arashi ps challenge: Performances {1/5}; Tooku Made - Love concert [2013]

Your fake attitude that you’re pretending to be okay is strange
In the hand you tightly squeezed mine back with was love
Even if we laugh together many times, it’s not enough
Wrapped up in the small or big ordinary days are miracles

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was just checking out your blog and got intrigued by that ask where you mentioned something about Sho giving Ohno intimate looks. Can you please put up examples? Pretty please~ :3

I assume you found it through my sho-is-gay tag. =P lol

I’d love to give you examples. I found these all by browsing my “yama” tag and now I got all these feels. lol

gif credit: sukinatabemono

gif credit: i-hontou-ni

gif credit: omoshro

gif credit: sukinatabemono

gif credit: sunblades

gif credit: miyuki-arashi

gif credit:  sunsshy

Not necessarily one  with Sho looking at him, but still just as important:

gif credit: satoshilover

Bonus: Sho and Ohno just talking– and the way Sho talks to Ohno sounds super intimate. <3


arashi ps challenge: Performances {2/5}; Kaze no Mukou E - Shounen Club Premium [13.1.2009]

I’ll hold on to your share of your feelings too
Like I’m climbing stairs, I’m heading for the top
It’s painful and difficult, but I endure it
Drawing the figure of myself that is basking in cheers