courtingcomedy) on Jan 19, 2016 at 6:24am PST

Improv is as enthralling as it’s ephemeral, easy to experience, but hard to recollect, especially since The People’s Non-Binding Arbitration implements the fast-moving shortform—”so help you Spolin.” This renders audience-pleasing references like, “Masturbating Pete” and “a little stank [in couple’s therapy]”, null outside of Stage Werx’s magic circle (thus requiring the pleasure of your company. Yes, yours. You.)


A video posted by Courting Comedy (@courtingcomedy) on Jan 19, 2016 at 6:31am PST

Here’s what I can remember:

A fun interplay of escalating semantics emerged from the word “Super”. Its initial context was in reference to “with guacamole and sour cream” in juxtaposition to “Deluxe” (i.e. “with cheese”). Super is also a prefix to “Superman”, which immediately extrapolated into dumb comic book connections of “Deluxe Luther” and “Regular Man”, all swinging into scene, with Regular Man refusing to pay 50¢ for the subpar superheroism.


A photo posted by Courting Comedy (@courtingcomedy) on Jan 19, 2016 at 6:35am PST

Another scenario proposed that toast needs to be toasted ahead of time which soon overwhelmed every tier of the the toast industry (Big Loaf), befuddled by the interconnected but unknown demand at a humble bed and breakfast.


A video posted by Courting Comedy (@courtingcomedy) on Jan 19, 2016 at 6:31am PST

Burrito regionality became diametrically polarized, the skimpy North and the abundant South, threading through scenes of betrayal, burrowing and blood rituals. American egotism claimed the divine right of critical supremacy, usually in favor of hyperbolic excess (e.g. “Ultra Sangria” being Everclear, pompously decrying red meat’s danger whilst chain-smoking); all at the expense of Mr. Grilled Chicken’s assuredness. “I know what I’m talking about,” echoed mockingly throughout the case.


A photo posted by Courting Comedy (@courtingcomedy) on Jan 19, 2016 at 6:14am PST

Finally, a lingering and pungent theme of disease festered from dicey dealings with one of the proposed burrito outfitters. La Cumbre on 16th and Mission to be specific. La Cumbre can (but not necessarily will) fuck you up with food poisoning. Two Uqaqua members know that intimately. Normally this kind of bias would bar them from the proceedings, “but since this is a non-binding arbitration, I’ll allow it,” determined the Arbitrator. Some of the scene revolved around revulsion, bent-over zombies looking for intestinal relief. Some echoed Brandon’s claim that “the better the meat quality, the lower the health code” In the end, the Arbitrator sided with the less sickly burrito. “How do you feel,” asked the Bailiff to the victor in our closing statements. “Really bad…I think [La Cumbre] is a family owned restaurant”.

Luckily, no legal consequence will come from said victory because, as established in its title, The People’s Non-Binding Arbitration is indeed non-binding.

- oj | Patreon
Justice Ginsburg’s Warning To The American Worker
What use is a law if it cannot be enforced?

The cases Justice Ginsburg refers to concern a common practice where companies refuse to do business with consumers — or threaten not to hire a worker — unless the worker or consumer agrees to sign away their right to bring any disputes against the company in a real court, and instead submit to a private arbitrator.

The Wolves with Teeth in the World

Post Solavellan/Game AU SFW - Fen’Harel won, the present dismantled to make way for the past, and now almost three decades later there is a new rebel wolf of the Dales that fights against the injustices of the Elvhen. They call themselves Fen’Lin and have come to devour the Dread Wolf’s kingdom and his heart, something he thought lost long ago. AO3 Link.

Judgement | Avarice | Envy

4. Apathy

There was no body to bury, but there is a grave.

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Chief Justice John Roberts seeks to limit role of courts

Chief Justice John Roberts seeks to limit role of courts

External image
By siding with the Supreme Court’s liberal wing on two major cases last week, Chief Justice John Roberts lent credence to conservatives’ concerns that they can’t count on his vote.

But as he moves into his second decade as the nation’s 17th chief justice, Roberts is proving to be strikingly consistent in one area that conservatives applaud. He wants to close the courthouse doors to challengers…

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Hééééé boy. Ce blog se veut drôle-absurde mais je ne veux jamais me moquer gratuitement du monde qui ont eu des expériences rough dans la vie, malgré que ça décrit pas mal tout le monde dans L’Arbitre.

