aragorn had no idea about it

I just had a revelation about why I love Celebrimbor so much. Well, one of the reasons, anyway.  

One idea that’s very prevalent in Tolkien’s work is the concept of hereditary or collective sin. Your ancestor screwed up? You’re probably doomed, or at least have to prove that you aren’t. (See: Aragorn, also movie!Thorin). Your folk did wrong against mine a few millennia ago? Move yourself off my lawn. The doom of Mandos cursed Feanor’s entire house, not just those who swore the oath.  

Maybe it’s because I’m German and very much distance myself from the sins of my forefathers, but I have a huge problem with that. Apparently, so does Celebrimbor.  

Then he basically says “Fuck the entire First Age, we’re making a new start. Curse, what curse? And remind me again why we dislike the dwarves, they’re pretty awesome from where I stand. Btw, I’m putting the star of my house on these doors, come on, judge me for the family I was born into.”  

It’s such a positive attitude and a lot more progressive than most of his contemporaries. Did Tolkien view it as hubris? I don’t know. In any case he knew how to write effective tragedy, because this lack of prejudice may have been a reason why Celebrimbor trusted Annatar, and then… well, we know what happened then.

fee&kee au - stuff explained

ships: gimli/legolas, aragorn/arwen, faramir/eowyn, bilbo/thorin, ace!fili/kili/tauriel and maybe some bard/thranduil and dwalin/ori ???

what they are all doing generally speaking: 

Thorin - CEO of Erebor Industries (what does it do? idk?), Dis - Corporate Lawyer, Bilbo - English Prof, Elrond - History Prof, Gandalf - Language Prof, Dwalin/ Thranduil/ Bard - idk adults i havent actually come up with jobs for them or any of the rest of the company apart from the obvious things

Ori - grad student studying film making/screen-writing (if im gonna do dwalin/ori he cant be too young ja feel?), Fili - senior in college, Kili/Tauriel/Bolg - juniors in college, Arwen/Legolas - sophomores in college, Gimli/Aragorn/Boromir/Eomer - freshman in college, Faramir/Eowyn - seniors in highschool, Sam/Merry/Pippin/Frodo (yes they will be in this au) - elementary school (like 1st or 2nd grade)

Random Headcanons

Their uni is in rivendell. This au exists in Middle-Earth its just /modern/ and everyone is kinda human sized (although I am trying to keep some of the height differences?? just usually people are sititng or something so you cant even really tell. but leggles is deffo taller than gimli okay cool bye.) So all the places are from Middle-Earth. They dont like go to New York one weekend or something.

apparently tv shows and movies do exist and everyone is obsessed with criminal minds cause lbr criminal minds

Fili, Kili, and Gimli live in a house a block off campus they call House Durin cause they are dumb (gimli got out of living in the dorms cause hes living with “family” way to go cheatin the system babe)

Legolas and Tauriel live in an apartment together they call Greenwood Loft

Boromir and Aragorn are roomies in the dorms and constantly talk about how much they miss Gondor. Faramir (and Eowyn) come visit a lot. 

Fee&Kee got internet famous from some really ridiculous Vines they made. And then they branched out to youtube and insta

tbh instagram is just the easiest format to tell a story with so thats why i use it the most

thorin met bilbo at a coffee shop and had no idea he was fee&kee’s english professor. bilbo corrected his grammar. thorin fell in love. 

eowyn totally had a crush on aragorn cause he was the hot stud at the rohan highschool (he was only there a year cause he kept transferring and moving everywhere) but then he went to college

she met faramir while visiting her brother at rivendell uni where faramir was visiting his brother. what a coincidence…aragorn may have set it up idkidk aNYWAYs instant love. gr8. its a long distance relationship cause they go to highschool in their respected cities but they are both planning on going to rivendell uni next year 

aragorn took a year off to go live in the woods before college and he likes to spend most of his weekends camping

gimli and legolas once went on a camping trip with aragorn cause they thought it was gonna be fun and relaxing. it wasnt.

eomer is punk and wants to be in a biker gang

boromir is great and wonderful and perfect. the end. 


