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Marine Stadium, Japan (PS Version) / Hit Out
Artist: Yoshie Arakawa


“Hit Out” from Tekken 2, PS1


Marine Stadium, Japan
Artist: Yoshie Arakawa
Album: Namco Game Sound Express VOL.17 Tekken


  • Title: バーテンダー
  • Title (romaji): Bartender
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 8


Upon return from Paris, Sasakura Ryu spends some time wandering amiss, but after some time he decides to start anew by becoming a bartender. On a daily basis as a bartender, he helps solve the various problems burdening his customers, including work and love and family troubles, one cocktail at a time.

Furthermore, what will happen to the romantic relationship between Ryu, who seeks the best cocktail, and Kurushima Miwa, who is pertinent to his growth as a person. Also in the drama you’ll see the fateful showdown between Kuzuhara Ryuichi, referred to as Mr. Perfect, and Master Kase Goro. – TV Asahi

(Synopsis and info taken from drama wiki)



Masaki Aiba (from Arashi) plays a genius bartender. Despite being a prodegy at his craft he has a long way to go before he is considered a true bartender. They story basically follows as Sasakura who intially had quit bartending but returns to the craft. Anyone who is familiar with any sports manga will be familiar with this formula. It is even complete with rivals, team mates, and competitions.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who is into sports type genre. It is definitely in line with that. However if you like romance this may be something to steer away from. There is romance thrown in but Sasakura is not very bright in that respect so it moves along very slow and it is basically an after thought.


The main character fits the trope of a clueless kind hearted hero. He is so good and kind to a fault and it can come off as naivety. That said he is a genius so when he is in his zone (bartending) his personality changes. He seems to do a 180. Overall I like his character but I don’t love it.

I do like most of the side characters though. The rival is ridiculously evil for no reason. Actual he is only evil because of the way he dresses and the music that plays when he enters. He’s evil because the show tells us he’s evil.

The love interest Miwa fades into the background most of the time unfortunately but over all I think you get to know everyone pretty well. I liked seeing Arakawa Yoshiyoshi in another role. He is adorable.


Arashi song “Lotus” was used as the theme song. The OST served the scenes very well and established the mood. However the rival’s background music is probably a bit too intense. Then again maybe it’s because I don’t get why bartending was such serious business.


-Sasakura is pretty fashionable for a dense guy with no thoughts other than bartending…

- I want to try all of those drinks now

-Admin E


Are You Ready?
Artist: Yoshie Arakawa