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1. Favorite food? ;>
Hmmmm, strawberries are always good.

2. Do you like milk? *U*
Of course! *q*

3.Your OTP?
Gajeel x Levy - Fairy Tail

4. Favorite male character?
Um. Love Gajeel but also found Ulquiorra from Bleach fascinating personality wise.

5. Favorite female character?
Ahiru from Princess Tutu.

6. Do you have a toy or something like that, that has its own history? If yes, please tell me :3
Um. Well I have a small pink rag doll, had it since I was born. A gift from my Godmother when she worked at the factory that made them and she sewed my first and middle name onto the dress. (^_^)

7. Your hobby? :)
Tumblring, AMV making, roleplaying, writing etc etc

8. Favorite game?
Mario Kart DS - Recently got into it since my sister always makes me finish the race for her if she’s losing haha. 9. Your age? (weird question, you don’t have to answer it xD)
18. 10. Dogs or cats? Why? :>
One dog, we got her because we wanted a dog. XD
One cat, because our old one died and we’ve always had a cat in the household at some point, kinda a ‘must’ for our family.
And another cat aswell we rescued starving from the park some months back. 11. Have you seen Hetalia? If yes, who’s you fav. character?
Unfortunatly, not yet. D: But I love France after seeing him in fanart etc!


1. Favourite animal?
2. Book(s) you are currently reading:
3. List of items currently in your bag/purse/whatever thing you carry around with you etc.
4. Things on the wall of the room you’re in right now?
5. Coke or Pepsi?
6. Favourite season?
7. First thing you touch when reaching out your right arm?
8. 2x + 3 = 11. x = ? (Yes, I’m evil with maths questions!)
9. Put iTunes/music player on shuffle. First song?
10. One random fact about yourself.
11. Favourite time of day?





when i was playing darkest dungeon with my brother he controlled crusader and i controlled highwayman, vestal, and plague doctor

he named his crusader Geralt z Rivii

i named my 3 characters waluigi, wal2uigi, and waluig3

So this is Paumera.

I’ve been playing Darkest Dungeon a bit more since they went full release, and even went so far as making a new profile to inaugurate the completed game.

On this new file; I have set up three teams. There is Green team, who have some of the oldest characters on that profile (including the plague doctor you get as part of your tutorial team); there is Blue team, they’re kinda my blitzing team, having high damage but a short operating time (thanks to the fact the only healer on Blue is a super stressed out Arbalest); and then…. there is Red team…. oh, Red team.

The luckiest, least stressed out, teams I have ever had. They have absolutely no shits to give. Consisting of a Hellion, Leper, Houndmaster, and Gravedigger; They actually have a super high damage threshold.
The point being: I have literally went as far as possible to try stressing this team out. I have ran 2 no-torch runs with them in a row, and have only had to send two of them to de-stress (because they were over 50 stress.)

The founder of Red team, and least shit-giving-est member of Red is Paumera; who I have never sent to get de-stressed and has never broken the 50 stress threshold that this team seems to apply by….

True Darkest Dungeon Story

So I decide to just throw random characters from my roster into a party as-is. I have a Bounty Hunter, a Jester, an Arbalest, and a Vestal. I’m doing a medium “cleanse infected corpses” mission.

Very early in the run, the Jester dies. Boo. I decide to press on.

The second last fight, my Arbalest is on Death’s Door and I’m out of food. She had a resolve check and became Courageous, but she auto-checked a chest or something and ended up Blighted. I had no antidotes.

I was just like “Well you’re probably fucked….” but I keep going.

She goes through two battles where all the enemies seem to do is target her and survives.

I find the last corpse and end the mission while she’s on Death’s Door for like the tenth time.

I sweat to gods this Arbalest is made of iron. I’m keeping her.

some stuff that darkest dungeons does that i like:

there’s no like, ‘canon’ characters or anything, just random folks of different classes.. but the classes all have pretty neat and varied designs, and there’s a little bit of personalization - you can change names, color schemes and such. it’s interesting because every class has a color scheme where that character is black, but there’s some classes that are exclusively black, so like.. no weird white-washing. it’s hard to explain this if you haven’t played the game, but … yeahhhh. this is my current #Wife, the arbalest…

it’s hard, bordering on just slightly unfair! but that makes victories feel even better. plus, as far as i know, I don’t think there’s a way to completely lose.. there’ll always be new heroes to join your ranks. you’ll still want to try and hold onto your folks, though…

lot of strategy involved just with how you position your four dungeon-delvers, and almost every battle has the chance to go bad, so you really have to be cautious! there’s enough depth to get sucked in, but not enough that it feels impenetrable. there’s a lot of reason to keep playing, and it’s definitely one of those “just one more turn..” games

your folks can get physically damaged, and they can get mentally damaged. it’s not just a basic sanity meter - basically, they build up stress for all sorts of reasons. maybe the torch is running out, maybe a skeleton hit their friend really hard, maybe everyone around them is dying.. and when stress builds up high enough, all sorts of things can happen. they’ll panic and possibly develop a new fear, affliction or impairment - they could lose faith in their god, meaning they can’t pray anymore at home to lose stress. they could become abusive, leading them to be more cruel to their companions, they could become selfish and randomly steal items to take for themselves instead of sharing with the party.. and it’s possible to treat your heroes of these things and help them, but it’s hard and takes time! road to recovery ain’t cheap and easy, my friend.