((and tbh i think thats all i really have for this au. again if you want to write fics or something go for it. or if you just want to take it in a different direction thats totally fine too. I would love to see any and all versions ^^ please send me a link if yall do write something cause I would love to read it!!! also if you just want to send me headcanons you have about it thats awesome too!! i have a modern lotr tag for headcanons on this blog btw))

Unexpected Surprises (Aragorn x Daughter!Reader)

This is based off the imagine:

I’m considering making a second part, so if you’d like me to, send me a comment. :)


You sat down on the balcony in your room and sighed, your eyes threatening to reveal everything that you’ve tried to hide from your parents. You were their first child, their oldest, but your parents - the King Elessar, and his wife Arwen - were always busy with your brother Eldarion, or with your other 4 siblings. It was expected, with a family this size, that some of you were going to feel a little left out.


But it always seemed to be you. Every time you ventured into the main citadel or somewhere else in the castle, you constantly saw your parents spending time with your siblings; when you went to ask them something, or to actually spend some time with them, they were too busy. When you were 11, you stopped asking.


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Imagine falling for Legolas, but shutting yourself from the world

Request for: glitchy-queenie

Original request: “Hi, friend. I really enjoy going on your blog c: If it’s alright, I’d like to make a request for a Legolas Greenleaf x Human!Reader oneshot. The reader has lost her home and her family, but now is a good friend of Aragorn’s, and slowly falls for Legolas. She begins to avoid Legolas because of her feelings, and shuts off herself from the world with training, since she’s a kickass fighter, but this doesn’t go unnoticed. Can there please be a happy ending and thank you! :3”

Pairing: Legolas x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of death, self-hatred, attachment issues (?)

Word count: 1222

Not proof read.

You couldn’t believe yourself. How could you be so stupid? How could you let yourself be vulnerable like this? You had let your feelings go too far. You had promised yourself that you would never open yourself up again, never feel attraction, so that you wouldn’t be susceptible to hurt again. First Aragorn, now Legolas.

It wasn’t as if you had ever been attracted to Aragorn, but you still cursed yourself for growing close to him. You were an elf after all, and he was nothing more than a human. Perhaps he was a one of the Dunedain, but it didn’t make him immortal. He would die one day and you would be left wallowing in your own self-pity.

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As the Uruk-hai laid siege to Helm’s Deep, Gimli had an idea.

‘Toss me,’ he said to Aragorn, 'but do not tell the elf!’

And Aragorn threw Gimli across the gap. Then all the men of the Mark burst into laughter, for dwarves are good comedic relief when you are otherwise afraid when you are about to be murdered by orcs.

—  J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers (somewhere)

Legolas’ motivations in BOTFA have been driving me up the wall ever since I saw the movie, because I’m not really sure just what to make of them, just why he feels he cannot stay.  It’s frustrating because the actors originally said that Legolas was not in love with Tauriel, that her role wasn’t going to be a love triangle with Legolas and Kili, which fits with their dynamic in DoS, which seemed almost more sibling-like to me. Especially since he’s nearly five times her age!  Even Thranduil’s comments about her not giving him hope where there was none didn’t really seem to fit with the way they interacted.
But then BOTFA came along and seemed to push the love triangle (there’s rumors that the studio forced it on the movie, but I’ve never seen a source for that–still, I would believe it if I saw hard proof of it) and so it felt like Legolas was leaving because he’d been in love with Tauriel and she didn’t return his feelings.

Yet that seems kind of… extreme?  The girl you like doesn’t love you back, so you have to leave your home?  And none of the other motivations presented really make that much more sense, either. If he was leaving because he was at odds with Thranduil, it wasn’t presented as a problem, because Thranduil clearly had already forgiven him, that he would have accepted Tauriel back, which was the reason Legolas defied him in the first place. If it was because of the Dwarves… well, that doesn’t make sense, either.

So, why did Legolas feel he couldn’t go back?

