aradia killed by vriska

Aradia rides out Vriska’s fuckery so well. one of Vriska’s main manipulation tactics is to make her victim feel like the two of them are a team, just them against the world. she did this to Terezi, Tavros, John, and to a lesser extent Equius and Kanaya. But Aradia just shuts that shit down immediately. 

anonymous asked:

why is vriska queued hol y shit shes a child and a lesbian who grew up being abused + traumatized in part by a character whos coded/implied to be a pedophile and lashes out as a result of that like this is all established in canon and she openly shows remorse for her actions in canon as well. but like. shes pretty fuckign clearly an abuse victim who lashes out as a result of her trauma

vriska is a canon abuser who traumatizes tavros to the point where his self esteem is destroyed, then later kills him. She blinds Terezi and makes Sollux kill Aradia. Retcon vriska doesn’t show remorse for a lot of her actions, not to mention she continuously bullied jake and called him things like “joke”….. like… yes she is a victim but like.. being a victim doesnt rlly prevent someone from being an abuser either…? 

A timeline of who killed/beat up  who:


  • Vriska paralyses Tavros
  • Aradia summons the spirits of the dead to haunt Vriska
  • Vriska killed Aradia via Sollux
  • Terezi blows out Vriskas eye and arm via Doc Scratch via an eightball
  • Vriska blinds Terezi via Tavros via Terezi’s lusus


  • Terezi convinces John to fly through higher gate
  • Vriska tricks John into god tier-ing
  • Aradia makes Vriska pay
  • Vriska kills Tavros
  • Eridan KO’s sollux
  • Eridan kills Feferi 
  • Eridan hopesplodes the matriorb
  • Eridan kills Kanaya
  • Gamzee kills Equius
  • Gamzee kills Nepeta
  • Kanaya kills Eridan
  • Terezi kills Vriska but also doesn’t
  • Everyone but John and Roxy die but also don’t


  • I don’t know
  • these teenagers need to stop killing eachother

Man, I sure do LOVE the fact that everyone always forgets that Doc Scratch openly and by his own admission manipulated Vriska into killing Aradia and is implied to have done the same to get her to make Tavros run off that cliff (fucking comparing manipulating her to sicking a swarm of insects on someone even) probably meaning that without his intervention odds are Vriska wouldn’t have done either of those things but noooo let’s keep pretending that everything she did or has ever done that was bad is just out of malice, on a whim because that is such a good and interesting characterization that takes into account all the complicated nuances of her character!!!!!!

  • Gamzee: *neglected as a child because of his lusus's limitation to the sea*
  • Gamzee: *blood color gives him extreme violent urges but able to escape those urges through sopor slime pies*
  • Gamzee: *severely and clearly mentally damaged*
  • Gamzee: *practically responsible for the trolls' victory over the black king*
  • Gamzee: *influenced to snap and kill two people*
  • Gamzee: *lacks a moirall to calm him down or keep him in check leading to further influence and bad decisions*
  • Fandom: he's a horrible dude, fucker deserves to die
  • Vriska: *regularly murdered trolls to feed to her lusus*
  • Vriska: *constantly bullies Tavros and eventually cripples him*
  • Vriska: *forces sollux to kill aradia*
  • Vriska: *continues to abuse Tavros in the game and expects him to apologize for being crippled*
  • Vriska: *responsible for the creation of Bec Noir, one the most dangerous and murderous enemies to the humans and trolls*
  • Vriska: *kills Tavros*
  • Vriska: *does all this cognitively and almost completely non manipulated*
  • Vriska: *comes back and prevents some bad shit*
  • Fandom: see she's not bad she's great

thinking about Make Her Pay, and how terezi was just… waiting, on prospit,for vriska to wake up so she could slap her…

why? did she know aradia was going to kill vriska? did she know when? was it a coincidence? does she always do this? how long did she stand there staring at sleeping vriska waiting for the perfect opportunity to slap a 8itch? was it worth it? (it was worth it)