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Nino: He has gotten stronger at everything over the past years, but his kindness never changed. He was very gentle back then, but he has only gotten kinder with the years. Jun is really kind, and not like the usual simple kindness from people. So regarding anything I’d be worried about for Jun, there really isn’t any. He is perfect.


Every day, thousands of Arash die from Stella abuse.

Fate/Grand Order Ozymandias (Ramesses II) Line Masterpost

Praise the sun post AKA I’m not rolling for you, Ozzy, but please come home anyway. This post is my offering to you.

EDIT: The rest of the bond lines are here~ Just gotta get that Event line and we’ll be solid

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f-airyrde  asked:

Hi! Sorry to bother, but I read the last ask about Mori's and Dazai's similarities, and I couldn't help but wonder if you know how Mori's ability works?? It have not been mentioned in the manga yet so I'm a bit confused ^^' but also very curios...

no one knows how mori’s ability works, unfortunately. evidently it’s something that’ll be revealed at a Big, Dramatic Moment.

from what we DO know from his moment in anne’s room, at a very low level it can cause extreme fear–but that’s assuming that it’s his ability, and not just him as a person (which i would totally believe, considering it’s mori lmao)

given that it’s called “vita sexualis” i’m ASSUMING (read as: praying) that it’s one of the abilities that doesn’t have much in common with the name.