Well, I know the answer is probably meant to be because of Tauriel, but I was rewatching LOTR and I’ve been thinking about this and I have a couple of ideas that I like a lot better and would make more sense to me.  It occurred to me, when watching Legolas with the Fellowship in Lothlorien after Gandalf’s death:

When I first watched the movies, I really didn’t have a strong sense of Legolas or how Elves worked, what their emotions were like.  I had the idea that they were all serene and floaty, that they were otherworldly in that way where stuff of this world didn’t touch them, they were mostly beyond it.

Which is really, really not true, just that they’re… sometimes different about expressing it.

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EXO reaction to their GF loving LOTR

Could you do a EXO reaction where they ask their gf why they like Lord of the Rings so much and she launches into a long lecture about it.

I genuinely squealed with happiness when I read this ^^ I love LOTR!!!


He would see you reading the Fellowship of the Ring volume I for literally the fifth time since he had met you, and with a quizzical look he would ask you why you loved LOTR so much. You would look up from your book, and stared at him for a while, trying to figure out the best way to explain the reason behind your undying love for the series. You’d begin a long, complex explanation about how amazing the Middle Earth was, and how well Tolkien had designed his universe. He would patiently wait for you to finish lecturing him on how amazing the books AND movies were, and then would suggest going to the shops to buy the extended DVDs so you could both watch it together.


Baekhyun would probably regret asking you about this at some point during the almost three hours of your lecture about Tolkien’s universe. He would sit there, nodding at you, but getting distracted by the way your lips moved while you spoke, or how your tongue danced in your mouth with certain sounds you produced. His mind would wander to inappropriate places, and would eventually stand up from his spot on the sofa to crash his lips onto yours, attempting to shut you up.


“And my favorite race are the Hobbits” You’d conclude your long rant about LOTR, making Chanyeol laugh.

“What? Those? Why?” He would chuckle after you had explained what each race was.

“They just seem the most genuine, and the happiest. They are cute, the Shire seems like the kind of place I would love to live in if we weren’t living here in the city” you told him, and he nodded, a grin on his face. He didn’t understand much, but he was already imagining your future, when you were both old and gray, cuddling on the front porch of some country home, watching the fields as you waited for your grandchildren to come round for a visit.


“So why do you like this so much?” He would ask, pointing towards your small collection of LOTR objects in the box you had put them all in during your moving in with Kyungsoo.

“It’s just plain amazing. It’s so complete and well thought out, the novels are so so good, you don’t understand” you would begin, slowly growing more and more excited about it, and you wouldn’t realize how overwhelming you were being, just dumping all of your LOTR-related knowledge on your poor boyfriend, who had asked one innocent question.

I think D.O would listen without complaints, because he wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings, but inside he would be incredibly confused, trying to figure out what you were talking about because he lost you at the mention of Saruman and Sauron, and how similar both names were.


I think Kai would stare at you while you explained to him why you loved LOTR so much with so much passion, and would smile to himself. He wouldn’t understand a word you are saying as you went on about the different races, and why you thought the dwarves were amazing. Did you mention orcs? What was that about some dude named Gandalf? He had no idea, but he would sit and watch, because he would enjoy the spark in your eyes whenever you talked about something you felt passionately about. He would take in the way your cheeks would redden from the emotion, and your mouth would move faster and faster when you got to parts or characters you were particularly fond of.

“You’re cute” He would tell you, wrapping his arms around you tightly, “Please keep talking, you look cute when you talk like this” He would tell you, and you would oblige, a little more shyly than before.


“Bleh bleh Aragorn this, Legolas that.” He would imitate you with an incredibly irritating high pitch voice.

“Seriously Sehun! What is wrong with you?” You’d ask, throwing your arms up in the air in frustration.

“I don’t know, why don’t you go back to watching Aragorn on the tv?” He asked you, angrily crossing his arms.

“I cannot believe you are jealous of two fictional characters!” You’d exclaim, emphasizing the word fictional, staring at him incredulously. He scoffed and looked away.