it just introduces these interesting gameplay choices and moral dilemmas.. do you let everyone destress in town and get a moment to breath, or do you send them down into the dungeons or the marsh again, even if they’re completely drained emotionally and mentally..  do you keep using the big swordsman to lead the team, even though he’s a callous monster who belittles and abuses friend and foe alike? do you take the time to help out your severely depressed and grief-ridden cleric, or do you send them into battle anyway, no matter how risky or dangerous it is? .. or do you just try to get a new swordsman and cast the damaged people aside? it could be easy to make this really disrespectful, but it feels right and adds all sort of tough choices that come naturally to you.. in my onion anyway, it does this stuff about as good as i’d expect a video game to

some stuff fire emblem awakening did that i liked:

i could pretend that some of the girls were gay and they hooked up with each other

Darkest Dungeon Praise (Boss Fights)

Can I say that I just love the boss fights in Darkest Dungeon? No? Well too bad gonna do it anyway :P

I love how they have a bit of the design of an MMO boss fight, but without the arbitrary gear/stat requirements that bog down said MMO boss fights, and all the other little niggling factors that make MMO boss fights unfun sometimes (Lag, unreliable other people, shitty loot drops and so on)

What I mean is the fact that you need to know the mechanics of the fight, or you’re going to lose a person, possibly more. The better you use / abuse the mechanics of the fight, the better off you’ll do as well.

The Necromancer. You need to have the ability to bypass or quickly chew through his skeleton army. If you don’t bring Crusaders or characters that can wail on him in the back row (Arbalest, Plague Doctors, Houndmasters and such) you’re going to lose people, or possibly wipe entirely. The Shambler and The Collector are fairly similar, but with a focus on a few other mechanics (The Shambler’s Adds not being as ignore-able as the Necromancer’s Skeletons since they scaling buff themselves obscenely, or The Collector’s adds being somewhat randomized and including Guarding/Healing mechanics)

The Hag. You need to either be able to routinely KO the pot your person is being cooked in, and have the ability to hit rows 3 and 4 reliably, or be able to hit rows 3 and 4 reliably, with only three people, and fast enough before the fourth person is cooked alive. If you don’t, adventurer is on the menu.

The Swine Prince/King/God. DO NOT KILL WILBUR. Not until the big fat boss is dead first. Otherwise the Swine Royal will kill your whole party in vengeance almost instantly. Bringing DoTs is also recommended, since direct damage needs to chew through WAY too many HP otherwise.

The Siren. Similar to the Hag in that you have to have a party with good targeting (The fight shuffles around a lot) and the ability to function with one man or woman occupied by enemy CC.  Stuns to deal with the Guard mechanic that might be protecting the boss from direct assault by her adds is also highly recommended and your own temporarily converted party members.

The Prophet. You need to mitigate the Blight damage he causes that is keeping pressure on you, giving you enough time to deal with the ‘smooshed by the ceiling’ damage calamitous prognostication causes. Its also a case of ‘need back row attackers’ but this fight is cool in that it rewards you for slugging through all the pews by giving you extra loot, so you’ve got something of a built in ‘hard mode’ too.

The Brigand Canon…I have to admit, I’m actually not the biggest fan of this boss fight in particular, just because it feels a bit heavy handed. Sure, the gimmick of needing to keep the ‘match stick’ bandit dead so it doesn’t light the cannon and blow you all to kingdom come makes sense. But the fact that the boss is DoT proof (which makes sense, its a machine. Can’t bleed or kill with plague a machine) AND Debuff Proof AND has stupidly High PROT that you can’t otherwise bypass makes the fight basically abuse Mark Synergy or lose. Might have been the intent, but could have at least let the Marks break the PROT down too.

The Flesh boss. Aside from winning one of the awards of ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ of the year in my eyes, the fact that the boss has a shifting weak point and a focus on AoE attacks being fairly effective (since the boss has multiple sections, but one HP total) is cool design.

The Sodden Crew. Similar to The Hag and the Siren, only replacing the CC element of the fight with a sort of debuffing/buffing situation where the boss drowns your front row party member slowly, while getting a lot of self healing and PROT for doing so. DoTs work, but aren’t as efficient as being able to routinely strip the anchorman off of your front row character and wailing on the boss properly.

I haven’t fought any of the bosses in the Darkest Dungeon area proper yet, but I look forward to future good design on them.