Anne l’a eu pas mal rough en décidant de commencer à faire du ski assez solide à 40 ans (par ça je veux dire FAIRE DE LA POUDRE) anyways, sa vie prend un tournant pas mal désastreux face à ça.

Elle reprend sa vie en main en allant au Centre Mélaric, dont on a tous entendu parler et pris conscience de son importance récemment grâce aux nouvelles.

C’est une des forces merveilleuses de L’Arbitre–on nous montre des vraies personnes (dont je me moque, je sais) de bouts de vie qu’on voit de moins en moins à la tv–même les quiz sont remplis de vedettes maintenant. L’Arbitre est là pour qu’on voit que ces personnes existent et en plus, nous montre pourquoi un endroit comme le Centre Mélaric est vraiment important. Je sais que dans l’abstrait on sait tous pourquoi c’est important mais là, TORVISSE, c’est dans le backstory d’un épisode de L’Arbitre!!

ANYWAYS, Anne était partie au Centre pendant un bout, elle a demandé à son voisin de garder ce qui lui restait de ses possessions. Une fois sortie du Centre, elle va le voir et il lui répond qu’il a tout crissé aux vidanges pis en plus, il a l’air de ÇA:


Si un gars qui à l’air d’un dude de Beauce-Carnaval qui s’en calisse moyen que les manèges soient bien assemblés sacrait toutes mes affaires aux vidanges, je serais en beau fusil en maudit!

PS: Je m’excuse d’avoir écrit un bout semi-sérieux, ça arrivera pas trop souvent.

Spinwell Global Vacancies - 26/01/2016 12:21

Spinwell Global Vacancies – 26/01/2016 12:21

VAC-11434 Web and Software Developers with Agile VAC-11433 Software Architect, Service Architecture, SOA, Web Architect VAC-11432 Infrastructure Architect / Technical Architect Network LAN / WAN VAC-11431 Enterprise Architect VAC-11430 Environment Expert – Algeria VAC-11423 Compliance and Performance Assistant – Hertfordshire VAC-11420 General Manager – Engineering Consultancy VAC-11419 Quantity…

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anonymous asked:

Is Scooby's testimony admissible in court? Like when they prosecute Mr. McGucket for scaring people away from the abandoned mine, can you count the findings of the Mystery team as evidence? -Britt

Great question, Britt.

Under the Federal Rules of Evidence Rule 601 says “Every person is competent to be a witness unless these rules provide otherwise…” A defense attorney may want to argue this should limit witnesses to being human. However, a prosecutor will wish to argue that the rule says nothing about dogs. And that while the court might want to limit possible dog witnesses, that Scooby is otherwise competent to testify. That Scooby has personal knowledge of the incident (Rule 602), can take an oath (Rule 603), and can be properly cross-examined by opposing counsel. Since the rest of the Mystery Team were probably too high and/or eating at the time, Scooby-Doo would be the best possible witness to explain what happened. Under this theory, the jury will be the final arbitrators on whether to believe Scooby-Doo. Mr. Doo should be allowed to testify with the understand the defense attorney can cross-examine him on being a dog, how can dogs talk, and whether Scooby was on serious drugs at the time at the time he witness the ghostings.

tl;dnr version- Nothing in the rulebook says a dog can’t testify.

Iowa Caucus: Hillary facing headwinds, again!

External image

Democrats in Iowa on Monday night debated, negotiated and arbitrated their choice for their party’s nominee for president for 2016, and the one person many presumed to have a lock on the support was facing headwinds.

With 6 percent of the precincts reporting results, Hillary Clinton had 52.8 percent of the support, Bernie Sanders had 46.2 percent and Martin O’Malley 0.9 percent.

That was even though pollsters reported Hillary Clinton was holding a huge double digit lead only a few short weeks ago.

And it was only eight years ago that Hillary Clinton, then a former first lady and senator, was assumed by many to be the presumptive pick for the Democratic Party nomination, with her campaign emphasizing the first woman president.

But Senate upstart Barack Obama, in only his first Washington term and a bystander on most issues at that, following a state legislative term where he mostly voted “present,” stunned the established Democrat politics and beat her in the Iowa caucuses, eventually prompting Clinton to kill her campaign. He went on to become president and appoint Clinton secretary of state.

Hillary for prosecution, not president! Join the sizzling campaign to put Mrs. Clinton where she really belongs

Heading into Monday night’s caucuses for the 2016 race, Hillary Clinton’s headwinds were, if possible, even bigger.

