arashi influence


“Riidaa, please continue looking after us like Buddha.”-Sakurai Sho

“Leader is the moodmaker. When speaking of ‘moodmaker’, it’s Aiba-kun. Contrary to popular belief though, if pushed, I’d say it’s actually Ohno-san. As you’d expect, his comments are good. Our atmosphere would be determined by his words. In a very real sense, Leader is the main influence of Arashi’s ‘mood’.”-Ninomiya Kazunari

“A lot of people say that Arashi members are very close to each other, that watching us makes them laugh, that watching us gives them joy and courage. I personally think that this is all thanks to Ohno-kun. Because even as our leader, he doesn’t push his opinion on us; rather, he listens carefully to our opinions and acts on them instead. So I think Arashi is Arashi… because of Ohno-kun.”-Matsumoto Jun

“Leader, Ohno-kun, I’m afraid you never fulfil your responsible as a leader..but we’re always relieved by your existence and personality. Thank you, I’m still relying on you Leader.”-Aiba Masaki

/Thank you for taking good care of Arashi! We love you, Riidaa!!!