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personal thoughts about  the meaning behind Rohan’s name:岸辺露伴

so, as I was having my daily “think-over-how-precious-my-bae-is” time, I noticed some connections between Rohan’s name and afterlife=Reimi

(Before starting my rambling, Araki sensei already said that 岸辺 is after a name of a place somewhere in Sendai he doesn’t remember, and 露伴 is named after Japan’s novelist Rohan Kouda幸田露伴, so this post is completely me overthinking)

Anyways! When you consider the meaning of each kanji characters in Rohan’s name, they oddly make sense. 

岸辺(Kishibe)=riverbanks or coast of lakes

(Ro)=dew, or something that is as fugacious as dew

(han)=to be with

It may seem absurd in English, but as a Japanese, these kanjis are relatable.

In Japanese folklores, there is a river that runs between the Afterlife world and the present world called Sanzu River. Also, in Japanese poetry, dew is often used as a metaphor of life aka spirits. So, when you add all the characters,  岸辺露伴 can be coarsely interpreted as “at the bank of the river of Afterlife, I will be with you, my dear spirit”

In DiU, Rohan is the closest person to Reimi, our beloved ghost girl. And in a way DiU is a story of Rohan meeting his long-dead sister friend and trying to grant her last wish.

His relationship with Reimi, and the overall meaning of his name…It makes too much sense to be a coincidence, don’t you think?

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Araki sensei , did Oldseph forgot he could find Kira with Hermit Purple in Part 4 ? BUT THEN WHY WOULD 4TARO FORGET ABOUT IT NOTICE ME SENSEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

How dare you question me


so a bunch of jojos walked into jujo bar monday night INTO (OVER) HEAVEN, i’ve captioned the individual pics to contain my screaming 

it really is a heartfelt shrine to jojo and an enduring act of pure love and dedication.. so much for ‘2 hours should be enough right’ lmao we were there til fear of missing the last train chased us out. loved the bar, love my jojodachi, love and bless DOR-san the incredibly dedicated owner, LOVE JOJO, HAIL ARAKI SENSEI MAY HE LIVE FOREVER 


15 minutes (sped up) of Araki-sensei drawing Jojo panels…so hypnotizing to watch the master at work @_@

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