Pon! 2016/09/26
Aki no Arashi Week (Arashi Autumn Week) Day 1

Aoki’s question for the day: Which member has the most gaps on stage and off stage?

Ohno -> Jun
Aiba, Nino and Jun -> Ohno
Sho -> Nino

After ANJ reasoned their pick, Sho decided to switch his selection to Ohno too haha (4th pic)

Ohno -> Jun
Sho, Aiba, Nino and Jun -> Ohno

Credit to Twitter fans for the share


Ohno imitating Jun talking to himself (i think haha) 😄

Source: Pon! Aki no Arashi week 2016/09/26


AU MEME; ninoneen asked:  Arashi Office AU/ Arashi

Sakurai as boss, Ohno secretary, Aiba and Jun employees/ cubicle neighbors and Nino coffee shop barista with a slight twist on the side, Aiba has an stalker with an unknown number sending him messages to his phone (and of course, the anon is inside that office) -  ninoneen