a radical new day…

Ah yes… It is a morning. I made it to yet another sunrise. Though sadly, this was one I could have missed. Not in a depressing way, but rather I have work at 2pm and it is 7… Am.

So yeah! I have work in 7 hours. Which means like 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep. I will make it and I am looking forward to the weekend.

Oh, the pick is not a random one either. That is the design I am doing up for shirts, the first attempt at screenprinting. Though, even though I did like half the steps wrong, I still got the results in the end. So I am happy and tired.

That and I am am not allergic to the sensitizer for the emulsion. Which is a great thing. That and a friend got to listen to me sound like an idiot while I struggled to remove the gloves I picked up for screen-printing. I ended up not even using them… Well, Im off to sleep i hope.
Only 3 more days!

Alright, well today’s 3Eye Demøn ended up being massively early. And it was all thanks to me throwing off my sleep pattern. My subconscious thanked me by giving me a series of dreams that became increasingly weirder and wilder… I woke up going what the hell! Anyways, the site is at 160 views exactly and I have sold 8 shirts. I am still 2/5 of the way to goal. Please help me get there. Or just half way. It you buy now, the shirts are just 13 a piece instead of 16. That is a big difference! And as always thank you, im going to go back to work and try not to explode at my customers (my other job, at a gas station)… Have a nice day!
Chaotically created clothing!

Only 5 more days to take advantage of shirts at 13 dollars a piece with free shipping. The sooner you act, the better the deal. Starting Tuesday of next week the price will go up to 15 or 16 dollars and after the preorder is complete, then they will be close to 20 for a single shirt (3 dollar shipping, okay so they will be either 18 or 19 dollars a shirt.) if you want try to act now. All support will go towards 3Eye demon and the up coming project of filth, Clockwork Chaos. Also, it will help will A Random Giraffe to life. At the very least I would be appreciative of just getting the word out there. Come on, lets take the word to the streets, we’ll take it to the capital! Ps. We are at 68 views on the website and I have sold 2 shirts. I am hoping to get that up to just 20 shirts to help with the expense of going into screen printing. That and the watercolours are on sale as well, at 17 dollars a piece. All sales help, consider it a non-kickstarter kickstsrter… Because i don’t quite have the backing for a kickstarter. That’s all, and have a time (whenever its applicable)
Hey, come on by! Its a new day and I have already sold a couple of shirts. If you would be so kind, feel free to check out the etsy site and pick up a shirt or two. They are on sale for a mere 13 dollars with free shipping. Next week (post Tuesday) they will be going up to 15. Or 16... Something like that. So preorder while they are cheap!

Arandomgiraffe: home of shirts and chaos

Well, just 18 days!

18 long days. I have to wait that long for me to have the funds to pick up my screen printing kit! I can’t wait. I really need the thing too. Its going to be fun kit to finally have. That and the transparencies so I can finally create all my shirts again. Anyways, I guess that means I should launch the preorder soon. I’ll try to get to that this week. Also, depending, this week will also mark the true fourth page of 3Eye Demon. I might be doing up a separate blog for it after all then an additional one for the CC project I have been working on. So feel free to keep tuned. Oh, and 3Eye Demon is every Friday at noon. I know I got that wrong once, but I will be double checking my dates just to insure it is on Fridays.

Here is one of the shirts I have been working on. I will be setting up the preorder soon on them. And they will be available in grey (standard), white or black concerning the blank grunge giraffe. I am considering a different exclusive for a random giraffe. I just don’t know if I will be able to get it right with halftones… And more importantly that red m… I want to do it… It should be awesome


I finally finished the shirt for a friend of mine. I am pretty happy with it so far. I messed it up just a little but it wont take much to get it right next time. Anyways, i am throwing the link back up on here now. I had to wait for tumblr to come back up, and I really was enjoying my person Band of Brothers marathon I am doing on my day off. I need to work on some art. I might end up doing a little once I get back to the house. Maybe. I’ve been up since about 4 in the morning and only got about 3 hours of sleep. Sleep seems to be demanding me at the moment. Have a nice one.


no, that is not code. that is the time currently. its almost 5 in the morning and i have work at noon today. a ten hour shift because my boss doesn’t understand that ten hours with no break is a little unrealistic. but in better news… its nearly five in the morning, i am prepping food for the day and i went for a 2.5 mile walk and jog. i feel pretty good. a little dehydrated from mosquito based blood loss and going a while with out water. now i am gonna grab a shower and try to get up by 10… im hoping i can but i am not sure if i can. anyways have a nice night.

this is my incredibly jerry rigged screen printing racket. actually this is really efficient. (don’t mind the spelling errors. i will be asleep when this posts and mobile doesn’t have a spell check). to give you the run down, that is a 500w halogen worklight set up on a guitar stand with a workshed or garage fan next to it. it manages to make exposure take only 10 minutes! thats awesome compared to 67 minutes on my old set up. anyways. i will have stuff up later of it in action. maybe.

you what... what the hell...

Okay. Well to explain, I went to bed at about 0200. Um 2 am for people who don’t care for military time. But then I got up about 0400 to 0430… And somehow I feel more functional than I have in a long time. Now it’s like 0743. Yes I am up at 7 in the morning and I don’t have work until the afternoon.

in simple terms for most of the people I know. That’s a miracle.

So, instead of wasting the day (oh I was working out from 0510 to 0635, then breakfast and a shower.) I intend on doing up some more art. Maybe resurrect the dying arts of rock while I am at it.

It won’t die while I still live. Not until I have had a chance to do it in myself. And oh… Yeah there is this too. My shirts can still be found on right here. I am working on a girls version. But I am a guy so I need girls to contribute. Please internet, help me?

okay, I will make the link pretty later. For now…


Okay! So I finally have some shirts available. This has been delayed since Sunday on account of work and me just not having the time to go skim some internet from the local internet hot spot from the neighborhood. Anyways if you like them you can find them here.  And then for red and for orange.

And I had some fun with the description on the image…. Feel free to flip over to the page and read it. It might just persuade you.

No giraffes were harmed in the making of this shirt or the description.