TV Guide No.3000 Special Talk Part 1 of 4 - ARASHI [English translation]

All: TV Guide No.3000, congratulations!
Sakurai-san: 55 years since debut! It’s great.

– What would ARASHI in its 55 years old would be?
Aiba-san: It’s ARASHI’s 18th year this year, so we are 18 years old. ARASHI, is high school student (giggle)!
S: If I were in 18 years old…
Ohno-san: I had debut in 18 years old.
S: Is that so, then I had debut in 17 years old.
Ninomiya-san: Whichever we had debut.
S: But I was having fun. It doesn’t change since then. First of all we have to work our best aiming at the 20 years old (giggle).
Matsumoto-san: Like to be able to be adult (giggle).
N: But in this sense, since we are not working aiming at the years ahead, first of all the way we face this is totally different. We have been doing our work and the result is 18 years. But TV Guide-san’s target is continuing its work aiming at No.4000.
S: In case ARASHI would appear in No.4000 it would be our honour though… the cover would as expected to be good to be others, I think (giggle).
M: We five mid-aged men, just letting us appear in the magazine would be grateful (giggle).
O: Will we again roll the yarn?
A: Roll the red yarn round and round. Let’s again tie together (giggle)!
S: Hahaha! Mid-aged men in burikko pose, it would be terrible (giggle).

S: But it’s splendid that we can appear in No.3000. Because it’s going to take about 20 years to make 1000 issues!? There is pretty no work with such miracle rendezvous.
A: It’s miracle. Speaking of our miracle what would that be…?
M: Speaking of that isn’t it that we five become ARASHI? Here and now we five are here.
N: That’s the utmost.
S: If that be so everyday is miracle!
A: I’m grateful~.
O: Let’s be grateful!

Confession: I’ll always be grateful to have those great talented lovable 5 guys in my life.The 16 year old me was depressed & even suicidal. I had nothing to hold on to, but Arashi kept me going because I’ll be like “ah, I legit don’t want to wake up, but the upcoming vs Arashi ep seems very interesting” or “They have MS next week! I want to see the live performance” or “I kinda wanna wake up for the cute Ohchan radio show” even now after 10 years, whenever I feel waves of depression drowning me, they save me <3