Which means upstart socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders could play a significant role in the 2016 race with a victory or good showing. It could even mean that supporters of Martin O’Malley, who has been struggling in the single digits in most Democrat candidate polls, might influence the choice between Clinton and Sanders.

In the Iowa Democratic caucuses, supporters enter meetings in pursuit of their individually chosen candidate. They gather in groups for those candidates.

But when the counting starts, if they don’t make a 15 percent threshold for their candidate, they can either pick another candidate, or go home.

That procedure could allow even a few voters supporting O’Malley to be turned into swing voters that could push a decision over the edge for Clinton.

Or for Sanders.

The Democrats are working to choose the 1,406 state residents who eventually will meet to choose the 44 Iowa delegates to the Democratic National Convention, which itself is a total that is just about 1 percent of those who will name the Democratic nominee for president.

It was the New York Times that reported not all was going as planned for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Just hours before the caucus procedures opened, the report said, “Mrs. Clinton found herself defending her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state and reinforcing that she did not knowingly send or receive classified emails.”

Hillary Clinton has been accused of setting up a private computer server for her official government use, and recent revelations appear to confirm that she told sources to send classified information to her unsecured location.

“She lied about the fact that there is nothing classified on [her] server,” said GOP candidate Carly Fiorina.

“She put our national security at risk for her convenience,” charged another GOP candidate, Chris Christie.

The State Department revealed just on Friday that 22 of the emails sent to or from Hillary Clinton’s private email server were “top secret” – a classification that was too high for them to be revealed, ever.

Hillary Clinton earlier was attacked for her actions, or lack thereof, regarding the Benghazi, Libya, terror attack that killed four Americans.

She publicly blamed an obscure online video for the attack, while acknowledging to family members it clearly was a terror attack.

MSNBC said the race going into the caucuses between Hillary Clinton and Sanders was “locked.”

Said the report, “A win for Sanders would be a major upset that could carry his insurgent candidacy deep into the spring, while a win for Clinton would blunt Sanders’ rise and help put her on a glide path to the Democratic nomination.”

Hillary Clinton has been joined on the campaign trail by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as well as daughter, Chelsea, who is a top executive at the Clinton Family Foundation, another source of controversy for its acceptance of foreign donations at a time when then-Secretary of State Clinton was reaching agreements with those governments.

Sanders, who openly advocates for much higher taxes and more government control of individuals’ lives, just weeks ago had trailed Hillary Clinton by double digits in polls, and told NBC’s Chuck Todd, “At the end of the day, I think in terms of the division of delegates, whether you win by two points or you lose by two points, it’s not going to matter a whole lot.”

Both top contenders boasted extensive Iowa work. An estimated 4,000 Sanders volunteers reportedly knocked on more than 100,000 doors over the weekend. Meanwhile, Clinton’s campaign “claims more than 4,200 trained precinct captains and team members,” MSNBC reported.

US News reported the number of actual votes in Iowa means little.

“But, the state can mean everything because of the simple fact that its contest comes first. While a candidate doesn’t need to win Iowa to win its party’s nomination, results in Iowa are followed closely by the media and are an early signal of how the country as a whole will respond to the candidates. It also sets the state for the first primary, eight days later, in New Hampshire. In politics, momentum is king. If a candidate doesn’t place highly in the early states, support and dollars typically begin to dry up, which means that Iowa often is successful at winnowing the field. In a race with many candidates, like the 2016 contest for the Republicans, how a politician fares in Iowa can determine whether he or she will remain on the ballots for the rest of the U.S.”

Hillary for prosecution, not president! Join the sizzling campaign to put Mrs. Clinton where she really belongs

In 2000, 2004 and 2008, Iowa Democrats picked the eventual winner. But they blew it in 1992 and 1988, choosing Sen. Tom Harkin instead of the eventually winner, Bill Clinton.

Many analysts point to the turnout as a key factor in Monday’s results.

Reported US News, “When Obama won the Democratic primary in Iowa in 2008, he did so with only 4 percent of Iowa’s eligible voters.”

At the Wall Street Journal, Tom Davis, a former U.S. representative from Virginia, said a Sanders victory in Iowa would indicate a “long, arduous struggle for the nomination.”

And Michael Feldman, a former senior adviser to Vice President Al Gore, said observers should follow the money, since the Iowa vote often is a point at which support for one candidate dries up, while donations pour into another.

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