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Little tidbits. No spoilers :)

November 19, 2016 Arashi’s Are You Happy Live in Tokyo Dome

- Jun “fished” the audience with Satoshi beside him. They did it a few times together :) (lucky arena fans T_T)

- Satoshi waited with his eyes close for Jun to kiss his cheek during A Day in Our Life but Jun didn’t kiss him :( (tsundere much J?)

- Sho said he added more dancing to his solo and rehearsed it in the time between Sapporo and Tokyo

- at one point Jun asked for Nino’s hand. Nino gave it to him.

- Aiba said he is scared of messing up Kohaku and therefore giving Arashi a bad reputation. Nino replied by saying “you can’t destroy Arashi by yourself.” Sho followed up and said “When I mess up it’s a big deal but when you mess up it’s cute. [so don’t worry].” Ohno concluded by saying, “yeah so just mess up.” :D (goes back to how Sho was saying that being the smart one has a lot of drawbacks :/) (nino’s comment was half a diss and half to relax Aiba)

- when Jun was explaining his new movie Aiba asked if there was kissing. “Children, please cover your ears….[there’s more than kissing.] (LOLLLL ohhhh la la la)

- apparently some dance sequences in Ohno’s solo changes depending on how he feels lol.

- there was a Sakuraiba happening but can’t remember what it was right now…. caused a stir from the audience.

Hmm not as many tidbits this time around… sorry :(

I think seriously fukkatsu love is a master piece! The entire single was amazing! ( fukkatsu love, affection, ai no collection) the melodies, the lyrics… All fantastic combined with the Arashi ’s voices… This single shows the Arashi evolution, developing a mature sound. It’s a pity the low sales and the poor credit among the Japanese fans…

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AYH Tokyo Dome 26.12.2016 sakumoto~~~ SPOILERS

└ Spoiler warning for tonight’s concert (and my last for this trip).

A totally happy sakumoto shipper as…

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