aradias ancestor


Made some blank valentines crds ft the beforus ancestors!

Feel free to submit any clever ones and i’ll be happy to post them.

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Beforus!Aradia for ancestors night?

The Conjurer - an ageless, mythical figure in Beforan history. She is believed to have conversed easily with spirits of the dead, and learned from them of Beforus’s entire future. It is said that she gave counsel to the Empress throughout the ages with her mystical insight.

I was planning to go for more of the super-hype-adult-explorer-to-the-max Aradia, but then this happened. WELP. Hope you like it, Anon! This is rly messy but tbh everything that comes later will be worse


spanish post, sorry. 
Estuve tomando unas requests en un grupo de homestuck, quería dibujar a los trolls que mencionaban con modismos típicos de mi país natal <3 Argentina! Así que me tome el trabajo de elaborar algunos headcanones de su comportamiento como tal, y acá están! Dejo a continuacion una explicacion de cada una de las frases/chistes de las imagenes para los que no estarían entendiendo mucho los significados que les quiero dar
Kanaya: Virgo en argentina es como tarado o virgen
Vriska: Corta la bocha es una frase de un actor argentino qu es como “yo tengo la ultima palabra” o “yo le pongo un fin a esto”
Cronus: Me lo imaginé como un turro (persona de barrio, flaite, naco ) perdón. Era el chiste del típico langa (don juan), pero bueno.
Terezi: El billete de 20 pesos es rojo/rosa.
Aradia: Siempre está sin “prestar mucha atención”, no le importa nada basicamente. Por eso el “no te doy bola”. esta muerta por dentro xdxdxd
Equius: …. No se. No se me ocurrió nada jeje. La leche serenisima es una de las más caras de arg no se, lo re veo a equi tomandola (¿
:33 : creo que se entiende bastante bien. Hice el chiste de “trola” con “troll” jeje
Mituna: JAJAJAJA HACEME UN PETE, PUTO. Está incitando una pelea. Pete es una felación dicha de una manera burda jejeje.
Sollux: La típica reaccion cuando alguien alto se te sienta enfrente en el ine… Hice el chiste de los anteojos 3d lol


ARADIA. the one who escaped death’s grip by the skin of her teeth, without any signs of reproach. I was quite surprised when she displayed affection during out first encounter, I thought she would perhaps show a formal greeting and question my history and my demise….However, there is still something refreshing about her attitude.

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sO Uh...aN AnOn tOlD Me i sHoUlD AsK ThE PeRfIlLe tO Be mY MoThErFuCkIn vAlEnTiNe sO...WhAt dO YoU SaY SiS?

P: If it’s the latter, y0u’re better 0ff asking s0me0ne else. It just tells me y0u d0n’t actually care, 0r even kn0w me f0r that matter? Wh0 even are y0u? S0me smaller grand guruvanti? 0-0

another following spree!

hey!! so my dash is still v slow and i’m doing another following spree!

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Aradia’s Ancestor you knock that off you’re going to blow his cover if you stare at him like that.  Then again, Scratch probably knows he’s there. Or not. Maybe the fact that he’s the author makes him a blind spot or something.

We’re not actually going to see this fight, are we?

The two last trolls alive, blood of rust and royalty, will make each other pay for the crimes against their race. Their payment will be mutually dealt in the currency of punishment and reward at once. The Condesce will be rewarded with the power and immortality her new service entails, and punished by the grueling slavery for which it is synonymous. And you, young lady, are to be punished by death at the hands of your replacement. And so too will this be your reward. 

Ah, vintage Scratch. Always setting up the situation in a way that screws over everyone involved in some fashion. Aside from himself, of course.

Also holy fuck these horns are freaking enormous. How did adult trolls even function in day to day life with those things attached to their heads?  You wouldn’t even be able to walk through a door without clotheslining yourself.  At least Aradia’s ancestor has a reasonable hairstyle.

“Make her a member of the midnight crew~!”

This MAY OR MAY NOT be inspired by something slightly con air related that has been floating around Tumblr recently. May i have an eyebrow waggling gif? 

Anyway, not sure if people will even go for this, but the idea was just too precious NOT to draw. She’s singing and skipping. Not sure if scratch is skipping or not. He’s skipping in a more gentlemanly manner in fashion to not spill his tea.