arashi fanart

I discovered (fell in love with–still deeply in love with) BL mangas around March of 2016, and after reading BL manga after BL manga every single day (not an exaggeration) of that godawful year, (thank you, BL mangakas, for making that shitty year a lot better. T^T sorry, I keep on digressing) I finally feel like I’m ready to draw fanarts of them. List of what I plan to draw (more might be added as I go):

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai
Ten Count
19 Days
Hidoku Shinaide
Hana wa Saku Ka
Escape Journey

actually the only plan I have so far is to draw all of them in chibis! 

Of course, I’ll still be doing Arashi fanart in between. Can’t ever forget it’s Sho’s month!