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 aradiyeah said: Maid of Breath/Prince of Breath?

okay so!

a maid protects/defends herself with x, as well as counter attacking. this has been shown in the jack noir vs aradia thing, when aradia literally freezes jack in time, then uses time to fly off after letting him go!

a prince is a destroyer of x. pretty simple, he will destroy it! i think a good example of this is how kurloz literally destroyed rage and got rid of it after deafening meulin by sewing his mouth shut, stopping all other rage from himself!

the breath aspect seems to have a little bit of something to do with actual breath, the wind! it also, however, has to do with goals and determination, freedom, that kind of stuff. 

a maid would be able to use actual breath (wind) to protect themself, like blowing people away! (hehe) the goal part is rather hard for this tier in my opinion hmmm… i guess they could be able to use their goals and be determined to overcome their enemies?

prince of breath would be destroyer of goals, determination, freedom. they could literally make everyone around them completely uninspired to do anything and fail to move ahead in the session. wow, princes are amazing at making sessions doomed. they’d be able to do the same to the opposition, too!


Happy 4/13 everyone!

It’s been a long, crazy ride since I started reading the comic in the summer of 2011, and I can’t say that I regret any of it! Before I started reading the comic I had a really hard time making friends. I had a hard time connecting with others, and my social anxiety kept me from seeking new friends out in the first place. After I got into it, I started wanting to go out and meet the people who liked it (I knew they existed, I saw them online!) So I started attending conventions and putting myself out there. I met other fans, and became great friends with some of them! I even dated people who I initially met because of our shared interest in HS (hiya Bill <3) I even got closer with my cousin Jordan because I accidentally got him into HS too :3

Thank you to all the friends I’ve made, to everyone who’s given my friendship a chance. I’ve never been happier, and I owe a great deal of that to you.

And thanks to Mr. Andrew Hussie, who created the comic that helped make all of this possible.

No matter when the series ends, I know you’ll all still be an important part of my life <3

cureflora  asked:

i've been wondering this for like ages and i have to ask how do you make those aradia horns they're so perfect???

ohmygosh thank you so much???!!!!

but ok

Basically I took a bunch of model magic and made like a long line thing where it was much thicker at the bottom, and like curled it like Aradia’s, testing out how I should shape it and how much mm to use. When I found a good size I made 2 of them, and shaped it carefully!! 

To let it dry and stay in that shape i sort of let some parts rest higher up by taking random objects I had around my room and using it as a stand haha

(that is an anime figure ok)

When it was dry of course if was rlly gross and bumpy so I just!! used a lot of sandpaper yeah!! And tried filling cracks with mod podge

I painted it in a gradient (took a while) and just added a couple layers of mod podge. Then I glued it to a headband! 

ahhhhh I’m really bad at explaining things sorry omg!! (you are a really gr8 aradia btw)

cureflora  asked:

what is your favorite book/anime/movie?

oh dear oh no i have the hardest time with “whats your favorite ___” questions…

hm. i would have to say ONE of my favorite books is the hunger games? idk i havent actually read a book in a long time because i never have the time anymore.

my favorite anime hands down is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. and my favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim!

cureflora  asked:

Regarding Porrim being able to sing, I kind of think of her sounding kind of blues-y. What would be your headcanon voice for her?

;lkafjsda I have a lot of headcanons. I just think she’d have a low range, not necessarily bluesy although that’s sultry as hell. I’m not sure, but these of my vocal singing headcanons for her.

Brandi Carlile
Amanda Palmer
Shirley Manson (lead singer of Garbage)