“The Aiba in Arashi is different from the Aiba outside Arashi. It’s not like I do it on purpose, but when my surroundings change, I’ll adjust automatically. But basically, I want to be “Arashi’s Aiba Masaki”. When I introduce myself, it’s not “Aiba Masaki of Arashi” but it’s “Arashi’s Aiba Masaki” Yeah. That’s my core. “

/Waaah! Midori-😘😘😘
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2016 FNS Music Festival (2016.12.07)
Arashi - Fukkatsu Love & Power of the Paradise

[Are You Happy? Pamphlet Translation] Ninomiya Kazunari - Interview

I’ve completed Nino’s pamphlet interview translation for anyone who’s interested! Thank you again to Toni for all her help in making the translation to English as smooth as possible. ♡

Third time I’ve said this in relation to this interview - Nino has a way with his words. He is, first and foremost amongst all others, honest to himself, which I think really shows in his interviews. Hoping that I gave it at least some of the justice it deserves, please do try and give it a read if you have time! :)