“Jagi…” You’d plea, turning his face to look at you.

“It’s just you keep talking about how amazing these two guys, and what about me? You should think I’M the amazing guy” He’d tell you with a pout. You couldn’t help your mouth curving up into a smile.

“Silly, you are my one and only. You shouldn’t get jealous of guys that aren’t even real, when it is YOU who has me in his arms right now” You’d tell him, kissing the tip of his nose.


“And the elves from Rivendell-“

“Hold on. Rivendell? But weren’t the other guys the elves?” He would interrupt you, pointing towards the picture of Legolas you were holding up as an example.

“Yes, but these are elves too:” You’d explain, trying really hard not to roll your eyes at him, because you knew it was all new to him, and a little complicated to understand at first.

“What is the difference between them?” he would ask you, furrowing his brows.

“Well they stem from different… You know what? We’ve been talking about this for hours, you must be tired of it now, let’s go get something to eat instead yeah?” You’d suggest, noticing how overwhelmed he looked by all the new information. He would laugh and nod, a little too eagerly. You’d smile at him, turning around and kissing him deeply.

“Thank you for being so kind you know? I’m sorry if I lectured you for too long” You’d apologize, kissing him again, and again, and again.


Personally, I will believe Luhan will find your interest in a series like this incredibly adorable. He will think it is slightly different from most girls he knows, and will love asking you about it. You’d tell him bits and pieces of the story at times, sometimes giving him a long explanation as to why you love the series so much, and he would sit and patiently wait for you to finish explaining. Somewhere along the way you must have peaked his interest, because one night, as you laid in bed together, he asked you to read the novels to him, and you would comply, grabbing The Fellowship of the Ring Volume I, turning it to the first page, and beginning to read to him. He would be enchanted by your voice, as it sweetly narrated the words printed on the paper, although at some point, his eyes would grow heavy, and his breathing would become deeper and louder, with his head resting on your chest.

You would then mark the page you were on, and close the book, setting it on your bedside table before turning the light off, kissing Luhan’s head, and closing your eyes too, eyes heavy with sleep.


I think Kris would love the fact that you loved the books, but he wouldn’t appreciate when you spent hours and hours talking about it, when all he wanted after a tough day was to relax with you and talk about the future, or your day, or just random things.

He had accidentally let slip his mental question of why you liked that saga so much, and noticed a little too late, when you had already started blabbering once again about Tolkien’s universe. He would hate to tell you he was too tired to talk about it tonight, because he knew it would hurt your feelings if he cut you off like that, so instead, he crashed his lips onto yours roughly, shutting you up immediately. He would then walk towards the bedroom, with your lips still attached to his, and would push you on the bed. He’d keep you busy enough to forget what you were talking about, the only thing allowed to escape your lips was his name.


I think Lay would be a cutie about this, he would probably become interested in the series from the way you talked about them so passionately, and would end up asking you tons of questions about the Tolkien universe, eventually agreeing to watch the movies with you as long as you both cuddled on the sofa with some pop-corn, to which you gladly agreed. He would get a little bit lost during the movies, not quite understanding what is going on at some points, so you would have to quietly explain all the small things he didn’t understand.

“So what are those again?” He would ask, pointing towards the big screen in front of you.

“Those are the Nazgûl. They are men that succumbed to Sauron’s power, and became wraiths. They serve Sauron.” You’d tell him, and he’d hum in response, although he had no idea what you just said, nuzzling his face further into the nape of your neck.


You’d start lecturing him on the multiple reasons why Tolkien’s universe is amazing, and everyone should love LOTR, and he would chuckle to himself. He would watch you wave your arms around as you grew frustrated, trying to describe things to him, and trying to explain concepts that were too hard to explain at first.

“Babe I have no idea what you just said” He would laugh, as you tried to explain to him what the uruk-hai were. You sighed heavily, and let your head fall in defeat.

“I’m sorry jagi, this is just really complicated” he would comfort you, brushing your hair behind your ear. “But if you want I can watch the movies with you, so I can fangirl with you.”

