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So this post here talks about the other characters besides the hobbits being a

Hobbit Delivery System

and I just…I had to okay?

Also MPS stands for Middle-Earth Parcel Service, obviously. I was too lazy for Gandalf. Maybe I should have gone with Middle-Earth Hobbit Service? ;D


That is Aragorn II

Son of Arathorn II

Son of Arador

Son of Argonui

Son of Arathorn I

Son of Arassuil

Son of Arahad II

Son of Aravorn

Son of Aragost

Son of Arahad I

Son of Araglas

Son of Aragorn I

Son of Aravir

Son of Aranuir

Son of Arahael

Son of Aranarth

Son of Arvedui

Son of Araphant

Son of Araval

Son of Arveleg II

Son of Arvegil

Son of Argeleb II

Son of Araphor

Son of Arveleg I

Son of Argeleb I

Son of Malvegil

Son of Celebrindor

Son of Mallor

Son of Beleg

Son of Amlaith

Son of Earendur

Son of Elendur

Son of Valandur

Son of Tarondor

Son of Tarcil

Son of Arantar

Son of Eldacar

Son of Valandil

Son of Isildur

Son of Elendil

Son of Amandil

Son of Numendil

Grandson of Earendur,

Fifteenth Lord of Andúnië

Descendant of Valandil,

First Lord of Andúnië

Son of Silmarien

Daughter of Elendil

Son of Amandil

Son of Vardamir

Son of Elros

Son of Earendil

Son of Tuor

Son of Huor

Son of Galdor

Son of Hador

Son of Hathol

Son of Magor

Son of Malach

Son of Marach

Lord of the Third House of the Edain


  • Legolas: SON OF ARADOR
  • Aragorn: Legolas stop
  • Legolas: SON OF ARGONUI
  • Legolas: SON OF ARATHORN I
  • Legolas: SON OF ARASSUIL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAHAD II
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAVORN
  • Boromir: is this really necessary
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAGOST
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAHAD I
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAGLAS
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAGORN I
  • Gandalf: this could take a while
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAVIR
  • Legolas: SON OF ARANUIR
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAHAEL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARANARTH
  • Legolas: SON OF ARVEDUI
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAPHANT
  • Elrond: good god man calm down
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAVAL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARVELEG II
  • Legolas: SON OF ARVEGIL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARGELEB II
  • Frodo: *falls asleep*
  • Legolas: SON OF ARAPHOR
  • Legolas: SON OF ARVELEG I
  • Legolas: SON OF ARGELEB I
  • Legolas: SON OF MALVEGIL
  • Gimli: this is ridiculous
  • Legolas: SON OF MALLOR
  • Legolas: SON OF BELEG
  • Legolas: SON OF AMLAITH
  • Aragorn: Legolas
  • Legolas: SON OF EARENDUR
  • Legolas: SON OF ELENDUR
  • Legolas: SON OF VALANDUR
  • Legolas: SON OF TARONDOR
  • Aragorn: Legolas it's fine
  • Legolas: SON OF TARCIL
  • Legolas: SON OF ARANTAR
  • Legolas: SON OF ELDACAR
  • Legolas: SON OF VALANDIL
  • Legolas: SON OF ISILDUR
  • Gimli: finally
  • Boromir: anything to make you shut up

I haven’t seen this on tumblr, and I thought it had to be shared

just watch the video - you won’t regret it

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middle-earth meme: three heroes [3/3] → aragorn ii

“Aragorn threw back his cloak. The elven-sheath glittered as he grasped it, and the bright blade of Andúril shone like a sudden flame as he swept it out. ‘Elendil!’ he cried. ‘I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and am called Elessar, the Elfstone, Dúnadan, the heir of Isildur Elendil’s son of Gondor. Here is the Sword that was Broken and is forged again! Will you aid me or thwart me? Choose swiftly!”  


My edit: Most Famous of the Queens of Gondor: Vidumavi, Beruthìel, Arwen Undomiel.

  • Vidumavi: the wife of King Valacar. She wasn’t a Gondorian woman: she was the daughter of Vidugavia, a powerful chief of Northern men that helped King Romendacil of Gondor in the war against the Esterlings. Romendacil sent his son Valacar as Ambassador to Vidugavia, in the North: so he knew Vidumavi and they fell in love. But when they married, a lot of people criticized Valacar, because Vidumavi hadn’t the long life of the Gondorians, and she died even before that his husband became King, and the Gondorians thought the people with short life as an “lesser” race. When the son of Valacar and Vidumavi, Eldacar, became King, a relative of him, Castamir, rebelled against him and caused a civil war in Gondor (the Kinstrofe). He usurped the throne of Eldacar for ten years, but Eldacar succeeded in defeating him. I personally imagine Vidumavi very similar to the Baltic women.
  • Beruthìel: the wife of King Tarannon Falastur. She was of full Numenorean blood, but she hated living in Gondor. She lived alone in an house in Osgiliath, she wore only black and silver clothes, in her garden had a lot of strange sculptures and she had nine black cats and one white cat, that she used as spies. For that reason, Tarannon and the people of Gondor began to hate her, and sentenced her of being exiled on a ship left at the sea, alone with her cats. Nobody knew what happened to her, and Tarannon died childless. In a popular headcanon, she had Numenorean blood, but she didn’t came from Gondor, but from Umbar: the Numenorean outpost in the Harad, were the Numenorean people that sustained Ar- Pharazon flyed after the Fall of Numenor. Tarannon fought a war against the corsairs of Umbar, and he succeeded to conquer their city, so it seems reasonable that he took for wife a noblewoman of Umbar. In my headcanon, Beruthìel looks like an Egyptian woman (because the Numenorean could had created political alliances with the Haradrim people via marriage)
  • Arwen Undomiel: everybody knows who she are she is the wife of King Aragorn II Elessar. The only daughter of Elrond Peredhel and Celebrìan, she was an Half-elven, and she could choose between the immortality of the Elves and the mortal life of the Men. For Aragorn’s sake, she chose a mortal life and became the Queen of Gondor after the War of the Ring. Aragorn met her in Rivendell when he had only twenty years, and for a moment believed that she is her ancestor Luthien Tinuviel, the most fair among the elven-maiden, and called her with the surname of “Tinuviel”. The children of Aragorn and Arwen were Eldarion (who became King at his father’s death) and two unnamed daughters. I know that the actress in the imagines isn’t *truly* Liv Tyler, but they look very similar and personally I liked it :<

Good Women’s International Day! Very lately I supposed

I’m a day late and a dollar short. Day 2 meeting. Forgot all about it after yesterday’s meeting. That one had action figures and reading parts of the trilogy (apparently my words are poetic or something). Had to show several pictures of Lee Pace to prove Lee Pace was the same actor in “Soldier’s Girl” and “The Hobbit” and “Halt and Catch Fire”. She likes Thranduil and especially enamored with Aragorn. Anyway, I have another meeting (last for the week, thankfully) and an incredibly long new chapter I have to post providing President Covfefe keeps his mouth shut and off Twitter. Either way, the person of the first meeting is really going to like Aragorn in Books II and III. 😉

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♛ legendarium characters

Arathorn II (T.A. 2873 - 2933) and Gilraen the Fair (T.A. 2907-3007)

Arathorn II was the fifteenth Chieftain of the Dúnedain and succeeded his father, Arador, when he was killed in 2930. He married Gilraen the Fair, a Dúnadan of the North, the daughter of Dírhael and Ivorwen, and a descendant of the first chieftain, Aranarth. They had one son: Aragorn II, King of the Reunited Kingdom.