aradia killed by vriska

just noticed something

in [S] Make Her Pay, right before Aradia starts beating the shit out of Vriska, there’s this image:

which i originally thought was Vriska trying to start something. But upon closer inspection, what I had seen as a fight pose is actually much more peaceful and submissive. 

Notice how her left hand, which, being (arguably) her dominant hand as well as being made of metal and therefore much stronger than her right, is lowered and in an open, somewhat relaxed position, while her right is loosely extended with her hand open and facing sideways. 

that doesn’t seem like an aggressive gesture to me. More like a handshake, or maybe an apologetic ‘hey, look,’ sort of thing. We know when she’s feeling cocky she’s ALWAYS smiling, and she folds her arms over her chest and leans backward, or puts her hands on her hips, or otherwise just really gives off an arrogant facade that gives the impression that she just really loves fighting. 

But we can see here that isn’t the case. Her body language is much more submissive and apologetic. She’s not smiling, her back is stooped, herhead is down, and her face gives off more of a ‘hey, I’m sorry’ kind of impression than a ‘you’re in for it’ one. 

And let’s be honest here. If Vriska wanted to fight, she would have pummeled Aradia all over again. She’s powerful enough to give Jack Noir a run for his money. But she let Aradia beat her up. Why? 

Because she was trying to make it up to Aradia. She was trying to apologize for killing her. Vriska feels awful about what she did. She didn’t want to do it in the first place, but Scratch maniulated her into it (that doesn’t erase the fact that she still did it, but the fact remains that she never wanted to be the way she is). In this frame we catch a glimpse into a side of Vriska we rarely get to see: she’s apologetic, insecure, reaching out to make amends. And she lets aradia beat her to a pulp without retaliating because, deep down, she feels that she deserves it, and she doesn’t want to hurt her again. 

Now, an argument could be made that she was trying to get aradia to beat her to within an inch of her life so that she could get Tavros to take her to her quest cocoon and ascend to god tier. But if that were purely the case, wouldn’t she have orchastrated a less painful way? Wouldn’t she have come at aradia the way she normally does, ensuring aradia would be angry enough to attack? Would she have put her life in Tavros’ hands willingly, not knowing for a fact that he would stand up for her? This is the person she always accuses of being spineless and weak. And using her powers would undoubtedly make it impossible to convince aradia, because being mind-controlled by her would make him appear like a zombie–aradia would know in an instant that her longtime friend wasn’t acting of his own volition. 

One thing we know about Vriska is that when she takes chances, she makes sure all of the odds are in her favor, and that she is in control of every piece of the puzzle. A plan in which she depends upon the heroic action of someone she thinks of as cowardly does not sound like a plan she would make. Rising to godtier was obviously only a plan B for if she ever got seriously injured, otherwise she would have just cut out all the middlemen and done it herself. Asking Tavros to put her out of her misery yet not psychically forcing him to do so wasn’t premeditated, it was the product of a severely wounded Vriska, who feels betrayed by aradia, and is now seeing a new, braver side of tavros and pinning her hopes of having someone there for her on him by testing his resolve. She doesn’t want to make the choice for him again, as she had pre-sgrub, because she feels guilty about that too. In a way, this is her twisted way of asking for forgiveness from tavros, feeling that her chance to make amends with aradia is shot. In the ‘K8LL ME″ scene, she has become isolated from everyone she had considered her friend, having burned all of her bridges before sgrub, and is now pinning the last of her hope for…redemption, friendship, validation… all on tavros, because he’s the only one left. The only one who helped her when she was dying, the only one who believed in her (or so she feels). 

And this really explains her behavior on the meteor. The whole flash, every single one of her interactions is her desperately trying to reach out to anyone and everyone, trying to redeem herself by hatching a plan to kill jack–blinded to the concequences of this action, trying to antagonize terezi for some bit of blackrom normalcy from their scourge days, initiating a conversation with eridan of all people, being friendly and supportive to feferi and nepeta, trying to connect with equius and kanaya, encouraging tavros, trying to joke around with sollux, and humoring karkat and gamzee. And her interaction with Aradia? She avoids trying to apologize, seeing as it was something that apparently set her off last time, and instead adopts her usual abrasive style of talking. She admits that aradia’s clapback hurts. When Aradia threatens her, saying she could ‘kill her with a twitch’, vriska says ‘yeah, but you won’t!’…which seems like a taunt at first, perhaps meant to imply weakness, or rub it in her face that tavros protected her, but I think it could also betray a bit of hope. ‘you didn’t kill me when you had the chance’, to vriska, could seem to be something like ‘there’s hope that we could put the past behind us and be friends’. 

idk just some thoughts 

Just Vriska, huh? I wonder if reaching god tier has anything to do with the fact that she’s got her arm back as well.

Working theory: Aradia actually killed Vriska during her beat down, and the Vriska we’ve been talking to since then is her god-tier dream self. Not sure how that would work since she didn’t die on her quest bed (Maybe Aradia only nearly killed her and Tavros got her to her bed before she succumbed to her wounds?) but it’s a start.

