aragan oil


Simple D.I. Leave-In Conditioner

This DIY Leave-In is basically a watered down version of my usual leave-in conditioner. I recently started mixing this product and have found that it moisturises and softens my hair a lot more effectively.

What I do is simple. I fill my spray bottle ½ way with water, then add about another ¼ of my current leave-in conditioner (Luv Naturals Love Me and Leave In), then fill the rest with my current favourite oils (Jojoba Oil and Aragan Oil).

There are a lot of benefits to using a leave-in conditioner in this way -

  • More moisturising - Because the mix has a higher water content, I have found that this moisturises my hair much more than any product could. 
  • Less product build-up - I usually find that I cannot apply directly a lead-in conditioner to my hair throughout the week without it weighing my hair down. Because water it the main ingredient in this mixture, I can apply it as much as I need to without having to worry about build up
  • Easier to apply - I find that applying a leave-in in water form using a spray bottle is much fast and easier to apply than a cream
  • Cheaper! - By watering down your product, you can extend it’s usage much much more.

This photo was taken in the small village of Ain Chaib, Morocco, just east of Agadir, on my host grandmothers farm. It is early morning and Jdda (grandma) is sitting on a grain bag, sifting through argan nuts as she pours them into a hand operated grinder made of stone. I return to the U.S. in two weeks and she is making Argan Oil for me to take back to my family in America. She wants me to remember her and the two years we spent together on her farm. She is the only grandmother I’ve ever known.

- Peace Corps Business Development Volunteer Leslie Mansour