i’ve never really done a “follow forever” because i KNOW – IN THE FIERY MAGMA AT THE CENTER OF MY BONES – that i will forget some really lovely people and make someone sad or angry (i mean, i follow 400 really amazeballs blogs) and


i just have a hard time handling that sort of responsibility and guilt.

BUT there are some super lovely people i follow that i want to acknowledge on this new year’s eve, so here we go: angie b.’s very first ever follow forever – and please don’t feel too bad if i neglect to add you to this list, my brain is hardly at optimal drive after working retail this holiday season…

the folks that are my off-line family, too:
these are the people that i met in the flesh before we all jumped online (and, in many cases, had to keep our friendships still going long-distance after graduation and the like) and who are more family to me than my own flesh-and-blood.

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the folks i would die for (or at least make SOMEONE die for):
these are people who’ve had my back for a long time and encourage me when i’m in the slumps and are super patient with me when depression spirals strike and we’ve got inside jokes and many of y'all have been with me since the DJ/LJ days are just general starshine godlings who i love very, very, very much and would wrassle alligators for if need be.

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the folks who intimidate me with their gloriousness (but are humble as fuck and even kinder):
these ladies and gents never cease to inspire me with their ab fab taste and aesthetics and writing and general BOSSITUDE and i always get this giddy shiver of delight whenever they like or reblog anything i post (SENPAI NOTICED! sort of vibes, lbrh) and are basically just light-years ahead of me in caliber/quality.

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the folks that make my days brighter and are just all-around delightful:
tumbles would be a far less exciting or lovely place without y'all and i am so glad to count you among my friends/followers:

that1guyfromgotham, truffle-shuffle, weaponizedwit, kaijucadeland, roarofthemanticore, bitcaw, sideshowkat, nikitaduncan, winterqueenelsaa, qhoulscout, norgbelulah, anextrapart, clintbartons, fluffalos, sluttymaid, audreyrustons, avacrowders, rob-anybody, theloupgaroux, nuitdenovembre, lzbthwlsn, dammit-mulder, dapper-batch, milkradio, fradine, sangfroidwoolf, spoonishly, pretendings, tv–obsessions, memoryforgotten, roypoi, mazarins, studies-in-ontology, tangldupinblue, rickcasshole, queermonsters, thehistoryofoneofmyfollies, lastallianceofelvesandmen, dapperlings, rosetylers, bumgarners, classroominthewoods, householdsaint, goldenfreezeover, redhotfool, mashamaryamorevna, javerts, fangednymph, eddardstark, thehayleyatwell, opalescenza, jointhewolves, aramises, seafeel, sea-swallowed, dragonfiretwistedwire, missmollyannie, liketogetlost, whitesleep, flushwithcash, lady–lannister, palenight, grancontessa, mrbingley, boneway, massiveartattak, unkindravens, admitonetothefreakshow, abluecupofgreentea, petitefoxx, sunlight-blood-and-fire, scribophobia, oasiscanyon, pensievely, paranormalfindingsblog, bisexuallison, soong-type-vulcan, officialbonepowder, inkbugs, ojandt, wannabeaplatinumblonde, seamonsterbait, gaslampsglow

i’ve never done one of these before because it feels weird to tag people i’ve never talked to, but this year i found some AMAZING new people & blogs, and i wanted to show my appreciation! annnnd because it gives me an excuse to use that painting. pretend i’m that guy in the corner stunned by everyone’s beauty bc it is 100% accurate!! xoxo

mutuals &the eighth wonder of the world

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“Paladins have been killing Jumpers for years. Way back since medieval times. They’re fanatics. Religious nut jobs. Inquisition, witch hunts. That was them. Look, they’re smart. They’re fast, they’re organized. No matter what, they’ll kill anyone that gets in their way. Like your family, your friends. That little girlfriend you’re traipsing around with you. They’re dead. All of them. Get used to it. It’s just a matter of time.” – Jumper (2008)