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└ When DoS-kun finds a new way to be DoS.

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~

If you could be another member for a day, you would be...

Jun -> Satoshi: I wonder what’s going through his mind as Satoshi is a genius, yet when he is in the green room, he can be absolutely still and frozen as a statue.

Satoshi: -> Jun: I want to see how it’s like to ponder over my clothes’ choice before going to work in the morning.

Masaki -> Sho: Sho-chan has a full schedule even on his free days, compared to my own free days (see Sho-chan’s expression as Masaki explains himself).

Sho: It’s tiring you know~

**And juntoshi grin with secret knowledge of what yamamoto trio get up to for sho-kun to feel so exhausted** (in my fantasy thoughts of course!)

Sho -> Kazunari: I’m in awe of Kazu’s ability to be perpetually playing his handheld games, yet be able to follow whatever details are being discussed around him with regards to work.

Kazunari -> Masaki: While the hobbies and pastimes of other members are well-known, Masaki’s hobbies are pretty much unknown. 

Kazu recounts an incident where he spotted Masaki on a walk while he was driving his car.  (LOL to the audience’s reaction; yes, the man can walk.  A miracle indeed. LOL)

Masaki, however, had his face wrapped in a scarf up to under his eyes. 

VS Arashi 30.07.2015