Music Station [2015.02.27] - Talk excerpt

Jun: (Ohno) and I took a leisurely walk along the streets of Las Vegas. It was a very refreshing experience to walk the streets of America with Ohno-san.

Ohno: [pleased little smile]

Tamori: Just the two of you?

Ohno: We don’t do that very often, really.

Ohno: On that day, I had wanted to rest in the hotel, but he [points to Jun] took me out.

Jun: [smiles]

Sho: So if he hadn’t, you would have stayed in?

Ohno: Yeah.

Tamori: What were you there for!?

Ohno: We were scheduled to watch a show in the evening, and I was slightly jetlagged and sleepy.

Tamori: You wanted to rest?

Ohno: Yes, I did.

Sho: Was your stroll fun?

Ohno: Yeah, it was.

Sho: Then, great!


Remember that Hey Hey Hey appearance appearance back in 2007?

Screen captures: yukie-chan

Boy, am I glad things have changed.


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Happening #1: Favourite food for Kazu (hamburger), Masaki (Chinese), Jun (Crab Cream Croquette) and Satoshi (Fried Oysters) Why no mention of Sho’s favourite?

Happening #2: Narrator: “Riida wants friends.  He seems to only have Nino in terms of friends.”

Happening #3: Members express surprise that they never knew Satoshi liked fried oysters.  Kazu looks puzzled too until it is mentioned that Satoshi started enjoying them about 10 years ago, and he recalls that Riida kept eating them continuously.  “So Nino really is his friend.” (cue Ohmiya laughter)

Arashi ni Shiyagare Juntoshi America SP 28.2.2015


So Jun says that the coaster isn’t scary at all and will challenge maintaining an expressionless face for the ride.  *smirks* We can see for ourselves how true he stays to his words. LOL.

Arashi ni Shiyagare Juntoshi America SP 28.2.2015