Don`t Touch That

Nalu Love Fest Day 5: Toys

Rated T

Natsu and Gray were on Natsu`s and  Lucy`s house. The had recently expand the place and moved in together. And, ever since knowing Natsu, he had never seen his place so tidy and clean. But he was totally bored.

The whole team was leaving for a mission. They were going to help finish a bridge for some of the railways that was harmed during a storm. And Natsu said he had a lot of ropes that they were going to need. 

He could have stayed with the girls, but when he heard Wendy ask what she should wear for a first date he knew the comversation ahead was going to be really awkard. But now he was bored. 

Natsu was taking so long that the devil slayer decided to snoop araound a little bit. He was in the middle of the kitchen opening and revising inside cupboars. Nothing really caught his interest, until he opened one in the middle. 

Inside, there was a tiny translucent paper bag, that had small plastic balls and what looked like a controler inside it. There were five little balls and the controller had a lot of mini buttons around a big red one. 

He took all the strange things in his palm to expeccionate batter. What the hell were those? Why were them in a bag? Were them for cooking? He really never learned how to cook so maybe.

“What are you doing!? Give me those!” Natsu, who had finally appeared and had left a little near one kilogram of ropes in the kitchen table, shouted to him and took all the strange balls he was holding and the controller. The fire mage gave the balls a sniff and then frown “Great, you left your icey smell on them, now I have to buy new ones” 

“What are those?” Gray asked confused. 

“You don`t know what these are?…. Poor Juvia, she must really be frustrated…” The dragon slayer commented cocky. He picked the controller and pressed some of the bottons surrounding the big red one, ignoring the ice wizard scold. When Natsu pressed the red botton, some of the balls started vibrating.

Oh…. Ew. Gray thought while paling. He had touch those thing. “Whe-Where have those been?” He asked disgusted.

“On Lucy, inside Lucy, on me….There are a lot of possibilities.” Natsu told him proud.

Gray ran to the sink and started to wash his hands furiosly. Lucy was like a little sister to him and Natsu was (maybe?) his best friend. God, that was disgusting and imprinted in his mind. 

The ice mage turned to see his pink friend throwing the vibrators to the trash can. He gave the dragon slayer a questioning look. Those thing must have been expensive. The fire wizard just said: “I don`t want to throw up everytime we use those for sex when I smell your scent on her.”

They left the house in silence, heading to the station to meet the girls. Each one of them were carring a lot of ropes. 

“Where did you buy those?” Gray asked him, breaking the ice.

“Raspberrie Street 968. They don`t open on Tuesdays” Natsu answered. The ice mage nodding in understanding