I think we sometimes forget that since Terezi didn’t really have a lusus to teach her morality or empathy, she was raised almost entirely through Imperial propoganda. So how does a kid whose only basis for understanding the world comes from casteist schoolfeeding modules become someone with such a passionate sense of justice that she’s willing to destroy her relationship with her sister over a couple lowblood kids?

The answer to that question probably lies in the Neophyte Redglare. I think that someone as curious and questioning as Terezi Pyrope would have wanted to learn everything there was to know about Redglare as soon as Vriska suggested she roleplay as her. So young Terezi starts reading every publicly available historical text mentioning her ancestor. She learns about Redglare’s history of service to the Cruellest Bar, her work on the consolidation of religious law, her untimely demise. She reads everything there is to read, and when she finishes those she starts badgering Sollux to get her access to the censored, illicit texts about Redglare, because what kind of fledgling legislacerator ignores clues as juicy as an obviously censored abhistorrian’s works?

And that’s when the stories she’s reading start to change. Instead of endless praise about how the Neophyte tirelessly pursued criminals and stopped at nothing to enforce the law, she’s hearing about how Redglare was advocating for reforms in the justice system, about how she was nearly culled when she confronted the Grand Highblood about the Imperial policy of refusing to punish highblood commanders who deliberately slaughtered their lowblood troops. And more than a few of the forbidden texts mention that before she was mysteriously deployed to track down a powerful pirate queen, there were unsavory rumors circling about her allegiance to a certain cult.

And of course Terezi then goes back to Sollux and asks him to find her everything about the symbol of the the glowing handcuffs, and he begrudgingly supplies her with several centuries of censored writings about the Sufferer. Terezi devours them, trying to understand why her brilliant, successful ancestor was willing to give up her life and her career for the the delusions of this bizarre, heretical, long-dead martyr, trying to understand how her idol could be taken in by this idealistic bullshit about better worlds and inherent dignity of trollkind, and she doesn’t want to believe something so obviously untrue, but if Redglare cared about it enough to die for it, well. There has to be something to these insane ramblings.

So she figures it’s best to go straight to the source, and she has Sollux get her the Disciple’s orginal text, and after she’s picked apart every single one of the Signless’s sermons, she starts to ask herself the same questions that followers of the Signless have asked for centuries. Why was it that some trolls were considered autnomous beings under the law and some weren’t? Why was it that the Alternian legal code claimed to represent the impartiality of the law, but lowbloods were overwhelmingly prosecuted for crimes that highbloods got away with on a daily basis? She delves further into her schoolfeeding modules on study of the law, but she’s doing it critically this time, and when she finds something that seems wrong to her, she thinks about the purpose it serves, and she dreams of newer and better laws.

She doesn’t wear the sign of the handcuffs, because in her day and age that’s a death sentence and anyway, she’s not a follower of the cult of the Signless- try as she might, she can’t bring herself to have that kind of idealistic faith in trollkind. She’s not a follower of the Neophyte either- she’s critical of the slow pace of Redglare’s work, of the many instances where she obediently committed atrocities so that she’d have enough credit and power to work towards her gradual reformist goals. She tests out her ideas in FLARP matches, and by the time things really get out of control and Vriska kills Aradia, she she’s solidifying her own moral code. She knows the difference between law and justice, knows that a single event can be both a completely legal culling and a sickeningly unjust murder. Vriska is her friend, her partner, her sister, but she’s a murderer too, and after everything Terezi’s read and everything she’s promised, the choice is clear. She doesn’t kill Vriska, but she kills their relationship, and as her eyes heal and she learns to smell the text off the page, she throws herself back into her legal studies. When it came right down to a choice between Vriska and justice, the obvious answer was to choose justice, and no matter how much she misses her sister, Terezi vows then and there that she’ll choose justice every time.

There’s the bit where Doc Scratch is talking Vriska into killing Aradia, and he repeatedly enforces the idea that Vriska is a killer at heart. “You know you’re going to anyway”; “…something you wanted to do anyway”; “There’s only one thing to do” ; “you were, and are, going to do this regardless”. Predator that he is, Scratch grooms Vriska into believing something about herself that suits him.

But there’s a flip-side. Vriska asks Old Scratch “Ok so why don’t YOU kill her! 8e my guest!” and the smug devil replies “That’s not how I work.” If Scratch functions like the trolls, that would mean he’s partly right; he would here serve as a physical manifestation of Vriska’s urge to kill.

But Scratch is so insistent on telling Vriska that the urge to kill is her own, it almost feels like he’s just pretending to be an internal force? He downplays his influence until after the deed is done, at which point he gets to be smug about being such a good manipulator. He later claims responsibility for molding the violent underbelly of the Alternian psyche as its First Guardian. This is his action upon Vriska in cosmic terms – while trolls embody internal emotional experiences, Scratch simultaneously serves as the external agent that causes certain emotions to fester and be more prevalent? Like a bad environment.