Almost to week 40 in Darkest Dungeon.  Lost a Hellion and Vestal to a stupid, stupid, stupid attempt to fight the Collector after a long and wearying dungeon crawl.  On the other hand, Reverie the arbalest continues to go heroic and live up to her name, so that’s good.

ask-team-clst asked:

Examine: Guan Yunchang

The Teacher voted Most Annoying by Himmel Arbalest and Most Terrifying by Kirisi Noir. She teaches Advanced Combat and Tactics at Beacon with stern discipline. While she can seem rough her merely desires to bring out the most from her students.

She is known as The Vacuan Dragon and was a part of the Five Dragon Generals from Vacao, her reason fro leaving is unknown.

Close combat is extremely unadvised against this foe. Her fists pack quite the punch and can be devastating if comboed. Her weapon “Qinglong” is also very dangerous and should be treated with the utmost caution. 

Defeat her to show your resolve!

anonymous asked:

I want to hear Al talks about the Sergeant and the Angel :)

Operator Assessment FN72593: Sousuke Sagara
User ID: B3128
Rank: Sergeant
Position: Uruz 7
Station: Tuatha De Danaan/Merida Island Operations Center

In regards to Sgt. Sagara: Sousuke Sagara is the primary user of the Arbalest System, following activation protocol #7215627523

His use of my systems have progressively improved, though at times he still questions himself and loses proper synchronization with the Llambda Driver Interface. Through our various interactions, I can only conclude that he faces many trials during his day to day life, many of which can be very trying on his psyche and overall mental health.

Suggestion: Sgt. Sagara is in need of some time off, and perhaps mental counseling to assist with his dealing of issues that may occur when not on duty. My programming suggests that with proper rest and relaxation, as well as compassion and understanding from his superiors, his performance will vastly improve. his files state that he is primarily stationed on duty in the Chofu Ward of Tokyo, Japan for ‘Operation: Guardian Angel’, and I have taken the liberty of searching the internet for things people often find enjoyable to assist in my suggestion.

Perhaps a trip to any local shopping areas or arcades, or there have been mentions of exceptional restaurants within the affluent Roppongi Ward, which he may enjoy with companions of his choosing may be of assistance as well. However, at the suggestion of Sgt. Weber, he would improve even faster if he were to 'get laid’. If this can be arranged for the Sgt. with minimal difficulty, and is proven to be effective in improving the mental condition, then it is my opinion that it should be prioritized and implemented immediately.

Conclusion: Sgt. Sagara is an exceptional soldier, and with further interactions, I believe that he will only continue to improve and evolve into an even more challenging opponent on the battlefield.

Mission Assessment GD58472: Kaname Chidori
Code Name: Angel
Date of Birth: Dec. 24, 1981
Height: 165cm
Weight: 50kg
Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown
Whispered Status: Confirmed

In regards to CodeName Angel: Miss Kaname Chidori and myself have not had many interactions, however, from a cursory glance at her files and previous mission records where she has been mentioned to take part, I believe I have come to an understanding of who she is. Through the time that Sgt. Sagara has been stationed with the Chofu Ward of Tokyo, Japan, Miss Chidori seems to have become closer with him, and established a mutual trust, both inside and outside of hostile situations.

Miss Chidori has proven to be in excellent physical condition, being able to keep up with Sgt. Sagara and his comrades without any prior military training to be noted. She has also proven to possess a quick wit and exceptional problem solving abilities when in situations of emergency/duress. A check of her information also suggests that she is well liked and respected within her community and school, despite issues in previous years due to family problems.

Furthermore, it may also be due to the past issues and the subsequent death of her mother, that Miss Chidori often experiences problems controlling her anger and the method in which it manifests. Despite being the focus of such things, Sgt. Sagara has shown exemplary patience in accepting her guidance, even when it has caused him injury/physical pain.

Conclusion: Kaname Chidori has shown herself to be reliable, and an invaluable subject in regards to Sgt. Sagara and his day to day operations within Japan. With further interactions, I believe that Sgt. Sagara will be able to grow and improve as both a soldier and man. Her guidance with his mission, as well as the times she has assisted with various Mithril Operations, has earned her the respect and admiration of those stationed on both the Tuatha De Danaan, as well as Merida Island Base. I believe if she is able to better control her Whispered abilities, that she may be ableto assist Col. Teletha Tesstarossa in better equiping our forces against any and all threats.


Get your shot at the Solar Aquarion, Eva-02, and new versions of the Gawain, Mazinger Z, Eva-01, Dunbine, Gurren Nishiki, and the Arbalest.

so what ive been doing for this new darkest dungeon game, is ive only been naming the heros that have been virtuous, because by then theyve won my affections. 

so far ive named 2 arbalests and one jester. the arbalests are named rubi and riff-raff and the jester is named mark. mark and riff-raff are a power couple, rubi is cool and tough and drinks too much

once i get a cool enough occultist im gonna name him uncle pajamas