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aralune asked:

G, H, O, W, Y, Z

G - Grade I hated? The one I am in now, It’s basically really hard for no reason.
H - Hometown? Ehh… I move a LOT so.. I guess Chelmsford in England.
O - One wish? To be immortal, or always have enough money when I wanted/needed it.
W - Which celebrity I’d marry? Sophie Turner!
Z - Zodiac sign? Aries

china sorrows

contains 2 pictures of her, she has long black hair and pale skin

and i think somewhere it has described her looking like that

sorry dude

ok what you fail to understand here is that i really don’t care in the slightest

the illustrators are representing the text as they think it should be, which (as usual) is a pale willowy perfect lady

however, DEREK LANDY’S WRITING rarely, if ever, mentions her skin

i do not care about the illustrators, because what they illustrate is not canon

what i care about is that it is AT LEAST LESS EFFORT THAN IT USUALLY WOULD BE to have a black!china headcanon

again: people often draw jesus as a white guy, but that doesn’t mean i have to believe them