aran weight

More knitting with handspun yarn by Heather #wiveyweaver At her last craft fair a customer asked about having a striped #shinglehat and picked out six (!!) colours. In a moment of madness, I agreed to have a go 😱 When the yarn arrived, I realised that it was all different weights. There was an aran weight cream, a 4-ply grey, then DK in pink, blue-grey, blue-green, and a variegated yarn with blue, beige and green in it. The customer wanted thin stripes, and wanted the colours to blend together a bit. It eventually occurred to me that if I heldd the 4-ply with a DK, that would give me an aran weight 😊 I did single round stripes of the aran, alternating with the grey + colour. I was overjoyed when I started knitting to realise that I could use spit splicing to join the colours together 🎉🎊 I started, having no firm idea of what it would turn out like. I didn’t expect it to look like it does, but I love the effect. Heather’s customer may not like it, but I took it to my knitting group yesterday and was lucky to hang on to it! As there’s loads of the 4-ply and DK left, I’m knitting some more with some #cascade220 I have some pale grey, some cream, and a kingfisher blue that will either look amazing or bloody awful! #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knittedhat #handspun #ithinkimightbeagenius


Finally finished with my cabled fall hats! I’ll be knitting 2 more of each pattern, and then some stranded knit hats from the left overs. I’ll start posting what I’ve made on etsy, as well as the completed patterns on ravelry, come September.

On that note, I’m still looking for a couple of test knitting for the bottom left yellow hat. It uses 175 yards Aran weight yarn, 4mm and 4.5 mm needles, and you’ll need to have patience for lots of cables. If you’re interested let me know!

Also, I haven’t written up the pattern for the red hat yet.. Is it one people would be interested in? Does it look alright? I’m calling it Fire Rose right now because it looks like a flower but also like dragon scales. If people like it I can type it up and have it test knit as well. Let me know what you think! :)

A newly-finished knit

These luxuriously soft wristwarmers in rich cherry red are fresh off the needles! I’ve worked this pattern several times now, adapting it each time for DK weight yarn, for two colours, and for Aran weight yarn (as here) - a pair of these beauties makes a great gift. Alternatively, they are also very cosy for cold afternoon walks in the English midwinter…

This pair is knitted in Aran weight Rooster Almerino, a richly soft blend of baby alpaca and merino, and uses just one 50g ball (hurrah!). The yarn is both very soft and has a great structure that shows up the double moss stitch beautifully.

Here is the pattern, if you’d like to use or adapt it - it’s very suitable for beginners!

Moss stitch wristwarmers
- 5mm needles, tapestry needle
- 1 ball, Aran weight Rooster Almerino - Cherry
- Makes two handwarmers, sizing for a woman with smallish hands!

1. Cast on 36 stitches.
2. Rows 1-3: moss stitch ([K1 P1] rep to end of row)
3. Rows 4-29: stockinette ([R1 K, R2 P] rep)
4. Rows 30-47: double moss stitch (R1-2 [K1 P1] rep; R3-4 [P1 K1] rep)
5. Rows 48-50: stockinette (R1 K, R2 P, R3 K)
6. Rows 51-3: moss stitch ([K1 P1] rep to end of row)
7. Cast off.
8. Block the knitting.
9. Sew up the edges of the handwarmer using mattress stitch, and leave gaps for thumbs…
10. Make a second to match!