Aradia rides out Vriska’s fuckery so well. one of Vriska’s main manipulation tactics is to make her victim feel like the two of them are a team, just them against the world. she did this to Terezi, Tavros, John, and to a lesser extent Equius and Kanaya. But Aradia just shuts that shit down immediately. 

i was rereading pesterlogs last night and i realized something i had totally forgotten

when terezi contacted doc scratch in order to sabotage vriska, she expected the explosion would kill her. she told both aradia and vriska that this

probably explains some of the complex emotions she has about vriska blinding her, since she hadn’t expected vriska to like… live trough it

alternatively, she could have been bullshitting both of them – the second time she attempted to kill vriska (on the meteor) was so upsetting for her that it may have been her first actual attempt

“Our manipulator?” 

As a matter of fact, there was somebody manipulating this chain of revenge: Doc Scratch. He waylaid Aradia so she wouldn’t interfere with Vriska’s attack on Tavros, and he transparently egged Vriska into killing Aradia later on.

His influence runs deeper then that. In his own words, Kanaya is an “unwitting disciple” and he’s been saying god knows what to Rose recently. Is this all a part of his task to bring Lord English into existence, or does he have another scheme in the works?

A timeline of who killed/beat up  who:


  • Vriska paralyses Tavros
  • Aradia summons the spirits of the dead to haunt Vriska
  • Vriska killed Aradia via Sollux
  • Terezi blows out Vriskas eye and arm via Doc Scratch via an eightball
  • Vriska blinds Terezi via Tavros via Terezi’s lusus


  • Terezi convinces John to fly through higher gate
  • Vriska tricks John into god tier-ing
  • Aradia makes Vriska pay
  • Vriska kills Tavros
  • Eridan KO’s sollux
  • Eridan kills Feferi 
  • Eridan hopesplodes the matriorb
  • Eridan kills Kanaya
  • Gamzee kills Equius
  • Gamzee kills Nepeta
  • Kanaya kills Eridan
  • Terezi kills Vriska but also doesn’t
  • Everyone but John and Roxy die but also don’t


  • I don’t know
  • these teenagers need to stop killing eachother

zilliumgrist  asked:

haha tell us about the weird cycle of teenage murder revenge

*DEEP INHALE* well vriska and terezi and aradia and tavros played a game together and vriska got mad at tavros for beating her by a landslide on time so she sliced off one of his legs and that pissed off aradia who used her ghosty powers to set some of vriskas murder victims on her so vriska tried to kill aradia using my psionics but it just ended up killing her lusus so then she got culled and lives far away and that pissed off TEREZI who tried to get vriska into court so now vriskas on the run from the law :DDDD

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consider: trans girl equius is just as angry and strong as any other equius but uses it to carry around her gf and beat up anyone who hurts her

argument; canon equius is only angry on principle. But also yes 
she will Fite

(though all her gfs can defend themselves… aradia killed vriska…. nepeta is a huntress… terezi ALSO killed vriska….)

  • Gamzee: *neglected as a child because of his lusus's limitation to the sea*
  • Gamzee: *blood color gives him extreme violent urges but able to escape those urges through sopor slime pies*
  • Gamzee: *severely and clearly mentally damaged*
  • Gamzee: *practically responsible for the trolls' victory over the black king*
  • Gamzee: *influenced to snap and kill two people*
  • Gamzee: *lacks a moirall to calm him down or keep him in check leading to further influence and bad decisions*
  • Fandom: he's a horrible dude, fucker deserves to die
  • Vriska: *regularly murdered trolls to feed to her lusus*
  • Vriska: *constantly bullies Tavros and eventually cripples him*
  • Vriska: *forces sollux to kill aradia*
  • Vriska: *continues to abuse Tavros in the game and expects him to apologize for being crippled*
  • Vriska: *responsible for the creation of Bec Noir, one the most dangerous and murderous enemies to the humans and trolls*
  • Vriska: *kills Tavros*
  • Vriska: *does all this cognitively and almost completely non manipulated*
  • Vriska: *comes back and prevents some bad shit*
  • Fandom: see she's not bad she's great

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Okay I love your theories and am a big fan but it completely perplexes me how you think Terezi <3< Vriska is viable. Their relationship is so, so different from anything that a kismesis has been shown to be; granted we've mostly only seen what a possibly unhealthy one was, but I really don't get the feel that Terezi <3< Vriska has been hinted before; has any chance of happening.

…wait, really?! It feels like you must have been reading a different comic!  D:

Terezi and Vriska have practically been our prototype for what a kismesis looks like, even when it wasn’t working properly! Two rivals, getting under each others’ skin, who seek to improve themselves to one-up the other. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship founded on grudging respect, the parties constantly seeking recognition of the other. Kismesissitude was described as “an especially potent arch-rivalry”, and I dare you not to apply that label to Vriska on Terezi’s behalf. Hell, the word “rival” has been used more often between Terezi and Vriska than between any other two characters.

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Do we know if Troll telekinesis affects individuals as well as objects, or have we no evidence of it being able to influence an individual? I don't remember but wasn't part of when Vriska was being killed by Aradia telekinesis? I vaguely remember Aradia using it for some reason

Telekinesis can affect people. We see Aradia throw the trolls in [S] Jade: Enter. But Aradia didn’t kill Vriska with telekinesis, she straight up just beat her to near death.