Sand Worm

Shai-Hulud Mojaviensis is a large creature native to the Mojave Desert and closely related to the Mongolian Death Worm and Arrakeen Sand Worm

Specimens up to 400 meters long have been observed in the deep desert. They feed upon bacteria and other creatures in the sand and soft soil of the mojave as they move under it creating giant tunnels that collapse behind them. They work just as earth worms do but on a much larger scale. 

Their body is segmented and they are attracted to vibration. If you are brave enough you can climb the worm with aid of hooks and then open one of the segments. The Sand Worm will roll so that the open segment does not get sand inside of it and then you can toss down lines to your friends and ride upon it’s back until it tires. 

They’re so massive that the movement of them in the sand often causes static electricity to build up and discharge. It’s not uncommon to have static lightning flashes in front of them as they travel in the desert. While uncommon now days since the 1960′s they have been making a come back in recent years. They are thought to have a link with the Sand Trout but it is unproven. They are also most often found around Spice and Spice blows but it is unknown if they are linked to it. 

Sorry this is a late one… Another trip to Arakkis via Frank Herbert’s Dune! Here’s my spin on the book’s iconic desert dwelling blue-eyed warriors: The Fremen. Complete with stanadard issue stillsuit, cloak, crysknife, and a staff that separates into a worm summoner and wrangler hooks!

Dune Fancast

I am sick to death of white-washed Dune casts, so, here is my personal choice for the perfect Dune cast.

Paul Muad’Dib Atreides - Ben Barnes

Leto Atreides - Antonio Banderas

Lady Jessica - Angelina Jolie

Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam - Glen Close

Duncan Idaho - Anthony Mackie

Thufir Hawat - James Earl Jones

Gurney Halleck - Billy Connolly

Dr. Yueh - Ken Watanabe

Vladimir Harkonnen - Brenden Gleeson

Beast Rabban - Sam Worthington

Feyd’Rautha Harkonnen - Simon Woods

Piter DeVries - Matthew Broderick

Liet Kynes - Hugh Jackman

Stilgar - Idris Elba

Chani - Zendaya

Harrah - Zoe Saldana

Emperor Shaddam IV Corrino - Michael Fassbender

Princess Irulan - Natalie Dorner