You Scared of Me Now, Babydoll? (Part 6)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Summary: Negan has a surprise for you, but things don’t go the way you planned

Word Count: 2,791

Warning(s): Language

A/N: Finally a lengthy chapter to thank you all for waiting patiently! I wanted to have a little mentions to the reader’s past in this chapter so it just ended up kinda long. There is also quotes from the show in this chapter, but I didn’t quite make it go the exact way it happened in the show, so I apologize for continuity errors! Masterlist is here. Enjoy!

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Three loud knocks rapped on your door.

You sat up, incredibly confused because there was no light streaming through your window. No one normally came to wake you up this early and you began to wonder if something was wrong.

You sat up quickly and approached the door cautiously. You took a deep breath and held it before opening it.

“Hope I didn’t catch you in the middle of a wet dream, darlin’.”

You let out a sigh of relief.

“Jesus, Negan. The sun’s not even up yet!”

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Being Negan's daughter and dating Arat would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-You and her at first trying to hide it from your father, unsure of how he would react to it

-Him just thinking at first that you are both very close friends, however slowly having a change of heart as he sees how protective Arat is of you

-Her wanting to show affection to you but refraining from fear of your father, making you be bold and do it when you notices he isn’t around only for him to catch you both one time

-Him giving you both a scare about your relationship, only to end up laughing and tell you that everything is fine, making you both more comfortable

-Her getting jealous when others flirt around with you, only for your dad to notice and just help her out a little by telling anyone to back off from you

-Your father threatening anyone who mocks you both or make inappropriate jokes about wanting to see you both get intimate

-Her being comfortable around you and opening herself to you even more

-Her asking your dad about what she should gift you whenever a special occasion comes up, making you smile to later learn that they both get along

-Her still sneaking into your room at night as she tries to be discreet about everything, only for you to laugh

-Her being glad to have met you and thanking your father for letting you both be so happy together


valentine’s day aratou ♥ | ू・᷄ω・᷅)ᵎᵎᵎ

I finally finished!! I hate them so much cries


Ai vreo întrebare?
Vrei ceva de mâncare?
Un ceai, niște curmale?
Hai să vorbim, acum ești mare
Spune-mi ce te doare!

Văd că ești învelit în gheață,
Iar în tine e ceață deasă.
Hai, las-o să iasă!
Lasă-mi inima să iubească,
Să meargă-n lume, să cunoască

Multe suflete, nu trupuri
Ca să poți tu să te bucuri
De locuri frumoase, de mici lucruri.
Și să nu pui preț pe ciurucuri!

Ai grija la oameni că n-au două fețe,
Unii au opt, alții chiar zece,
Iar majoritatea sunt zdrențe.
Să știi că doar eu îți dau povețe
Așa că ascultă-mă cu blândețe.

Ai grijă pe cine iubești,
Că iubim aceeași persoană.
Eu o să trec prin multe stări sufletești,
Dar pe amândoi o să ne doară.

Lumea crede că scriu despre tine,
Dar de fapt scriu despre amândoi
Pentru că faci parte din mine
Și nici după moarte nu ne despărțim noi.

Lumea crede că scriu fără tine,
Dar de fapt scriem amândoi.
Tu le concepi bine,
Eu doar le pun pe foi.

Lumea mă vede doar pe mine,
Niciodată pe amândoi.
Uneori se uită dacă arat bine,
Dar nu știe că suntem doi.

Nu ești organ, dar te simt.
Te situezi lângă torace.
Niciodată n-o să te mint ,
Dacă fac asta n-o să mă mai lași în pace.