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Scanned Inktober pieces, part I: Cartoons, childhood favorites, etc.

I really enjoyed doing Inktober! I moved to a new apartment at the end of the month, so I sort of ran out of energy to do these. But I’m super proud that I still managed to draw 20 pictures in a month! Other fun part about doing these was seeing how every series and character had their fans, some more than others.

Part II here! 


When asked about how his first time being a part of Ikinari Dodge Ball on Kanjani8 Chronicles was and if he enjoyed himself, the following was Eita’s response:

You all are really great guys…

Better than Arashi.



Happy Monday!!! Hope this will make your day…

Translation (Not accurate, it’s only my guess :) )

Aiba: Is it okay for me to ask you a question?

Sho: No problem.

Aiba: What type of ideal person (man) do you like/love?

Sho: The muscled/beefy type!

MC: So in Arashi…who is your ideal man?

Sho: Aiba! :) (The crowd went wild!!!!!!!!!!!!)

MC: Thank you very much.

MC 1: It’s something that I would like to see in a DVD. (I presume something- a scene in a film)

I don’t know what the other female talked about and Sho-san was saying “Idiot” in a really cute way…

Arashi as students
(i have always fantasized about them being in the same school…and i finally was able to draw it!)

Jun- first year, baseball team member, school crush (popular among girls), scouted by the student council

Nino- first year, baseball team member, famous online game champion (popular among boys), likes to hang out in the Art Club room

Aiba- first year, basketball team member, really close with the student council president (for unknown reasons)

Sho- second year, student council president, top of the class, strict but seemed to have changed because of a certain first year

Ohno- third year, Art Club member, draws manga which is really popular among the male students, no one has ever heard him talk a lot until a certain first year started hanging out in the Art club room

(Anonymous): I absolutely love Aqours, but I hope they won’t do (almost) every song divided by years or subunits, especially not years. I want interesting trio’s or things like Wild Stars or Arashi no Naka no Koi Dakara.