Aradia Week Day 6: Megido Family

This was a prompt that I was especially excited for, as the Megidos are one of my favorite fictional families. I had a lot of ideas for this prompt. However, since we were recently blessed with our lord and savior Aradia Jr., I had to draw the family coming together to meet the newest addition to the family.

Just… imagine. Emotional Aunt Damara, who’s gonna make damn sure that nothing DARE hurt this baby. Grandma Rammom, who’s species isn’t even supposed to live long enough to meet their children’s descendents, so she feels extremely blessed every moment that she’s with Aradia’s daughter. Grandpa Diamonds Droog, who’s always showing baby pictures to the entire crew. Grandma Handmaid, who’s gonna spoil this baby girl rotten.

And, of course, Mama Aradia, proudest mama in the entire world.

Such a wholesome family.


*throws gemstuck at you* here fuckign take it

anyway i’ve got the colours down for the kids and trolls, now i need to make the rest fuk

more details under the cut

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I was having trouble deciding which aradia post-canon I liked better – aradia leading all the ghosts to the new universe, or aradia helping to build the civilization of earth 3 – but then I had an incredible thought

There are 2 aradias (game over aradia and retcon aradia)

Both of these things could absolutely be happening

What Happened to the Soul You Used to Be?

It was a great irony. The rustblood called crazy for speaking with spirits had been crowned queen of the dead.
(For Aradia Week Day 5: Ghosts)

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@aradia-week @mathes0n

The moment she walked into their world, everything froze, before they rushed to her like she was a magnet. And in a way, she was. They had experienced nothing but a black void for gods know how many sweeps, and here she was, bold and bright and so vividly red.

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aradia is in the new universe but she never stays in one place and no one ever really knows what she’s doing and a lot of the time she isn’t even inside the universe itself. she’s like a cryptid.

occasionally an out-of-focus picture of her floating around and doing Aradia Things, sometimes accompanied by sollux, pops up on earth chat and there’s a forum for Aradia Sightings and terezi comments “4R4D14 1S R34L 4ND W3 M4D3 OUT ONC3 B3H1ND 4 CULL-M4RT”