In a sorry state of disrepair, American forces capture an Arado Ar 234 at a Bavarian airfield. The speedy jet was the first jet-powered bomber to become operational, but entering service only in the fall of 1944, only 200 or so were built before the end of the war, and sufficient fuel even for those was scarce.

Most successful as a bomber (although its biggest contribution perhaps was allowing the Me 262 to mostly avoid that duty), it also saw effective use as a reconnaissance plane, and less effective use as a night-fighter. In that role, Kommando Bisping and Kommando Bonow never scored a confirmed kill in the four months or so that they were armed with the nocturnal aircraft.


The Arado Ar 234 was the first operational jet bomber in the World. Originally planned as a recon planned, it was successfully adapted as a bomber. This video includes the look at the A, B and C Series. Dimensions, size and comparison to other planes. Furthermore, information on two less known variants and references to an original report.

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