aradia megido ancestor

megido rotation

Damara(ancestors troll) -> The Handmaid (beta troll) -> Aradia (alpha troll) -> Damara


 *just re-design.  u_u

 -explain: [1] [2]

 *HS rotation finally complete!













anonymous asked:

Beforus!Aradia for ancestors night?

The Conjurer - an ageless, mythical figure in Beforan history. She is believed to have conversed easily with spirits of the dead, and learned from them of Beforus’s entire future. It is said that she gave counsel to the Empress throughout the ages with her mystical insight.

I was planning to go for more of the super-hype-adult-explorer-to-the-max Aradia, but then this happened. WELP. Hope you like it, Anon! This is rly messy but tbh everything that comes later will be worse


redesigns of my old beforan ancestors, this time all of my own design and made to seem more cohesive as a group :3 way more pleased with how everyone turned out this time around ///especially the ladies ooh la la//

there’s some lots of info on their jobs and my headcanon beforus junk below if you’re interested, too!

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ARADIA. the one who escaped death’s grip by the skin of her teeth, without any signs of reproach. I was quite surprised when she displayed affection during out first encounter, I thought she would perhaps show a formal greeting and question my history and my demise….However, there is still something refreshing about her attitude.