tenifesta 2016 was a blessing in so many different ways!! i’m so happy about everything, about everyone… but hirofumi (2nd inui/zaizen voice) in particular posted so much quality content.

i’m so happy that hosoya ended up showing up. even happier that fukujun showed up to tenifes for the first time ever. shitenhoji’s members must have been so happy. if only they had gone on the same day, the whole team would’ve been together!!

double inui!!!!! i can’t believe hirofumi put on the seigaku uniform again. it’s really lovely to see. everyone’s fav tiny inuis…

and of course, the captives of tennis!! hirofumi gushed about how much he admires mamo, for his height, singing, dancing, acting. mamo kept joking about their time in tenimyu together; “inui you’re wearing the wrong jersey!!”

i’m really happy. tennis is the best.


Musical Kuroshitsuji: Lycoris that Blazes the Earth 2015
Character Bromides

  • AKANE LIV as Madam Red
  • Araki Hirofumi as Lau

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Back in Lycoris 2014 I pointed out that after Madam’s funeral, when Lau finished talking to Ciel and turns away, his smiling face IMMEDIATELY drops and he leaves looking bored as fuck.
And watching the re-run I realized that it was not the only place he does that.
Lau drops his smile EVERY SINGLE TIME he turns away from people to leave the stage

I’d like to say something about Madam too but she’s perfect and I’ve run out of things to say xD


Official Pamphlet of Musical Kuroshitsuji “Lycoris that blazes the earth”

  • Part E (p34-END feat. comments from Araki Hirofumi and AKANE LIV, rehearsal photo gallery, costume design concept art by Toboso Yana and a complete list of cast & staff)

Grell: You and I, we’re like two peas in a pod.

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Please check every single rehearsal photo, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM because it’s an infinite treasure box you will have so much fun looking at them.

And have the closest to what you might call FEM slash between Grell and Madam…

The Cast Questionnaire will be scanlated and uploaded in a separate post. This is the pamphlet for now.