Guess who spent all their school day paying attention and studying? Someone who’s not me! 

Happy Valentine’s to

new couples fresh together

old couples back together

couples that are still working things out

married couples

poly couples (triples? quadruples? xuples!)

and to people who are single and like it that way!


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((Okay so the Erivent has now ended! Thank you all for being SO PATIENT with me oh my god talk about a long hiatus jfc. Well, at least i’ve brushed up on my art skills and I’m going back to normal sollux-centered questions once again! I can’t promise that now I’m back that I’ll be as active as I’ve been in the past though. 

The reasons for this are that I’ve got a new job and more than a few long-term projects I’m working on with my art to keep me busy now, but I’m not giving up on this wonderful adventure! Expect quick sketches rather than fully coloured pieces of artwork like these in the future though because they take a lot of energy out of me and I wanna keep this updating somewhat regularly!

Also it’s my birthday coming up on the 6th of May and a2kthat2nake’s Birthday is on the 21st of June so feel free to surprise me with things for these events if you want, I’ll probably cry with joy and it’ll be nice to see the fans of this AU rise up together again!