HighSpecs Week Prompt: Rainy Days / Teamwork

She always thought that kissing in the rain was not only cheesy, but highly inconvenient. Being cold and soaking wet was hardly an appealing moment to passionately plant one on a lover.

But there was a moment when she hadn’t seen him for far too long. The longing had grown, the nights had gotten longer, his absence all the more appreciated. When she finally saw him walking toward her in the downpour, she didn’t care. She ran and jumped on him, kissing him in the rain.

Ignis had a way of bringing these moments out of Aranea Highwind.


FFXV Week | Day 5 | Episode Prompto 

In which I take one of my favorite parts of the entire DLC and turn it into a shitpost hahahahaha. Because if there’s any day of FFXV Week that I participate in, it has to be the day dedicated to my sweet winter boy!!!!

  • Noctis: Ok my dad is on the phone, I need you guys to-
  • Prompto: Oh, oh, yes! Oh yeah! Right there! Yes! YES!!!
  • Aranea: Come back to bed pretty boy~
  • Gladiolus: What the fuck Noct put some pants on!
  • Ignis: Maybe I should cook some meth.
  • Noctis:
  • Noctis: Why

The jacket origin story that no one asked for


This is Aranea.

She makes some pretty grand entrances. 
—– For FFXVWeek, Day 5, 8/17 (Episode Prompto/Aranea Highwind)

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