arashi with candy

yamakaze-arashi  asked:

tangerine, auburn, cotton candy (i want recommendations if you don't mind hehe), and champagne ;p

Tangerine, Your crush name: Daniel ~ isn’t it a pretty name ❤😋

Auburn, favorite month: March! 🌺

Cotton candy, favorite tv show: Doctor Who! I’d recommend it to you but you mentioned you don’t like tv shows with too many episodes (it has 9 seasons until now) XD anyway, I haven’t seen new shows recently but Preacher’s a good one and Hannibal (these two if you like bloody stuff); Damekoi with the lovely Dean Fujioka and Fukada Kyoko (that one is so cute omg); Poldark is nice too; oh and don’t know if you’ve heard about the web series of Emma Approved and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (it’s on youtube) ok it has a lot of episodes but they’re 3 - 10 min long you should watch it if you wanna see something different and if you like modern adaptations of Jane Austen (Emma Approved is my favorite)

Champagne, least favorite fandom: I don’t have that many fandoms to chose my “least favorite"XD