arashi vip room

these words/phrases will always have a different meaning for us


*I know there are still a lot of things I could put here but it would be kind of tiresome and would take me infinite years


Kazu : then, what if Matsumoto san produces Sakurai san?
Jun : let me see. I’ll make a photo album of him.
Sho : would you prefer me to go undressed?
Jun : hmm~ (laughs) I’ll take photos of him as a photographer, and overall, make an album of them with an artistic attitude.
Sho : (insistently) shall I go undressed? (laughs)
Jun : just half of your butt. (laughs)
Sho : but I showed it in the movie Kiiroi Namida.
Masaki : so, your whole butt this time. (laughs)
Kazu : yeah, whole butt, whole butt. (laughs)
Jun : since he has many different images, I believe he hasn’t showed us some of them yet. if he shows them in his acting, they just become patterns of his acting. so, I want to build a world in my photo album where we can see his unknown sides.
Sho : okay, I’ll do my best. you got me think it sounds fun a little. (laughs)          In one interview, both Sho and Jun chose Refrain as their favorite song in “Boku no miteiru Fuukei” album

49. Jun likes Sho’s T.A.B.O.O solo. In one interview , Sho heard Jun sang some lines in T.A.B.O.O. Jun also sang this song at NatsuNiji filming.                                        

50. (2010)
Q. how many children do you want?
Jun : two, I think. a girl and a boy.
Sho : two. a boy and a girl.
Q. if you were to name them?
Jun : Junko and Junji. (潤子、潤二)
Sho : Shojiro and Shoko. (翔二郎、翔子)

51. On Jun’s 27th birthday, Sho sent a message with something like “let you be a 27-year-old who shines in rainbow colors” (Jun was filming NatsuNiji at that time. Jun told about this on Music Station and Sho was shy since “I don’t think he’ll talk about it here, it’s quite embarrassed”.

52. in Terebi fan magazine January-February edition, Jun thanked Sho for always stayed with him until late at night during their tours, especially at the Kokuritsu, when Jun was busy discussing about stage performance with the staffs.

53. To Sho-kun: I’ve been under your care for 2010 as well. It was a year where you were increasingly active as a news caster. When I watch NEWS ZERO, I too, have learnt about various things. Whenever there’s a word or piece of information that I don’t understand, you would explain it to me properly. For that, I’m grateful! Please be your intellectual self in the year 2011.

54. Sho’s 29th birthday.
Sho: My pen case has been replaced. Matsujun got me one for my birthday. so it has changed from something I had no attachment at all to something precious I’ve received from a member.
Jun: I knew you always carried a pen case, so I decided to give you that as a present.

55. Valentine 2011, Sho gave other members T-shirts with A.R.S letters printed on it. The day after, Jun wore it when he came to VSA filming.

56. Sho: His hair is super cute before he styles it. (Weekly the Television 2011.2.26-3.4 (Arashi) part) 

57. VIP room – guest: Aiko .
Behind the Scene
Everybody was sharing their secrets. Riida, Aiba and Nino told their secrets, when it came to Jun and Sho they couldn’t find any secrets to share.
S: I always slept with my stuffed animals until elementary school
All: That’s not a secret
N: Do you still have a doll in your room now?
S: Yeah, I have the red character from err…er.. Se..
J: Elmo?                                                                                                   S: Yeah, Elmo  

60. Sakurai said his recent hobby was to play piano. then, Matsumoto grinned and said “I heard Sho kun’s piano♥”. it seems during their interviews, Matsumoto heard him playing Amazing Grace.
It seemed like Jun the only member who had heard Sho play the piano before the training camp. Sho even played the organ in the church during their ‘wedding shooting’ at the church.