arashi is more than just the face

Fan: This story is from more than 10 years ago, at the time, there were crazy fans who would throw towels onto the runways with the intention of letting Arashi members pick them up.

Sho, Nino and Jun would just ignore them, but Tennen would dutifully pass all the towels back. There was one concert where Ohno was about to pick up a towel chucked by a fan, but then Sho came over with a grim face and stopped him, grabbed Ohno’s arm and pulled him away from the spot. This is the greatest Yama moment I managed to see live.

Fan2: Sorry for being sudden, this was Nagoya Gaishi, wasn’t it? I also saw it right in front of my eyes. Sho was a bit scary then (^^”)

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Which talent has the best reputation with TV stations? Which talent has gained the most unwavering trust from TV stations to run their programs?
(others in the ranking: Akashiya Sanma, SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro, & many more)


“He’s very reliable. As the MC in Arashi, we’re very thankful for him since he always gets the situation under control for us. At the same time, he also does his best to spice up the conversation.” - VS Arashi Producer (Fuji TV)

“He has this amazing skill to digest the situation and adapt to it immediately. He doesn’t even mind being bullied sometimes, regardless of his image as a newscaster. He has many sides, definitely a man with incredible talent.” - Shiyagare Producer (NTV)

“There’s something special about him that makes the people he interviews feel like revealing their real thoughts to him, something that most newscasters don’t have.” - News Zero Producer (NTV)


“He doesn’t give out the image of "Arashi’s youngest member” at all, because I think he’s the most serious one. From time to time, he would come up with suggestions. “What do you think about this kind of games?” He’s really thoughtful about the show.“ - VS Arashi Producer (Fuji TV)

"He’s usually quiet when he’s with Arashi on TV, so I was surprised when I found that he can really do the hosting job. Matsumoto Jun is definitely more than a pretty face, he does have the skills.” - Sekaiichi no Showtime Producer (NTV)


“Aiba-kun has a comforting presence, an ability to soothe an atmosphere by just being there. He also displays a bit of cuteness with his occasional innocent, silly remarks.” - VS Arashi Producer (Fuji TV)

“He’s a natural talent for variety shows. Without even trying hard, he’s able to draw the audience’s interest and bring out his humorous side, even when he’s just expressing his real thoughts.” - Arashi ni Shiyagare Producer (NTV)


“He’s mysterious. You won’t know what he’s thinking and you can’t predict what will happen when he’s in the situation, that’s very interesting. I think he’s the best in Arashi when it comes to changing gears.” - Arashi ni Shiyagare Producer (NTV)

“A man with amazing reflexes, enables to nail down the entire situation with just a few words. That’s why we always get to see the other 4 do lots of bantering but leave it to their Leader to come up with the last words. He will immediately react and come out with a few words that will skillfully conclude the whole situation.” - VS Arashi Producer (Fuji TV)


“He’s the most difficult to deceive because it seems like he can right see right through you when you’re planning something.” - Arashi ni Shiyagare Producer (NTV)

“Things always get interesting when we have Nino. He’s a straightforward type, someone with a lack of hesitation. I think that side of him makes the guests feel comfortable, as he tends to have conversations with them in a friendly and casual manner. He’s the fastest when it comes to tsukkomi, but at the same time he can also play the "boke” himself.“ - VS Arashi Producer (Fuji TV)

Arashi Blast 9/20

First my highlights before I get emotional…. Not necessarily in order:

1) we had amazing seats tonight. We were one row back from the left part of the T stage. All the members came by several times

2) for like the first two songs Aiba-chan was right in front of me. Guys let me tell you. That man is so genetically blessed it’s not even funny. He was so close I could see the moles on his cheek!! And that smile!! It’s so big and warm and genuine.

3) during the first MC Nino was getting water and Ohno went over with him. He also hung back with him as they were walking over to the Aloha stage. So great to see Ohmiya in action. Sho also kept checking on Neens too..

4) The clouds kept rolling in and I kept saying I wanted it to rain for 5x10, but it didn’t. However the storm clouds overhead while they were singing was so special to me.

5) it wasn’t long though before I got my DOWNPOUR!! They singing Paradox in the pouring rain was pretty much porn. And let’s not talk about Nino. That man has moves I’m telling you and he was right in our face. The finished Paradox with Aiba looking right at our section. Could. Have. Died.

6) Making eye contact with Aiba-chan!!! It still gives me chills. And that smile!! Dead!!

7) downpour. Guts. Fireworks. It was AH-maze-ing!!!!

8) Nino pulling up his pants right in front of us

9) making eye contact with Nino during Your Eyes!!

10). Sho’s bouncy hair!! And his messing up during Believe…. Twice. And then not talking about it but Jun making him doing it while Nino sang.

11) Aiba slipping on the wet stage

12) aiba hitting his head when they were getting in the helicopter to leave.

13) Jun drying the floor with his jacket before Ohno’s backflip.

14) the final speeches. Aiba talking about the last time they came and his lung collapsed and he couldn’t be with them. It always gets to me that it still bothers him and he started crying when talking about the dabs and turned his back to us and covered his face. I lost it!!

15) after that they did Bittersweet and Nino was teasing Aiba like he does by covering is face and walking backwards and Aiba kept smacking him.

I could go on and on but I need to sleep. Here is where my personal thoughts come in and probably tears. After the concert I broke down. Tonight was everything I ever wanted from an Arashi concert. Songs I love. Seeing the guys so happy. The rain.

If I never get the chance to see them live again. I can leave Hawaii knowing that they gave me the experience of a lifetime with people who at first were strangers but are now my dear friends. I did feel like an “international” fan. I was just a fan.

The hours of waiting. The massive sunburn. All of it was worth it. If you are like me and see these guys as much more than just pretty faces and idols. You see them as human beings with huge hearts and such a deep love for their fans. I feel like I’m part of something amazing and feel so great flu and appreciative that I got to experience this.