arashi 9


Aiba Speaks English


This is so true even to this day,
Each time I see Sho trying Cliff climbing of Ball runner on VS ARASHI, I go:
“ Why the heck did they choose him?! Lol! Do they want to lose that badly,wwww”

That said, I still love seeing him participating in games! So, you go Red!(^3^)9


Shinigami-kun - Episode 09 (Final)

(Still at Dual Curling)

Sho: (referring to Mizuhara and Nino) you guys acted together right?

Nino: Yeah we did.

Ohno: Oh isn’t it that, “Platina Data”.

Sho: Ohno-kun’s Platina Data was really “Platina”

Ohno: Yeah. I watched it on the plane.

Sho: And who was next to you? Who was next to you?

Ohno: Him. *points at Nino*

Nino high-fives Ohno.

*studio explodes*
*my laptop explodes*
*the universe explodes*


Excerpt from VS Arashi 2014/1/9

Sho-kun’s on a roll!