araragi koyami


“That’s everything. Everything that I have, all of it. The opportunity to tutor you, a cute junior, a clumsy father, and this starry sky…These are the only things I have.The only things I can give you, Araragi-kun, are things like these. This is everything. Right now…I’m afraid of losing you. Even though I can’t say my life up till now was fortunate, but if I got your attention because I was so unfortunate, then I think it was okay after all. That’s how hard I’ve fallen for you, Araragi-kun. That’s why, I’ll make something come of it, no matter what. So…I want you to just wait a little. That’s why, at this point in time, out of everything I can give to you, Araragi-kun…for now…this starry sky is the greatest.”