aradia's lusus

The Signs Mythical Guardians
  • Aries: Ram-like creature
  • Taurus: Small bull/fairy hybrid.
  • Gemini: Two headed Cyclops
  • Cancer: Crab-like creature.
  • Leo: Large cat. Has two mouths.
  • Virgo: A big ass moth.
  • Libra: Dragon
  • Scorpio: Big ass arachnid.
  • Sagittarius: Centaur
  • Capricorn: Sea-Goat (good luck)
  • Aquarius: Seahorse
  • Pisces: The Kraken.

This is your regular reminder that it’s a good thing Eridan’s involvement in the whole ‘make her pay’ story arch is strictly part of Vriska’s back story, cause otherwise he would have been FUCKED.

Cause remember Vriska was flarping with Eridan to get trolls to feed to her spider mom, while Eridan would kill off said trolls lussi to feed to Feferi’s lusus.

And Aradia brought back the ghost of those dead trolls from Vriska and Eridan’s flarping days to haunt the every loving shit out of Vriksa as revenge…

so like—- imagine if Aradia had brought back the ghosts of all the LUSSI to haunt Eridan.

Yo, our boy’d be SCREWED.

Ampora… you better watch your step man…


Whoa hey how’d this get in here hehe

Okay so I ship VrisKan alil bit okay?

It’s obvious I didn’t make any of these, I just got them from all over the net.