“Tessa could not remember a time when she had not owned the clockwork angel. It had belonged to her mother once, and her mother had been wearing it when she’d died. After that it had sat in her mother’s jewelry box until her brother Nathaniel took it out one day to see if it was still in working order. The angel was no bigger than Tessa’s pinky finger, a tiny statuette made of brass, with folded bronze wings no larger than a cricket’s, a delicate metal face with shut crescent eyelids, and hands crossed over a sword in front. A thin chain that looped beneath the wings allowed it to be worn around the neck like a locket…" 

Clockwork Angel

“The runes are agonizingly painful. The Marked ones go insane the pain drives them out of their minds. They become fierce, mindless killers. They don’t sleep or eat unless you make them and they die, usually quickly. Runes have great power and they can be used to do great good but they can be used for evil. The Forsaken are evil.”