“You would do that?” You asked him, wide-eyed. He nodded, sincerity radiating from his expression.

“Of course, this means a lot to you, so I want to know about it, so we can comment on it together. If it makes you happy it makes me happy” He would tell you, before peppering your face with kisses.


As soon as you started talking he would think ‘Here we go again’. He would be used to you rambling on about things you found amazing, and at some point he would accidentally tune out, causing you to slap him lightly on the arm.

“Are you listening to me?” You’d ask, but judging by his deer caught in the headlight expression, you believed it was safe to assume you had lost him quite a while ago.

“I’m sorry I’m so boring.” You would tell him offended, raising from the sofa, trying to get back to your room.

“No! Sorry baobei, I’m just really tired today, and you speak really fast with all these names and places that I don’t know anything about, and I can’t help it… I’m really sorry” he would tell you, and you could tell by the way his eyes looked saddened, he really did feel bad for not paying attention. You sighed.

“I know, it’s okay. It’s just I get really excited about these types of things, I didn’t mean to talk so much.” You’d tell him, a sad expression on your face.

“Nooo! No sad baobei. How about I take you out for dinner, and you finish explaining what you were saying before over a nice meal?” He offered, making you laugh at how cute he was being, but you’d agree nonetheless, because you could tell he really was making an effort to make you happy.


For she is a fair maiden, fairest lady of a house of queens. And yet I know not how I should speak of her. When I first looked on her and perceived her unhappiness, it seemed to me that I saw a white flower standing straight and proud, shapely as a lily, and yet knew that it was hard, as if wrought by elf-wrights out of steel. Or was it, maybe, a frost that had turned its sap to ice, and so it stood, bitter-sweet, still fair to see, but stricken, soon to fall and die?

Lately, all I want to do is curl up in my bed and read elf problems fic for, like, six hours in a row. That’s not so much to ask, right? I just have a lot of feelings about elves and I want to bask-slash-wallow in them, okay?? ;__;

My Brother’s Keeper by daw the minstrel, thranduil & legolas & ocs, 32.3k
    An adolescent Legolas wrestles with decisions over how far his care for another should go.
The Life & Times of Greenwood the Great by Adere, thranduil & elrond & gil-galad & celebrimbor & others & ocs, 107k wip
    He raised a crown weaved of the vine and autumn leaves and placed it on the king’s head. “You will be our King,” he said softly, “King of Greenwood the Great.”
…No Matter How Tall by MissFaust, thranduil & legolas & oc, 2.3k
    Thranduil is the King of the Woodland Realm, he has fought in the Battle of Dagorlad, has faced orcs and spiders. He is a redoubtable warrior and a respected negotiator. But to tell a tiny elfling “no” might prove to be out of his league. Alas, he must, he must!
The Origin of the Swag Stag by ladydragon76, thranduil & legolas, 1.8k
    When Legolas rescues a young fawn from the spiders, he can’t possibly just abandon it alone in the woods.
Celeborn’s Gift by Karri, Celeborn & Legolas, 1k
    Celeborn gives Legolas a gift.
Fidelis by Pentangle-linnon, aragorn & legolas & ocs, 43.8k
    A ‘Ranger and Elf’ tale. Two strangers test the meaning and depth of Legolas’ and Aragorn’s friendship.
Grief by Morpheus626, thranduil & legolas, 2k
    Legolas is old enough to start properly wondering and asking questions about his mother–he wants, and needs, to know what happened to her. Thranduil isn’t sure he can be strong enough to answer such questions, but it’s a father’s job to answer such painful questions, no matter how much it hurts.
Heart’s Ease by daw the minstrel, legolas & ocs, 1.7k
    Legolas as a child, recovering from his own mother’s death and enamored of a friend’s mother
A Father’s Concern by White Wolf1, thranduil & legolas, fluff, 2.3k
    Thranduil laments the dangerous future his youngest son, Legolas, is likely to face.
To Distant Shores by jenolas, thranduil, 1.3k
    Thranduil finally sails to Valinor.

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