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I have this headcanon (based on  aradian nights fanfiction “The Bond of Street Urchins”) that in the Young Justice universe, Billy and Jason were actually good friends. They would have been around the same age, and probably started bonding over the fact that they were both homeless at one point in their lives (they probably have lengthy conversations and inside jokes about it that utterly horrifies everyone).

I would love to explore that friendship after Jason comes back from the dead as Red Hood. 

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someone should bring that shit back. nothing in dc stays dead for long, anyway, it’s only fitting.

i know brella’s done a few prompt ficathon things, but they only lasted a few days at most

i would LOVE for another anon meme, i’m just worried about how it would happen and how to spread the info around the fandom. It would need to pick up steam too somehow too. Goddamn, I’d fill dozens of prompts myself for it to do that if that’s what it takes. 

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Isn’t that where news first broke of the leaked Turkish episodes? I seem to remember someone thinking it weird that they moved Zatanna into the Cave after the Fate thing and requesting an alt. ending, and all non-Turkish fans went “WAT.”

gosh I have no idea. Those times were so confusing and weird watching yj episodes in leaked subs. Then some guy on a yj thread spoilered who the mole was, and I got so friggin mad and didn’t dare go to yj related stuff or the anon meme for the longest time :/

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a beautiful thing. there are so many good fics on that thing.

I just want to go into mourning right now thinking about it :(

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spitfire, dollhouse au?

Artemis has never seen the red haired man before in her life, she is absolutely certain of this—the only perk of a very limited social sphere during her childhood, growing up in the apartment with only Dad, Mom and Jade. 

“Sierra?” The red haired man says, looking at her, Artemis flinches away—he’s from the Dollhouse, probably here to take her back to that place, “It’s me, Victor.” 

“I am not Sierra,” she says desperately, pushing back the flashbacks of her father that threaten to overwhelm her brain now that she’s thinking about why she went to Richard Grayson in the first place, “I’m Artemis Crock, my contract is over, leave me alone!”