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Enstars - 2D☆STAR vol.2 - Unit Special Interview pt.2 Knights

Released in November 2015. Features special interview for every unit under the theme “Cultural Festival and Sports Festival.”

Q: What comes to your mind when you hear “school festival”?

Tsukasa: Perhaps, it would be dancing on the stage.

Arashi: There are also visitors from other schools who come to school festivals, right? I love lively atmosphere. I have fun just thinking about how I should welcome them♪

Ritsu: Huh…? Things like school festival are so crowded and noisy I hate them.

Izumi: Huuh? I am a model, as well as an idol, you know? There’s no way I’d participate in a school festival. What about you think before asking a question? Really, so annoying!

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2016 FNS Music Festival (2016.12.07)
Arashi - Fukkatsu Love & Power of the Paradise

Arashi to appear on THE MUSIC DAY 7/12

 On THE MUSIC DAY 7/12, there will be a special Johnny’s Group Anniversary Year Special Live to celebrate Arashi’s 15th, Kanjani 8’s 10th, and TOKIO’s 20th anniversaries. Additionally, KAT-TUN, V6, and Hey! Say! JUMP will be performing live as well!

The whole program is from 12:00 to 22:54 (11 hours total) and the main MC is of course, our Sakurai Sho kun :)

what is ARASHI ?

If i have to describe : ● Their singing skills are not flawless ● Their faces are not flawless ● Their dancing movements are not flawless ● Their acting skills are not flawless ● Their abilities to host variety shows are not flaweless ● Their physical appearances and body figures are not flawless

Then what’s special about them?


They really think a lot for their fans. They really talk to each other a lot, to achieve to this point where they are standing now. They really WORK extremely HARD. Never satisfied with 1 achievement, always creative and innovative.


Watch and listen to them, then you’ll understand what i mean. In my case, when they just release an album and then i listen to the songs, some of them do not give impact on me at all. HOWEVER, when they perform it in concert, BAM, I am all over it. INSTANTLY IN LOVE. It is their magic.


Their bonds with each other are something well known in Japan and among international fans. They can tell what’s wrong and fix it within their own group, and not making fuss to outside of the group. But not only the bonds between them, but the bonds they share with the fans. When they had 10th anniversary concert and 15th anniversary concert, the Arashi Festival (AraFes) 1 &2 concert, and Concert in affected area by Great Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 (Miyagi and North East Japan area), they poured their hearts and thought for the great services for the fans. They always hold their hands together and bow their head reaally down in front of the fans in the end of their concerts.

Last but not least : They love Arashi the most (higher than us, the fans)