Of Promises

(Contains major spoilers for the Ranger’s Apprentice series and the Early Years series)

When Halt was little, he’d promised his twin that they’d always be together, no matter what.

The first promise broken of many bitter promises.

When he was leaving Hibernia, Halt had promised Caitlyn that he would one day return home to her. That he would see her again and they would be a family again.

The second promise he couldn’t carry out.

Halt had promised himself that he would try to patch things up between him and his brother when he visited Hibernia, but once again-

He failed to keep his promise.

Halt had promised Pritchard he would go to Araluen and try to join the rangers. This had led to him promising Crowley to help him restore the rangers.

Two promises he’d actually managed to keep.

He promised Gilan to train him as his apprentice, and he feared he would fail him every day.

To his shock, however, Gilan passed all his assessments, and he was once again able to keep a promise.

Halt had promised Gilan that he would be perfectly fine in Celtica with Will and Horace, but he had had no idea what they would face there. He had been wrong, and Gilan had been guilty ever since because he felt had abandoned Will.

Halt knew he wasn’t to blame, however. He himself was because he had once again broken a promise.

Halt had promised Will that he would find him when he was captured by the Skandians.

He supposed he hadn’t technically broken that one, but had it not been for Evanlyn- Will would’ve been dead by the time Halt arrived.

Yet another promise that had lost its meaning.

When Halt had joined the rangers, he’d sworn fealty to the King. However, when Will was taken… he broke that promise to keep his others.

He also broke an unspoken promise to stay by Crowley’s side, and he’d promised him he would return to Araluen after he found his apprentice.

A promise he determinedly kept.

He’d promised to help Araluen take down Morgarath, and he supposed, in the end, he’d successfully kept that promise.

But not before too many lives had been lost.

One of the promises that weighed most heavily upon him was Halt’s promise to Daniel. The promise that he would protect Daniel’s family.

He’d failed, leaving him to promise Daniel’s wife he’d protect her child.

Halt had then told himself that he couldn’t possibly watch a small child by himself, and promised himself he would place the child in Baron Arald’s ward and not force the child to associate with him.

But… he’d broken that promise too, taking Will on as an apprentice.

He feared he would break his promise to both of Will’s parents. He feared he would let Will down.

He couldn’t help but feel like he had sometimes.

From next to him, sitting on Halt’s porch steps, Crowley sighed despairingly from where he was sorting through reports, startling Halt out of his thoughts. Halt looked past him, over at Will, cheerfully practicing his shooting near the cabin, with Gilan watching him from beneath a tree.

Yes, he’d broken many promises. He’d bitterly had to face the consequences of them and carry on.

Halt supposed, however- as Will turned away from his practice to grin at Gilan, having landed every arrow in the center of the target, and Crowley buried his face into Halt’s shoulder in frustration- sometimes breaking them was worth it.

If it was to protect his little makeshift family, he would break as many promises as needed with no regrets.

I attempted to write the perfect blend of angst and fluff this time. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and feel free to leave a review and critique my work!

You mean to tell me that Gilan was Halt’s apprentice for several years, wandering around the fief in places he shouldn’t be, and Will lived in that fief, also wandering around in places he shouldn’t be, and they never ran into one another?
There’s no way.
Gilan and Will totally met while both trying to pull some elaborate prank at the same time in the same place, and they definitely ended up combining the respective pranks.
They probably wouldn’t have known who the other was BUT WOULD THAT STOP THEM.
They would pull it off fabulously.

And then several years later or whatever when Gilan and Will meet again they would realize IT WAS YOU WASN’T THAT PRANK AMAZING.
Halt doesn’t want to know what they’re talking about.

Are Rangers paid? If so, how much? Where does the money come from? Duncan? Taxes? Are they paid more for larger fiefs, or are they paid per mission or crime stopped? If they go on a mission are they paid for that separately or do they just get paid the regular amount? If another Ranger watches someone else’s fief while they’re on a mission do they get paid for that fief? Do they get more money if they have an apprentice, and are apprentices paid anything? I want to know the inner workings of Araluen what can I say